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Bank with FNB? Get The Entertainer app for free

The Entertainer app has been available in South Africa since 2013 and gives users access to 2-for-1 specials at restaurants, spas, hotels and the like for an annual subscription of R495/city. First National Bank (FNB) has today announced that its giving its customers (and those of RMB Private Bank) free access to the service for all four supported South African cities (Cape Town, Durban, Joburg an...[Read More]

Samsung Pay will come to 5 more banks next year

Samsung customers are officially allowed to get excited — the Samsung Pay platform will add a total of five more banks in 2019. At this stage, Samsung Pay only supports Absa, Standard Bank, Mastercard and Visa payments.  Who are the new participants? Earlier this month, Discovery announced their banks will launch early next year. The company publicly announced that they will launch with Sams...[Read More]

FNB launches ‘tap and PIN’ ATM services

The real paranoid types can relate to that slight worry you feel when inserting your bank card into an ATM. Is it being skimmed? Will it come out? Who is watching me? To aid with (most of) these questions, FNB is implementing a contactless ‘tap’ system to their ATMs. Many have kicked against the growing rollout of tap-to-pay systems, claiming that the systems are fairly insecure but happily FNB...[Read More]

Sell your house on the FNB app, because now you can

Okay, you don’t have to sell your house right now, but it’s kinda nice to have the option. From today, users can list and sell their homes directly to other FNB clients via the existing ‘Nav>>Home’ portal in the FNB app. A simple and secure listing feature in the Nav section of the app gives FNB clients the ability to upload details of the property you’re looking to sell, w...[Read More]

Play then pay with Garmin Pay and FNB

Anyone who’s been watching the local tech news in recent weeks will know there’s been a rapid uptick in the number of mobile payment solutions available to South Africans. The latest is Garmin Pay, a contactless or tap-and-go payment solution that lets owners of specific Garmin wearable devices who bank with FNB make payments with a tap of the wrist at any retailers with the right poin...[Read More]

Open an FNB account with a selfie, track spending and take a holiday with new app updates

FNB are rolling out a few updates for their banking app, some of which are first for banking apps in South Africa. FNB’s long been known as the most innovative bank in the country and the best to harness new tech, and its proved itself adept at using new features to win new customers. Switching banks, like switching mobile operators, is perceived as painful. FNB’s long tried to counter...[Read More]

Former FNB chief set to launch app-based “Bank Zero” this year

Former FNB CEO and angel investor Michael Jordaan and former FNB executive Yatin Narsai have announced plans to launch an “app-driven bank” called Bank Zero before the end of 2018.  Bank Zero won’t have any physical branches, though customers will be able to get physical cards for transacting at stores and at ATMs, and all communication and interaction with the bank will be done ...[Read More]

FNB brings vehicle management to its app

FNB has added a new feature to its mobile banking app called Nav Car (or nav» Car, to use its nomenclature) that lets consumers manage and monitor the vehicles they own. If the vehicles are financed through WesBank users can also view details about vehicle values, repayments and get valuations. Perhaps the most basic, and most helpful, feature is the option to add your car licence, get reminders w...[Read More]

Tap your phone to pay with FNB’s updated banking app and FNB Pay

First National Bank (FNB) has unveiled version 5.0 of its mobile banking app. It’s actually about the 50th iteration of the service, but it’s the five-year anniversary of the mobile app, so FNB figured it made for a snappy name. The new app includes support for a new service called FNB Pay, the ability to use fingerprint sensors on select smartphones as an identity verification mechani...[Read More]

FNB’s launched its own smartphones and a R399/month unlimited call package

First there was the FNB banking app, then the option for FNB customers to buy phones, tablets and laptops directly from the bank and pay them off over a two-year period, followed by FNB Connect selling SIM cards. Now the bank has announced its own Android-powered smartphones, the ZTE-manufactured ConeXis X1 and A1. And it’s got a new R399/month unlimited calling option on its mobile network,...[Read More]

FNB Connect chalks up 100,000 active SIMs

FNB Connect, the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) launched in June announced this week that it now has more than 100,000 active SIMs in service, a milestone even it didn’t expect to reach as quickly as it has. “We didn’t expect to hit the 100 000 active SIMs mark before the end of the year but the strong organic uptake by customers is an indication that there’s a strong need for a tran...[Read More]

South African iPhone lovers can now upgrade every year

South Africans will be able to upgrade their iPhones annually, through a new financing option and buy-back plan local iStores are offering in partnership with Standard Bank. The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will go on sale locally next Friday, October 16. Using a Standard Bank-issued credit card, people will be able to buy a new iPhone on a 24-month contract and trade it in after 12 months to settle ...[Read More]

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