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LG’s releasing the G8 (again) in the form of the G8X in SA this November

We've been expecting LG's G8X ThinQ to turn up for a few months and, true to form, the company has not disappointed. The G8X will be landing in South Africa from next month and we've got pricing and other details for you. 

South Africa’s first homegrown smartphone — Mara factory opens in Durban

Today, Rwandan smartphone company Mara Group opened its second factory in Africa. And here are the Mara devices it'll produce.

For the Jedi who has everything (else) – Le Creuset’s Star Wars cookware priced for SA

You might recall last week we spotted that kitchenware brand Le Creuset has a set of Star Wars-themed kitchen addition on the way. At the time, we knew when the hardware was landing (1 November) and where it'd be turning up...

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will cost you R44k, will be available in SA from 18 October

And it's official. Samsung's Galaxy Fold folding smartphone will be touching down in South Africa from 31 October, though you're going to have to pre-order it, we reckon. Samsung certainly wants you to, since it's opening pre-orders from 18 October. And the money you're going to have to lay down? R44,000

Huawei’s Watch GT 2 priced at R5000 for South Africa, launches this month

Huawei's about more than just phones, as this next lot of news may remind you. The company also makes some mighty slick wearables and there's a new one headed to market. The Huawei Watch GT 2, announced last month, has just gone up for pre-order in South Africa. The asking price? A cool R5k.

South Africa must harness technology in a way that helps fix its problems

South Africa has not been immune to the hype. The government has shifted its focus and resources to the 4IR. And it’s prioritised over more mundane, but essential, policy interventions aimed at ensuring the more equitable inclusion of the populace into a modern, digital economy.

Artificial Intelligence has a gender bias problem – just ask Siri

Virtual Personal Assistants – such as Bixby, Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft) – are at the cutting edge of marketable artificial intelligence (AI). AI refers to using technological systems to perform tasks that people usually would.

Anthony Mackie ditches Comic Con Africa second year in a row

Anthony Mackie has just announced that he won’t come to Comic Con Africa for the second year in a row due to a production delay in Budapest. 

Apple’s new iPhone 11 priced for South Africa

It was only a matter of time before we got South African pricing for the iPhone 11 and it's turned up just in time to dent your ailing wallet. The base iPhone 11 officially starts at

Sonos has a new musical trio landing in SA before month’s end

There's a new set of Sonos gear landing in South Africa over the next two weeks and they're all worth checking out. Meet the Sonos One SL, Move, and Port -- all very different candidates clamouring for your attention. 

Get the new Apple iPhone 11-series for cheaper when you trade in your old iPhone

Apple rolled out its trade-in programme after the launch of the iPhone 11, which will allow anyone who has an iPhone 7 and up to save some money when they upgrade at the iStore.

Cloud computing could be key to speeding up Africa’s development

Cloud computing – the delivery of sophisticated information technology capabilities over the internet – could play a crucial role in both innovation and efficiency.

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