Despite numerous complaints of poor reception, rain insists that its network is performing acceptably


If you’re one of the people that has unfortunately been plagued by rain’s spotty internet connections in the past two weeks, you’re certainly not alone. Myself, along with plenty of others, have experienced intermittent outages in our internet connections, so I reached out to rain to figure out what’s going on.

The answer, as I’m sure you can expect, is due to massive surges in user activity during the lockdown. With everyone stuck inside their homes, constantly guzzling up hour upon hour of Netflix, most service providers have been struggling to keep up with the demand given the country’s limited infrastructure. Yet a new service like rain is arguably struggling even more, as it resorts exclusively to mobile data and signal towers. It also sounds like nothing can really be done about it, so you’ll have to get used to your ping skying to 4000 every 30 minutes of browsing the web.

I reached out to rain’s Chief Marketing Officer Khaya Dlanga to ask for more information on the situation. “Since the lockdown, rain has seen more than a 50% increase in traffic. The increase in traffic is a phenomenon that has been experienced by networks throughout the globe since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. The average throughput per user is only marginally down and all other performance parameters are within acceptable boundaries,” said Dlanga.

Which doesn’t exactly explain why so many people have been struggling recently, but that might have something to do with changes in our personal geographies. “Some users have been affected more than others. We have seen geographic traffic patterns change with so many people working from home in the suburbs. The mobile 4G network was not designed to carry such heavy traffic in those areas, and as such there are some congested towers,” continued Dlanga.

So the standard reasoning, basically. No word was given on whether or not these shortcomings will be looked into and possibly fixed in future but I think the fact that the “average throughput per user is only marginally down and all other performance parameters are within acceptable boundaries” tells you everything you need to know. So maybe think about bracing yourselves, fellow rain users. Doesn’t look like help is coming after all.


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  1. I connection is not that slow. But it goes down every 2 minutes then I have to wait 5 minutes for it come back on just for it shut off again 2 minutes later.

    • I thank each and everyone one of u guys for bringing this out in the open especially Brad Lang. I was about to order a rain sim and decided to check some reviews, all I’ve seen in different sites is frustration that people are facing. So just so ul know ul helped someone not to go through the same frustrations.
      I hope something can be done about these people.

      • Hi what is the use of paying rain sim card when advertised tell you the best network when I start to use mine from 11pm to 6pm no internet after 6pm there is internet but then you must pay R50 a gb after hours if I use it im paying R250 for the sim card for nothing struggling to connect no internet access signal poor on and off waste of money and time

        • I have a rain sim card only one month now and it’s been nothing but problems the signal switch off every 3minutes and goes on in a about 10 minutes time it’s bad the movies will just stuck while watching it because the signal will just dissappears dissapointed I ordered a rain card

          • I thought this network would be better then Telkom cause they made it seem so amazinh.Ive has it for less than two week and I’m losing my sanity is the worst network I’ve ever used.all complaints apply to me cancelling my plan.please do not get any plan with this or you are just giving your money away for free.

          • Cindy Venter on

            Hi Kashiefa,

            My rain sim has only worked for 2 days 2 months ago. It is a prepaid service and the continue debiting my card ILLEGALLY


          • My speed is literally 0.06 on average.. I’ve done everything… Even moved my router around my house. Nothing is going to work.. And when I checked my address on their web site it says they support rain in my area… How can you support 0.06 mbps? Shit for money especially when I pay R475 a month

          • Silindile Lufele on

            The service is poor and it’s really frustrating.
            I never had problems with my 5G router from last year October till i ordered a sim.
            Goooosh, it never worked, it had no signal and had sent several emails with no help.
            I sent emails quiring for cancelation of the sim and there was no reply.

            I moved my payment from the 15th to 25th and when i wanted to pay, the sim bill is there too, i had to be the one calling and that was then when they saw my emails.

            3 days later they cancelled it.
            Now i wanna pay and my package is 999 and now it says i have to pay R2087. How is that because i know that it is a pay as you go system. How on earth that it was switched off on the 25th when i was supposed to pay R999 and today on the 1st I’m on R2087?

        • Good evening Rain I want my money back since 22th march I’m still waiting for you guys to phone me back its already the 26 of march I paid for the packages and did not used it yet because you guy’s never help me with my complaint about the Sim Rica
          …not even the manager I spoke to stayed true to his word to phone me today @ 9 still waiting HH van Eeden

        • Yes I agree. More down than up. Will be canceling. However I will have to do A reversal at the bank because I can’t get hold of anyone at Rain to cancel.

