FNB introduces nav» Wellness because honestly, we all need it


FNB has expanded on its (actually pretty useful) nav» functionality on the FNB App by allowing customers to set and track their health and fitness goals. App users will now be able to order prescription medication from Dischem for later pickup and set fitness goals to improve their wellness score. 

The bank’s nav» feature already hosts a range of functions that help users in many daily tasks, like renewing a car licence disc with nav» Car, financing a new house with nav» Home, and tracking spending with nav» Money. The new extension is called nav» Wellness and is the first health-feature of its kind hosted by a financial institution. 

Fittn’dis whole doughnut in my mouth

“We all need a helping hand to navigate life. Our commitment is to play the role of a trusted partner to actively and sustainably support each of our customers on their journey,” says Jolandé Duvenage, head of nav». “We understand that help is centred around the delivery of meaningful customer value, and these innovations confirm that we are committed to helping our customers navigate through all parts of their life journey.”

nav» Wellness will require users to fill in a questionnaire and receive a wellness score after which they’ll be able to set specific fitness goals. Only by reaching these goals will users will increase their wellness score. FNB has also partnered with a variety of health partners to offer a few permanent, and other monthly discounts and deals. For example, users can opt for a 12-month membership at Viva Gyms with a discount of 40% if they pay for the year in full upfront, 20% off at Life Day Spa during the week (and you can use eBucks for this one), or 25% off at Bounce Fit trampoline parks. 

Customers will also be able to order prescription medicine from their nearest Dischem with the app and get notified when it is ready for collection. That means no unnecessary queueing when you’d rather just stay in bed.  

If you’re an FNB/RMB customer but haven’t made use of the app yet, we highly recommend downloading it on iOS or on Android right now. Also, make sure to update the app if you can’t see the new features listed here. All the offers for July are available to view on the app too. 


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