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Gather your pocket change, Samsung has launched its 98in 8K Q900RB TV

Samsung's got something that will make you lament the fact that there's no real 8K content anywhere yet -- its shiny new 98in Q900RB television, launched this evening in Johannesburg. 

Paying for the name – Louis Vuitton’s Horizon earbuds will set you back R13,750

Much of the stuff that we examine here at Stuff is very, very expensive. But there’s usually a reason for the price. An R80,000 computer? Apple’s newest hardware? Those’ll cost you but you’re generally getting what you’re paying for. But if you’re in the market for some brand-name headphones, you might want to think twice about paying R13,750 for these Louis Vui...[Read More]

We have to get our hands on Pix, the Kickstarter-funded animated backpack

In order to get the Stuff team’s attention, you either have to have something quite powerful, quite novel or you have to be holding very short charging cables (long story). Pix, a backpack being funded on Kickstarter, is the middle one — a novel idea that we’re quite taken with. And that’s perhaps because Pix is an idea that doesn’t have much of a practical applicatio...[Read More]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is set to be the most expensive Galaxy yet

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is on the way, hard, and if current reports are on the er… money, then the Note 8 is going to be hitting your wallet the same way — hard. A VentureBeat report by noted smartphone leaker Evan Blass claims that Samsung is going to be launching a 6.3in Galaxy Note 8 and that it’s going to be the most expensive phone the company has ever made — a w...[Read More]

Xiaomi making a folding electric bicycle that’ll cost 7 grand

We’re all for Xiaomi devices. They make them well, they make them cheap, they may make them look a bit like the competition but we’ve even okay with that. And it’s more than just smartphones, they’re venturing into wearables but here’s one that we didn’t see coming: Xiaomi is coming out with a folding electric bicycle. Yes, really. The conveyance, known as the M...[Read More]

Kindle Oasis won’t leave you high and dry, goes months between charges

If the thing you look forward to most on your holidays is reading by the pool, Amazon’s got the eBook reader for you. The Kindle Oasis is a completely new addition to the range, with a new look and a better screen than ever. Why Oasis, though? We’re guessing it’s because if Amazon made it any thinner, it would disappear like a mirage. Seriously, this thing is 30% thinner and 20% lighter than any o...[Read More]

The long-awaited day has arrived – now pick one: Netflix vs. ShowMax

Well that took freaking long enough. Netflix, in case you’ve been under a rock for the last 24 hours, expanded their service pretty much globally late yesterday and South Africa is one of those destinations. Superficially it means that there’s no more need to muck around with American VPNs and spoofing your IP to enjoy the streaming service so beloved of the States and UK. Or is there?...[Read More]

All the specs for the totally real Pepsi phone

We were heartbroken to find out that Pepsi would be releasing their own smartphone and we’re even more so now that it’s officially official. We’ve got specs and pictures and everything, including pricing and availability. The slightly good news is that this R2,800 (approximate) handset probably won’t launch anywhere outside China. The Pepsi Phone P1 will actually arrive bea...[Read More]

Bang & Olufsen’s bank-breaking Beolab 90 lands in SA from 28 November

So you think you’re serious about your sound systems? Unless you’re seriously eying Bang & Olufsen’s newly-announced Beolab 90 you’re just deluding yourself. The company’s 90th anniversary speaker is a monster, weighing in at 137kg. The weight is to be expected from a unit that features 18 drivers, 18 amps (one per driver) and two digital signal processors, really...[Read More]

Ride of the (Cobalt) Valkyries – the world’s fastest private plane

Are you a pilot? How much money do you have on hand? Do you want one of the world’s fastest private planes (for its class)? For R8.52 million ($595,000) you can pre-order yourself one of Cobalt’s Valkyrie-X planes, an experimental version of their Co50 Valkyrie planes. But there’s a catch. In order to get your hands on the Valkyrie-X you’ll need to live in the States. But y...[Read More]

Is R770,000 too much to spend on Sennheiser’s Orpheus headphones?

Yes, that headline is correct. No, we didn’t add an extra zero. Sennheiser have updated their Orpheus HE90 headphones to this and with that improvement comes a price increase. To about $55,000 or around R770,000 in South African money. Why exactly would someone pay the price of a holiday home on the coast (in a bad neighbourhood, but still) for a set of headphones? Well, the original set was...[Read More]

Could we be looking at a price drop for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge?

We love Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, though we were less than enamoured by the cost of the handsets. And they have recently reported their Q2 2015 financial results. These two sentences are related. While Samsung didn’t have their greatest ever quarter, reporting that their profits are down by 8% compared to this time last year, there was an interesting bit of info revealed for...[Read More]

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