      • Im based in witbank,its a month now using my rain sim,the network is so bad n frustrating.Tx is not a contract!!goodbye rain,u did me no good

      • I joined Rain a week ago. I can not be online for 5 minutes. It constantly goes down. I am not sure if I made a good choice. One cell phone connected on but the connection can not keep up

      • I tried to setup my LTE with rain is now 2 days later and im still struggling to connect .Pathetic.and there is nobody contactable to represent this ghost company.i tried all their so called store numbers,no joy,same with their web me a 404 error message.daylight robbery.if only i knew….

        • The same problem with me you can use it afther 6 pm to 11 pm internet on but then you have to pay for each gb during peak hours open hours not connecting no internet signal poor on and off I’m paying for sim card use lis to me

          • Just bought their uncapped 4G option… Total waste of time and money. It’s like I’ve been told I can drink all I like but they’ve got a cable tie tight on the pipe.
            Disconnected frequently (I’m in central Durban) and when I am connected it’s like watching Paint dry.
            I feel conned.

      • Very poor service. Unable to connect for more than a minute at a time. Will be terminating subscription soon. As I am unable to contact technical support

        • Yes you guys are rigth it’s very poor service ive been emailing them the whole of this week but no response from them. Im leaving them. Going ro airfibre i can’t pay for shitty services

      • I just wasted my time and money, if only I knew, telkom was much better but I was only looking for affordable uncapped. It’s a big NO to rain, it should be called the desert. Only 2nd day and no joy.

    • Peter Kaitakirwa on

      Rain is a scam. I have unlimited 4G data that I rarely get. I had to take aVodacom 4 contract as back up. Most days they are both un available

      • Lyndsey Karin Elliott on

        When I first got the rain 4G router I was most impressed,I had been using Telkom which was good ,however the data usage was totally off the charts ,it worked perfectly for the first 2 weeks ,and then it has turned into a nightmare ,it keeps showing no internet and goes off every 2 mins ,it is u fortunately a total disappointment and waste of R479 ,clearly I am not the only person experiencing this problem after reading all the comments !

        • Brenda Miss Kunene on

          This is really disappointing,with everyone else in supportive of your rain them you do this? I can’t even begin to explain the frustration I go through,it’s actually abuse. Integrity is all people seek. Shame on this service provider,it’s the worst…

    • It’s Really bad In Mpumalanga Nelspruit before it was good but now it’s really bad I can’t even Play PUBG at normal Ping it lags because of Bad Network and download speed is so bad too
      Please fix this Issue

    • Gideon Van Dyk on

      I would advise everyone to stay away from rain their service is really bad and if you sign up with them you do so entirely on your own risk.

    • I know this could be overdue, but what other alternatives can one have, esp when you’re not staying in an area that has fibre connections and/or lot of signal towers. Can any one advise what other affordable options can one take, during these abnormal times.

      Ek is gatvol of RAIN, it does bring rain of terror

  2. Kyle Erasmus on

    RAIN Should be Shot & Sold as Horsemeat !!!
    Their support is the worst I have come across in a long time.
    Having purchased two RAIN 4G SIM cards and a brand new 3G/4G Router during the lockdown in order to improve my internet access in order to be able to work from home, I was astounded, and disgusted by the Shockingly Bad support service from RAIN.
    Over a 48 hour period I was unable to RICA Register the 1st SIM with them, and received absolutely No Response despite submitting three Web-Mails requesting assistance, and even e-mailed the RICA documents to them, to which I received an automated response to the effect that the e-mail address provided on their Website was no longer operational.
    The only Web-Mail they did respond to, was the demand to cancel my account which was already half created.
    RAIN is incapable of providing the service they advertise, and ICASA should terminate their Licence with immediate effect !!!

  3. Hi,
    Gone way way away from Rain. Support , non existant, lies abound from the support people I have dealt with, any request, and I mean any, is never followed through with, so vote with your money, Cancel the credit card you have lodged with them for payment, use as the reason “Fraud”, look it up. Your bank will deliver a new one in a few days, Yes it will cost you effort, AND money but you will at least have your pulse reduced and not have thoughts of mass murder to employees of rain. As since they have monkey’s working there, they must be paying peanuts!

    • Hi,
      I’ve also just bought a new Rain Sim on R250 contract. I haven’t been able to connect as yet. Sent enquiries via their customer support with ZERO response. Looking at most comments here I’m very encouraged to cancel their with immediate effect!!

