Rain finally launches an app to easily access account and data-use


The internet loves to hate on Rain, South Africa’s first data-only network that made headlines because of its low-cost data bundles. It charges R50 a GB and has fairly affordable uncapped LTE plans, which makes it ideal for the South African market. It’s just always lacked one thing — a good app where you can manage data spend and pay your account. 

Historically, we have always put off paying our Rain account just because the website is clunky and not mobile-friendly at all. You have to a) sit in front of a desktop/laptop and 2) remember your card information every time as the payment system used doesn’t allow for keychain-access and won’t autofill card details. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just a minor nuisance. 

It’s Raining apps

Now Rain has launched its own app available on Android and Huawei only. Today it sent out an SMS to Rain users prompting them to download the app. Our first impressions are fairly good, with the app handling very well. It prompts for an account login once open, after which you get access to stuff like data spend controls, payment options and data spend stats. 

In the app, you’ll see your active SIMs, which devices they’re using and how much data you’ve used in the month. Here you’ll be able to track spend and allocate data at your leisure, as you were always able to do on the desktop site. 

You can download the Rain account app now on the Google Play Store if you’re on Android, the AppGallery if you’re rocking a Huawei device. Rain is reportedly working on an iOS version of the app which will be along once it’s complete. 


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  1. We have network issues here in Protea Glen. Please assist us with good connectivity. We are using 4g unlimited

    • Annah Sithole on

      We are not enjoying using rain in Danville Pretoria .please sort out the network issues, it’s very difficult to attend meetings via zoom. This is a bad network ever

  2. Don’t sign up for rain new user no assistance from rain support just get ref after ref logged a complaint with ISP hope i get helped and refunded

  3. Am also experiencing a network problem here in Germiston bftr it was working well bt nw am struggling with the network pls assist am aksi using 4g unlimited

  4. My Rain Account is still outstanding and their payment method dont workk no one is helping me to resolve it my eyes Rain is uo to SHIT

  5. We never respond to the network issues we have. When are you going to adress the matter. I really can’t be buying data when I want things done urgently while I have rain. This is tiring your service is really bad

  6. Yoooh today I was busy going to different places and with rain I had the worst day feom edenvale home affairs to Kempton Park I had no network 😭😭🚮🚮

  7. Elton Phillip Jacobs on

    Rain was the biggest mistake i have made in my life. this network is pure kak getting 50 to 60kbps speeds and them not knowing how to fix it, than from yesterday i had no internet.This morning i contacted them via facebook messager and guess what no reply from them! I have been with rain for a month i payed R479 to get that trash speeds than i canceled that sim today and you guys have the nerve to tell me i will get billed till first nov hahaha not a chance

  8. Rain only has good connectivity and speed for new connections. Once You are on there network for +-2 months, they degrade You and the speed runs at about 1 Mbps and below. Pathetic service and network. Check all the complaints before You subscribe

    • Humbulani Robert Sadiki on

      I’m having a challenge with my 4g uncapped internet here in Tedstoneville in germiston its always having no internet and I’m paying for nothing.

  9. So far i am happy with rain network, currently in Pretoria but I have a house in Tweefontein Kwandebele and your network is also good but when I am at home Dennilton, your network is not working at all. Please attend the problem.

  10. We are having network issues here in Pretoria soshanguve really rain its useless to make an app while here in Pretoria soshanguve we struggling to even browse let along open Facebook please people look at the major issues we are paying for nonsense here really Internet speed its just horrible how are we going to open your app while we struggling with speed

    • I’ve been going through this even now I end up buying data on a different sim cause of it. Location Soshanguve

  11. Never had connectivity for a whole month… rain is useless telling me to reboot, they need to reboot their services..

  12. Shantal Ramruch on

    I’m having endless issues,here in Tongaat ,Durban.I complained many times and only can use the network between 5am to 5pm , thereafter we can watch Netflix. Please assist us with good connectivity. We struggling to open Facebook ,we are paying for nonsense as the Internet speed its just horrible.

  13. You seem to hit a brick wall when complaining about connectivity. However here in Discovery matters seem to have improved of late. So yes, something seems to be happening in the background to ease the congestion problem.

  14. Molly Perumal on

    I am struggling with slow connectivity in the phoenix industrial park kzn area i ave 4g it is so slow i wfh and its just frustrating

  15. Here in Lwamondo Tshishushuru in Venda we are having network problems. I had an account with rain but ended up canceling because I was just paying for what I’m not using. Network is a problem here.

  16. Marlven Ndlovu on

    Rain is useless we don’t have network here at durban I can’t even open google its just pointless

    • Solly Hlongwane on

      Good afternoon I am complaining about monthly fee, which I was expecting Rain to deduct R 350-00 only and to my surprise they are deducting R 500-00. What can be the problem please

  17. Thank you rain. I’ve never had any issue in Port Shepstone and Durban. I’ve been saving thousands a month since I started using rain. Let it Rain!

  18. alisha rabbipal on

    Using Rain Data as a wifi connection to my laptop, sending out emails from my business goes to receivers as spam, my clients were not receiving my emails. This was a huge issue for me, calling the support is helpless. However when i called my internet service provider they informed me that the IP Address used via my rain data was listed under blacklist and hence my emails were flagged as Spam. This issue still hasn’t beem sorted even after emailing them.

  19. I stay in centurion and we struggle with network alot about 70% of the time we have no connection yet we pay alot

  20. Well it was long over due but fix the payment option it’s has been refusing to allow payment to go through, I tried to pay over twenty times and still haven’t successfully made my payment bad start seriously anger now because I need the internet

  21. Kershan Naidoo on

    Best Internet service with affordable rates.
    I’m based in durban, no network problems.
    Keep up the good work, looking forward for 5G

  22. Hi, im trying to make payment for the past week, even using two different cards. Its really frustrating as i sent numerous messages and nobody can call me to query.


  23. Shuaib Mungalee on

    We having bad network in Eldorado Park and I have 4G Unlimited and have another 5G outdoor router at my business in Eldorado Park and pass few weeks has being useless to me and RAIN still going to take there full debt order for this… And they launching an app… Fix your network issues to keep clients happy doesn’t matter being the cheapest on a all data network if half the time we can’t get reception to even view Facebook never mind a normal Google search… Come on guys really…

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  25. Hi, Since my rain sim card was successfully activated on the 12 February 2021, I failed to log in , so I m not enjoying the unlimited data as promised. I also don’t know if I have to cancel it than to pay for something I don’t use. I have 4G unlimited account and a router ( Huwai). May be a problem of connection , so Urgently I need assistance.

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