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Striking against tech change is self-defeating

Friday's bank strike is likely to do more damage to the unions than their intended targets as banks will show how they can survive without labour.

Apple releases a cleaning guide for your Apple Card, because what else did you expect?

Apple’s highly-anticipated foray into banking has launched in the States, and with it, a set of guidelines about cleaning and maintaining your Apple Card.

You can now get your health on with FNB rewards and Kauai

FNB is ramping up its in-app offers, and will now offer ‘healthy monthly benefits’ with arguably the best smoothie brand in the country, Kauai.

FNB introduces nav» Wellness because honestly, we all need it

FNB has expanded on its (actually pretty useful) nav» functionality on the FNB App by allowing customers to set and track their health and fitness goals.

FNB adds QR code payment capabilities

FNB has added support for QR code payments using the FNB mobile app. The feature is aimed both at consumers (people who scan-to-buy) and at businesses (those who receive payments via scanning). Given the popularity of Snapscan and Zapper in South Africa, the appeal is obvious. The only catch is that both the parties in a transaction need to be FNB clients to create or scan the QR codes… for ...[Read More]

How Samsung Pay wants to replace your wallet

From drawing cash, to swipe, insert chip, and now tap-to-pay mechanisms — transacting in stores has evolved with the needs of humans. Now physical, plastic cards might become obsolete thanks to digital channels like Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay is the company’s digital payment platform, and aims to replace the wallet completely. How? By loading bank cards, as well as loyalty cards, into the Sams...[Read More]

FNB launches ‘tap and PIN’ ATM services

The real paranoid types can relate to that slight worry you feel when inserting your bank card into an ATM. Is it being skimmed? Will it come out? Who is watching me? To aid with (most of) these questions, FNB is implementing a contactless ‘tap’ system to their ATMs. Many have kicked against the growing rollout of tap-to-pay systems, claiming that the systems are fairly insecure but happily FNB...[Read More]

Sell your house on the FNB app, because now you can

Okay, you don’t have to sell your house right now, but it’s kinda nice to have the option. From today, users can list and sell their homes directly to other FNB clients via the existing ‘Nav>>Home’ portal in the FNB app. A simple and secure listing feature in the Nav section of the app gives FNB clients the ability to upload details of the property you’re looking to sell, w...[Read More]

Standard Bank announces Samsung Pay integration and new ‘virtual cards’

It’s been a mad week for new payments solutions. We’ve seen Absa roll out a Samsung Pay beta, and FNB launch Fitbit and Garmin Pay, and now Standard Bank has joined the party by announcing new virtual cards to make it easier for anyone to shop online, even if they don’t have a credit card. The bank has also announced that, like Absa, it’ll soon be supporting Samsung Pay. &#...[Read More]

Open an FNB account with a selfie, track spending and take a holiday with new app updates

FNB are rolling out a few updates for their banking app, some of which are first for banking apps in South Africa. FNB’s long been known as the most innovative bank in the country and the best to harness new tech, and its proved itself adept at using new features to win new customers. Switching banks, like switching mobile operators, is perceived as painful. FNB’s long tried to counter...[Read More]

Standard Bank’s Shyft scoops the MTN App of the Year award

The 6th annual MTN App Awards has come and gone and at the end of the day there was a final overall winner: Standard Bank’s Shyft app, which took both the Financial Solution and the overall Business App of the Year categories. Standard Bank’s head of Forex sales Fikile Kgobe said ” We are extremely honored to have received these awards and it’s a true validation of all the hard w...[Read More]

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