  4. Victor Tebogo Maleke on

    My rain network it’s always buffering but when I check my area coverage it shows that coverage is there can someone at rain explain why is this happening

  5. The rain network sucks
    Is been over 2 months now where I’ve been getting either no internet access and slow streaming speed

    I really am fed up with always not being allowed not to utilize my own wifi

    Kindly advise if there is anything that can be done to fix my wifi network and speed

    Or I will have to resort to another network due to poor connection received from rain

  6. Don’t think anyone even look at the complains. Network is more down slow speed or nothing at all. Take a few hours toe download 1 episode of 130mb that slow it is. Why do we have to pay full R479 for this service if more than half the month you strugle to every day. Rhe problem is they take on alot of new people cos they need to do sales and f@ck us thats been strugeling like this they overload the towers. It cant handle the mass of new people with the current. Now my problem is seeing they know this and they are sorry now for months cos the are upgrating the towers why should we pay for a service we dont get. Then we need to pay the same way we get from them. I had enough of this. They will loose consumers quiker that they think. No one will sit with this nonsense for months aventualy people will cancel with them

  7. Rain support is useless they only take our money but no proper network services from them ever since this pandemic started treating us customers like dirt taking full bill when we cant even connect to the internet our kids can’t even enjoy watching anything properly without it keep buffering every few seconds or minutes. Telling us we have unlimited data yet coverage is so damn crappy. Only answer they have delete your APN switch your phone off add the APN again and the network will be sorted out don’t know what teabags they are smoking. It’s really frustrating when they take their full amount but provide crap services each month no apologies no compensation for us all they believe in is making money each month from us customers without us there will be no rain network. The Lord must punish horrible people like you out there who treat people like dirt and during this pandemic the Lord expects you to be humble but people are still being so nasty out there treating people badly remember only God can stop this outbreak be good to other people out there

  8. have a billing issue. They want me to pay for a simcard that was cancelled, R479 is a lot of money but the internet you can only use when for less than 8 hourss.

    • Rain sucks, I’m in a same predicament, paid R479 for non working Sim card, I have sent several Inquiries and complaints not even a single one has been attended

    • Have the same issues as all of u guys. Mostly my daughters use the internet for research during the lockdown period and it was kind of ok. Only in the last two weeks did we experience major issues where there is no connection. Trying to call the network is no use. Emails is of no use. Customer service is a joke. But come end of the month they will deduct the full amount. I feel the network should either reimburse us or give us a free month or two…. and answers. So far worst customer service I’ve ever received.

  9. Hello. Thank you for writing about this and reaching out to Rain. They are absolutely shockingly bad at providing service and I think nothing will change as long as new people keep signing up to purchase their sim cards. If you have the time and patience, please do log an ICASA complaint. Their executive needs to face some kind of consequence for this. Here is the link:

  10. very quick to accept your application and take your money….BUT….after sales service sucks and is non-existent.Try to contact Rain and no joy.

  11. This rain really sucks, it’s three days now since I have been trying to Rica online without success. Wrote to rain customer, no response. My R479 seem to have gone for nothing.

    • Why on Earth did you buy a Rain sim? If you are that stupid than you deserve what Rain dishes you. #IamWithStupid

  12. I have just cancelled the sim, i bought telkom SIM card i bought normal data 80 GB for R 539, They last me for 2Months , i enjoy my netflix, my dstv and working from home has never being so nice since i stop rain.

    • It seems like I have paid R250 for nothing it’s been two days and I haven’t had any internet connection, i think this “Rain” prioritizes deducting people’s money rather than providing good service .I am really disappointed if they dont fix this ASAP I am canceling. And to anyone who is thinking of buying their services I don’t think it’s a good idea considering all these bad reviews…this has gotten me very upset.

  13. I’ve been with rain since 2019 July. And I must say the service was excellent then. I’ve never seen a network provider with such speed, until now March 2020. I’ve never had to complain about anything, I even recruited friends and family members to this network as if I was getting commission. But they’ve left a bitter taste to my tongue. The problem is, all the people I recruited are now seeking support form me and telling me how shitty this company and its service are. It’s really embarrassing to think of it knowing that there’s nothing you can do about it. Rain disappointed me in such a way I’ve never expected and seen. I’ve never seen a company that replies to a complaint after a month, after 3 emails and 3 “support” process. I don’t understand how does the CEO of this company actually feels about the treatment he’s giving to it’s clients. Is he even aware that he has clients??!!
    See the fact that they don’t have any solution to the issues, it shows the company is “Fruad”. When have you heard of a strategic solution that is futuristic based????!!!! Providing 5G, should be future growth of the company, not a “Solution”. A CEO that cannot provide a solution to its client is not fit for the role. How did he or she become??!!, he / she cannot blame the spike of users to its problem, does that mean Rain didn’t expect growth in its business??!!! Surely rain is managed by illiberal and short sighted Executives. It’s sad!!!!

