Telkom opens pre-orders for the iPhone 12


The iPhone 12 is on the cusp of dropping in South Africa and while there are several places you could pick it up, Telkom wants you to remember that it exists. The internet service provider (because who has a landline these days?) has confirmed that it will be stocking Apple’s latest smartphone and anyone who’s keen on taking their offer up need only pre-order from today, 11 December.

The actual devices will only arrive on 18 December, which isn’t surprising given that’s when it’s releasing generally in South Africa. Telkom’s rather late announcement comes just over a week since Vodacom confirmed it was also taking pre-orders from 11 December. So then the question worth asking is the big, all-important, “How much?”.

iPhone 12 Main

An iPhone 12? In this economy?

As you can expect, if you go with Telkom you’ll be locked into a 24-month contract to pay off your shiny new iPhone 12. We’ll be the first to say that those contracts aren’t coming in cheap but if you thought Apple’s newest hardware wasn’t going to be exorbitantly expensive, that’s on you. The cheapest package in the way of the iPhone 12 Mini 64GB which will cost R850 per month for two years. Considering that’s the “accessible” version of the iPhone you’ll still be paying through your nose for it.

If that sent shivers up your spine just wait until we tell you how much the most expensive offer is. That honour would belong to the iPhone 12 Max Pro which will cost R1600 per month for two years. If you want a comprehensive list of all the prices, you can check out the full list of iPhone 12 packages on Telkom’s website. 

If you pre-order the device you can expect it to arrive on 18 December, just a few days before Christmas. Although if you’re giving iPhone 12’s out as gifts this year… can we be friends?


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