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Research shows most online consumer contracts are incomprehensible, but still legally binding

Most of us will have entered into consumer contracts with large companies and ticked a box to confirm we understand the terms and conditions – without bothering to read the fine print. We accept standard form contracts when using social media, booking flights, opening a bank account, subscribing to a gym or renting a car. In all these cases, companies offer pre-drafted standardised agreements that...[Read More]

Cell C throws its hat in the LTE and fibre ring like an enraged Oddjob

Cell C’s been rolling out infrastructure in South Africa’s major cities with puppy-like exuberance in an effort to put to bed complaints about the quality of its service (especially on the data front) that dogged the service a few years back. And now it wants to show off its hard work and, you know, sell all that extra capacity. To this end, it’s cutting the cost of its LTE servi...[Read More]

MTN: price increases coming soon across the board

Mobile operator MTN has announced sweeping price increases that will come into effect next month and will affect both contract and prepaid customers. This comes as no surprise after Vodacom announced increases to its contract pricing three weeks ago that come into effect on 1 May. In a statement released on Wednesday the operator says its prices have been “relatively stable” in recent ...[Read More]

Meet MTN’s pricing for the newly-arrived Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Last week we got a look at the fantastically bonkers pricing for buying a Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge from Vodacom – now it’s MTN’s turn to take a crack at convincing you to buy one of these admittedly fantastic handsets. That price though… MTN hasn’t provided an outright buy price for the handsets but they’ve listed (below) the packages and costs f...[Read More]

Vodacom to bump up its contract prices from May

In the telecoms sector, prices have had a tendency to go down in recent years (except, of course, for Telkom’s), thanks in large part to a combination of falling termination rates — the fees operators charge one another to field calls on each others networks — and aggressive price reductions by Cell C in the hopes of winning marketshare from Vodacom and MTN. But the good times ca...[Read More]

Cell C is giving users free data when using WhatsApp

This is a turn-up for the books from Cell C and, if history is any indication, this will soon be met by similar offers from other mobile operators in South Africa. Cell C has just announced that users on their cellular network, specifically contract and MegaBonus pre-paid users, will have the data charges incurred by messaging service WhatsApp waived. The company is giving a month’s notice o...[Read More]

MTN details new Sky packages for contract and pre-paid

MTN has launched a new range of unlimited data, SMS and call packages in the mobile service provider’s stable, called MTN Sky. The packages are set to become available to both contract and pre-paid users, with a wider range of options being available to pre-paid customers. MTN contract holders will have the option to pay R1700 per month for unlimited SMS, data and phone calls on MTN Sky, tho...[Read More]

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