  14. Rain really sucks. You pay for a service that you do not receive at all. they do not reply to your requests neither on the website or on e-mail.

    • I thank each and everyone one of u guys for bringing this out in the open especially Brad Lang. I was about to order a rain sim and decided to check some reviews, all I’ve seen in different sites is frustration that people are facing. So just so ul know ul helped someone not to go through the same frustrations.
      I hope something can be done about these people.

  15. I’m getting 0.02 download speeds and 4Mbs upload speeds the internet is practically dead during office hours and i can’t even work from home. I have to buy adhoc data bundles from another ISP just to work.
    I can’t wait to cancel my rain contract soon as i have fiber in my area.

  16. Am sick and tired of complaining about the poor network but my anger is that it has moved from poor to worst.

  17. Wow, so basically Rain is running a nationwide scam and there is nothing being done about this?

    No media coverage? no intervention from government?

    They do not have walk-in offices, they do not have a contact line/it is inactive, they do not respond to queries.

    We as the public are not protected against rain. false advertising…or rather exaggerated service offerings.

    Rain’s Chief Marketing Officer Khaya Dlanga unable to account for all this mess.

    Im appalled beyond imaginable lengths by what rain is doing to the people of this country under such times.

    • Wynand Boshoff on

      Rain 5G is absolutey rubbish, downloads are non existent even though they advertise “ultrafast” internet! False advertising! Ive tried to cancel my subscription but the call centre is just not responding, if anyone has been successful in cancelling Rain please advise me how to do this, thanks

  18. I have join the rain family on the 29th of June 2020 and got the sms to say my sim card is activated but when I inserted my sin in my router nothing – I have logged 4 calls with support but even one call from an agent to assist me. I have logged a complain on HelloPeter Famitta replied and advise an agent will call NOTHING How does the customer service work – I paid for something that never worked. Feel I was scammed to be honest

  19. For the last 2 months, we have had sketchy connections with rain. Just today, we got 0.2 mbits dl speed and 0.4 ul speed. The highest we have gotten is 0.8. Yes, that is right, on a 4g network that has averaged 10 mbits most days, we now get 0.2 and 0.4. I laid a complaint with them on June 10th, and today they responded for a second time with the standard “we have escalated your network issue”. Their staff is quite polite, but their access has become non-existant. To have a query still open almost a month later is bad business.

  20. I was so excited when I revieved my sim. My problem is not with Rain. My problem is with Ram the courier company and the way I was treated. I did send them a complaint too. I was told to hurry up, they wouldnt except my documents and the I was sworn at by the driver. Love your service…but believe me you are losing customers due to bad courier services.

  21. Rupert Jansen van Rensburg on

    I got my rain sim card yesterday. Currently I can not connect on Show max. I did the speed test and upload speed was 0.9 m/s. Upload speed did not even show anything. You advertise 10Mb/s line. You are lying. Please check your internet connection is what I get. Why when I want to log in to rain app that I downloaded it says not valid. But it the same as what I registered with.

  22. I have been with rain for more than a year and have nothing good to say about it rain are quick to take the monthly fee but not quick to help its guys should be held accountable for promoting false speeds.

    • I should have goggled and read these complaints about Rain before I even buy, I so regret and kicking myself. The SIM card was delivered today but already have difficulty connecting it keeps buffering and disconnecting. I am canceling this rubbish as in tomorrow 👎🏾👎🏾😡

  23. Joined today. Took 4 hours yust to get Rica completed. Now no speed broadband speed test 0.5 download and 0.1 upload. Took me nearly a hour just to log this. Slower than edge. Won’t renew next month.

  24. RAIN is selling a product but are unable to deliver, they fraudulently deduct a R479 from my account for a so called 4G service they are not capable of delivering. This is not even 3G, the speed is more likely EDGE…Buffering ALL the fucking time. They continue to sign up customers under a smoke screen called “4G Unlimited 24/7” THIS IS NOT 4G Technology we are being ripped off by RAIN.

