FNB redesigns nav» and reveals new marketplace functionality


It’s easy to consider the FNB mobile app to be among the best banking apps in South Africa. FNB has built useful features into the app over the past few years. That includes the mighty useful nav» hub that’s designed to help customers manage their money. 

Nav»igate life a little better

But it’s far more. Now, customers can use nav»Car to renew vehicle licences and manage fines. Today FNB announced that its app will feature car sales capabilities to browse, choose, buy and finance a new car through Wesbank. “Today you will be able to view up to 16 brands and 33 vehicles deals all in-app. Users will even have the option to fast track directly to a Wesbank pre-approved finance offer, without ever leaving one app,” an FNB spokesperson says in today’s keynote event.

In addition to the above, FNB has realised that, sometimes, you need to check in on your friends. It’s probably one of the most important things to do in a pandemic-stricken world. Which is likely why the bank has decided to check in on its customers through the nav»Wellness feature. Here, they’ll give users access to a questionnaire that’ll show insights into their wellness score. 

Remember that app users can order prescription medicine from Dis-Chem, being notified when it is ready for collection.  

Nav»igate your money (we all need it)

The biggest changes are coming to the Marketplace platform that’s built into the FNB app. Here, anyone can request home services like plumbers, tilers, electricians and a bunch more. FNB has streamlined the process of signing your services up to the app. Anyone keen on placing their services on the app can register quickly and easily, after which all of the FNB app users will be able to see the profile and request services. 

One of our favourite additions is bringing the capability to list professional services on the marketplace. This means designers, accountants, copywriters — pretty much any type of freelancer will be able to list their services on the app. 

“[T]he Team is working hard on a fully-fledged ‘professional services’ marketplace for our FNB Retail and Business banked accountants, marketers, IT consultants and more. The next iteration of the marketplace will not only include accreditation, improved profile and interactions functionality but more seamless matchmaking ability between both the customer and the service provider,” an FNB spokesperson details during the live stream event. 

On to the thing FNB actually works with, money. Through nav»Money customers can now set up savings goals that are linked to a big life event, manage money budgets and set limits. You’ll be able to choose a goal to save for and get a recommended personalised savings solution with the ability to track progress on savings. As always, you’ll also be able to track your credit status and try to improve it with the help of FNB. 



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