    • Hi guys, I hear you all and noticed that you are speaking facts because there is plenty evidence. I have rain unlimited and I have my own data package from vodacom, I tested both networks, when rain is on, mmmm, it will take me 24 hours to complete watching 1 movie, and when I switch to my other network, the signal is spot on. Now I am contemplating, I’m going to take a chance on buying a expensive router, hard cash, if it does the same thing, then you know what will happen next, I will CANCELL RAIN

  25. Rain called my fiancee and told her if she’s complaining, she should cancel the sim or be happy with what they offer cause they cant promise us better speed. That Tess Crouch of rain made me very angry.

  26. Rain is terrible how can you tell people false information about your product. I’m really struggling to do anything with this network.

  27. Khalid Khujawal on

    I got rain sim card today and it is not working it worked for just few minutes with slow speed and now it turned its face upside down I regret I purchased it .

  28. The spike in users dont affect anything coz they all paying, Rain is a hity service provider and fraudsters and we see that ICASA aint doing nothing pple shld just burn their stupid office we’ve already lost monies to them and we aint gon get it back.

  29. Danie Moolman on

    Well, COVID-19 requested that I must work from home and so I decided that everybody needs RAIN.
    I purchased the 4G end of March and got it to work. I was so happy during April (although it did go off often) I still managed to get my work done.
    Then the first week of May 2020 happened and there was RAIN no more. Like gone you know.
    So, since the RAIN people now all had to work from home and so, no call center was available. Only emails.
    So, I got the best Rain Dance video exercised that daily and even learn to smoke language. You can only send that during the day you know. So on numerous occasions I lit the fire and send the smoke screens and I even got one answer back like 10 days later. I must have been sending the wrong smoke message because I got rubbish back from the Rain Person answering my smoke message. Well basically, Rain never returned and I had to make another plan and got me much more expensive sat internet and that seems to work all the time.
    So I canceled my sim card on the Rain Website and was told that I have to pay one more payment (after having no use of it at all) the end of August 2020 and yes my dear reader, the money did magically disappear from my account. Now I read the website and it politely announces that the next payment is due 01/09/2020.
    So I tell all my kids, and they will tell all their kids and they will tell all their friends and family….
    “Beware the Rain People”

  30. Toro Modise on

    I also bought rain Sim and paid 479.i riad the simcard successfully and since the first of August the simcard has never worked.
    And I sent 2 emails now but no one has responded to them.
    I am so not happy with their customer service..

  31. Caliway Lloyd on

    Why doesn’t everybody who has an issue with RAIN, get together, get some lawyers, and sue for poor service. This is tantamount to theft or fraud/ false advertising or something. Gets some traction. Its the first time that I see such rage in customers and then see a company who couldnt give 2 hoots about their performance and still have time to BS clients saying that the network performance is withing reason! What reason? Any thoughts?

  32. navin ramchurran on

    i also have rain uncapped 19 hours at R250 per month
    when you read about the package online when ordering a sim card
    you are promised speeds of up to 10mbps
    i dont really expect this speed considering the online traffic
    i recently did a speed test
    the first day was 0.8 mpbs and the second day was 0.9 mbps this is so ridiculous and as for their support they do not respond and you get no help there isnt even a whatsapp number for complaints
    we are paying for the service so we as consumers expect to receive what we paying for I’m considering moving to another internet provider i cant get ckear pictures on netflix and cannot stream other sites because of slow speeds

  33. Penny Schultz on

    Well, some of you are lucky to have even received your sim card. It’s 4 weeks later and two payments and still no sim card…..Pathetic…..

  34. Mike van der Walt on

    I myself am tired of dropping my connection every 5 min or so and if I knew they are going to do something about it I may just stay a loyal customer

  35. I received my 4G sim card this morning. I tried to connect on two different routers but there is no network. The routers can read the sim card but still there is no network, even though there is coverage in my area. I wish I saw the above comments before I bought the rain sim card. I’m so frustrated and disappointed 😞.

  36. Roger Samuels on

    My friend and I live in the same neighborhood he actually got rain because he saw I was using it back when rain was still new .. so my speeds has gotten so bad I cant even stream Netflix yet alone download an app from play store ‘ as were I go to his house hes on Netflix on the laptop if I connect there I can do everything I cant do at home which just frustrates me even further .. I’ve reached out to rain no reply .. tested the towers in our area nd saw that him nd I even tho we live in the same neighborhood we were connected to different towers ” the only conclusion I could come with after reading this is either the tower that I’m connected to is congested ” nd the one at my friends house is not ‘ since theres no way of getting my router to connect to n different tower/have tried moving it around the house window etc’ only way I got better signal was when I took my sim to my friends house nd boom it was like is supposed to be .. got back home nd guess what congested.. hope this helps someone cause they show you have coverage but you never know until its active at your home nd it depends on what towers you connect to guys ” btw I’m cancelling “

  37. Rain service is not good signal keeps dropping off and the support staff are really not contactable, if you get one, they do nothing.
    Their debit order on your account works very well and they make sure they get their money!

  38. I am also a Rain victim. Going Forward we have to collectively decide what can be done about this mess. Do we let another corporate abuse poor citizens of South Africa in these trying times? We can not be held hostage by spending money on a dysfunctional network any longer. Could someone with a legal background or ICASA advise or intervene in this situation.
    These are just too many heartbreaking comments to read. Most of us are trying to stay alive and provide and comfort our families especially kids with data so that they can educate themselves, whilst we painfully empty our pockets.
    Someone please post a solution where we can make Rain accountable for their actions!

  39. When I read the comments I’m glad to know I’m not crazy. From July onwards the service has been s*ity. The response is just reboot and optimise. This is a proper scam. If you want to swim with the big fishes then buckle up, dont sign on more than you can handle

  40. This is my first week on Rain and it’s been an absolute nightmare. Coming from a lengthy Telkom contract I thought I’d ridden myself of one nightmare, but incredibly Rain has been worse. The speeds are ridiculously slow. I’m not a gamer or even a streamer, but I find it ridiculous that my phone battles with tasks as trivial as browsing web pages. It will be a loooong month.

    I’m already looking for other deals.

  41. Heather Ubsdell on

    Good day

    I have two Rain sim cards, both 4G. After the initial frustration I got them both working however my frustration is every month end I am invoiced a different amount.

    Then to my absolute shock this morning I was notified by my bank of a card transaction going through that was declined due to insufficient funds. When I investigated further it was a transaction done by Rain on my card. The card information is on my account but there is NO CVV number on there. How are they then able to put through an unauthorised transaction on my account? This is very worrying, it is my card and my decision when I want to pay or not as it is a month to month contract paid for in advance.

    Just as shocking is FNB’s response that if I want to stop it I must cancel my card. How do unauthorized transactions with no CVV numbers get put through your account?

    Then as you all know, just forget trying to get hold of anyone. No one works at RAIN!!!

  42. Simon Mothapo on

    I bought mine at July (the R250 pm contract). It’s been working perfectly ever since until this month. They debited their R250 order but the laugh is on me because I can’t connect. After reading comments about their service. I’m even less motivated to launch a query 🤣.

  43. How radiculous couldn’t even showmax today. I am on the uncapped 4G Sim, today internet connection has been very poor…

  44. Hi, I took a rain sim card for R250.00 in July 2020 and I only used it it for that month which I paid but my money was debited again on 1st of September 2020 without using your services and I deactivated your sim card beginning of August 2020. I don’t knw why my money was debited again. Can you please assist to reverse my money and also stop debuting my bank. I was first told to wait 24 hours but nothing has been done. Please assist urgent.
    Thank you

    • Rakesh Dayanand on

      I pay for the 10mbps speed on rain and I get sometimes less than 1mbps on my wifi every day I pay for 10mbps and I get crappy internet rain is a waste of time.

  45. good day my experience with rain started wen ,i got an email n sms saying i won an iPhone i was randomly chosen ,i accepted and shipment money was deducted R25 but there after bout 1400 was deducted in the name of rain then i changed my banking details and now they dint debit i cant access the internet i forgot my password so im struggling to get through to any1 from rain so .i guess i need to cancel my acc

  46. Beverley Nel on

    This is Really getting annoying, you cannot get your emails through, you can’t watch a show for longer than 3 minutes at a time.
    Promises of good service last for 6 months so you can tell everyone to sign up and then it too bad to sad China bean, we have a contract and we get our money.
    Rain, we thought you would be different but you are just a bad as all the rest.
    Can’t wait for my contract to end.

  47. I have realized the following: I pay R479 per month. Due to the bad network quality and speed, I often have to fail over to my cellular data. On average my monthly usage for the last 4 months was 79GB per month, thus this “unlimited” offer costs me R6 per GB.
    This is one of the most expensive and frustratingly unreliable connections imaginable.
    Even more suspicious, is that despite my changing habits, etc, my data usage is always VERY close to 79GB per month, which leads me to believe that the intention was very obviously to actually sell a 80GB per month package, and not a “unlimited” package at all.

  48. Its not working at all l have been trying and it so irritating, its even hard to open VOICE note and l am trying to hell my child with school work it is just a waist of money to me

  49. Shadrack Mkansi on

    I luckily have a backup and luckily I didn’t cancel it when I took the rain “4g” unlimited sim. For the past two weeks I have not been able to finish a meeting without being cut off a number of times. Somebody must really do something here

  50. I was just about to purchase the 24/7 data package for R479, thank goodness I decided to check out reviews, thank you guys for the feedback, saved me money and headaches, I will still to Telkom thank you very much.

  51. Hi Guys …

    Just curious, has anyone that commented on the bad speeds actually tried using a router that RAIn advises to be used. I think is the Huawei B3151

    • Hi nizam… I’m currently using a Huawei B315-5A29 router and I’m having the same problem as everyone else

  52. Eugene DHARMALINGAM on

    As stated above I’m not going say anything more on those that spelt it out for you just to add that your service sucks and does not live up to expectations you are putting out to customers to capture the market share . Very disappointed in your service delivery and time you are taking to rectify and resolve customers needs I’m sure with money’s generated by now instead of thinking only of profits you could at least put systems and measures in place to rectify the situation

  53. I am signed up with Rain what a regret, I have endless issues with their network. My router has not been working since yesterday and i have logged several calls and no one is coming back to me. I regret the R700 i got myself into, how can a network company not have an after sales strategy? They can’t be reached anywhere you try call the landline no answer they tell you of Covid 19. i was referred by a colleague and i will never refer them to anyone. Any mobile company that is interested to sign me up please call me!

  54. Rain is a scam, I paid R479 for a sim upon receiving it, it isnt activate and wants me to pay an additional R479!!! this is bullshit. Their call center does not pick up calls and nobody has responded to my emails or to my complaints on their website yet they still debit money! This scam has been legalized DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

  55. Rain is the most pathetic company.They quick to deduct your R479 if you subscribe but their signal is the most ridiculous thing once they receive ur money they dnt care if you get signal or not no call center no shops to go to and complain they actually laughing at us as customers coz they getting their money😡😡😡😡😡

  56. I am extremely disappointed with myself for getting a Rain LTE sim. I gave up Telkom LTE, that gave me absolutely no trouble, not for what I used the internet for anyway. Now I cant even have my tv and my laptop connected at the same time, or even open gmail to send an email and have my phone connected LOL! I just wish I had read some reviews before actually falling for the wonderful Rain advertisement campaigns. No one to blame but myself..

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  58. Do yo realize how many lives, livelihood, families where distriod to create the product that is called Rain? I CALL ON THE HARRIS FAMILY, Paul Harris in particular to own up. To take responsibility for the incredibly cruel actions that took place in the name kf financial gain. The whee will turn.

  59. It is the worst company ever, I am 600m from their tower and at least twice a week the network is gone, down and their customer services are shit!

  60. I logged 3 support tickets, no one ever gets back to you, no responds. You are non existent.
    Worse network. I honestly dont think they will last any longer by the look of things.

    Empty promises, you cant even get to talk to someone technical enough.
    Waste of time.


  61. This is the second day I got this sim, and to speak honestly, its total crap.
    I’ve got no bars what so ever, no matter how long I wait, I only get one bar for about 6 seconds, I feel like I’ve just wasted my money on this network, truly a disappointment, I regret my decision, and have no hope for this network at all.
    This network is total bs

    • Does anybody know what happens after we post our complaints on this platform.Or are we just reading each other’s complaints .Maybe we need to all take it up a notch and be heard.

  62. Rain is the f**king worst and pathetic data connection in this world. They are scammers and thiefs. They disgust me. The worst of the worst data plan. I wouldn’t even give them quater star for their pathetic product. Rain should be boycotted. Say no to rain

    No to rain. Very disgusting
    This company is a disgrace to the world of technology. I just hope nobody falls for rains filthy tricks and scams. I see this company going nowhere at all. The most bad company out there.

  63. I am currently shopping for an alternative… Rain has been so k*k of late it’s not even funny. No after sales service what so ever!!!

  64. We haven’t had a bad experience until this month but every day this week it has been more off than off very annoying to watch something if every movie keeps buffering, please sort this out , it is not acceptable

  65. dankie tog vir al die inligting hier ,ek was nou besig om aansoek te doen vir n rain Pakket ,ek bly maar by Telkom ons sukkel bietjie met die diens maar dit word tog beter hanteer as die twak van rain ,wou dit vir backup gebruik het ,ek hou maar verby

  66. Don’t waste your money. I would be better off UPGRADING to Dial Up, believe me. Never felt so ripped off. There is no support at all. Emails take 2 weeks to be answered and still remain unsolved.

    Open Serve is currently digging outside the property to install fibre, and I’m going to offer to help dig.

  67. I took the R250 package for Lockdown since June as I am now working from home and it has only but brought sooo much frustration with the bad connection even thought on the website – it states, my are in Centurion “does have coverage”. Signal drops constantly making my work impossible to complete! Even when the wind blows outside – it affects the connectivity?! no jokes. It’s more off than on and it’s a serious headache. My son also had to complete some schooling at home via this network and we struggled everyday. Waste of money & time – sadly. I know relatives with the R699 5G package and they never struggle with connection; not EVERYONE can afford that high premium p.m.!

  68. I have noticed that rain speeds are only good in certain areas . I stay in durban and notice the speed in Umhlanga is reaching the 30mbps mark but in sherwood the speeds are 0.15mbps which is not acceptable. How can the people in “Durban north” be benefitting with higher download speeds but the rest of us have to wait for a whatsapp message to go through.

  69. I find it hard to believe any spin doctors, they’re paid to promote company propaganda, they are rich and happy, it’s basically screw the little guy, spin doctors are like politisions, you know they’re lying when they open their mouths.

  70. My opinion Rain ISP will never upgrade their congested 4G towers due to costly infrastructure, therefore 5G was introduced hoping people would move to 5G and resolve their all of their 4G customers speed issues due to congested towers. I have been a rain user since 2018 and have been emailing and trying to get support but as well know Rain has a policy of no human interaction and no customer support center,
    Rain works on support service of frequently asks questions and no way are you able to speak to a human for support because Rain ISP does not have humans working at their company.I had enough complaints email sent to Rain ISP unfortunately to date since 2018 my speed is around 66kb/s. I have no choice but stick with Rain ISP cause they the only service provider currently offering this service at reasonable price and I am unemployed therefore cant afford to choose another service provider with Fiber offers. My Huawei cellular could connect at 150mbps in 2018 now in 2020 it connects at 72mbps

  71. My NAME is PJ RUSSOUW , let every person in this country know my name. RAIN YOU ARE CRAP, SO CRAP that dung beetles has 0% interest in you shit network. I started using Rain LTE services back early 2020. I had no issues with their connections. Due that I live 1km away from the Cell tower which is open and line of sight with no elevation issues etc. My house is open and the router is new. Sins the “FUCKING” holiday goers flooded from Gauteng and God knows from every where to Glentana in the Garden route. The internet became unusable in late November 2020. I use to get 75% to 100% connection strength. No packet loss and good ping. Speeds where 10mb/s up and down plus… After November with All these pigs that came to have their little holiday the speeds dropped to 300kbs …and less,,, YES I have screen shots of it. I Emailed Rain many times and once had a phone call back where the CUNT told me I should calm down its every where in the country and I should except the fact that is all I am going to get, He said he phoned me to educate me on whats happening. BUT I all ready knew what is happening and me as a customer didnt care. I paid for service not excuses. BUT here is the best part of the story … Now weeks past after these Hordes of Asholes they call them selves hard working holiday goers funny fucked off out the garden route,,,, peace and quiet rite? No! now my speeds are some day down like none .,.. 0% connection and rain never got back to me after again to my emails and calls,,, WHAT WHERE their excuse this time? NOT a god damn thing,,, they cant say,,, they dont know ….. HOW? can someone explain to me how I have 0% connection with no traffic on the tower nor have issues with my equipment … how do you go from 75% to 0% ? this goes beyond my self. I am now using Vodacom just to send emails,,, JAAASAAAS! Telkom here is even worst then rain here, and the other service is just scams with crazy prices and poor service and speeds,,, SO to sum up if this eara dont get viber or 5G I have no connection and my business suffers because companies such as rain takes money from people but not willing to provide a service,,, I think they call that scamming or theft,.,,, try to convince me other wise

    • Pieter Bezuidenhout on

      Well, you did sign away R479/R250 a month. So it not stealing.

      But I agree 100% about the fraud. Selling 10MB/s speed and giving only 1 is false advertising.
      Payment should be based on actual speed of client.

  72. I bought rain sim and only connected for one day and after that even now it’s not doing anything . And the bad part is that you have to pay for services you didn’t get … I’m upset and don’t anything to do with rain thing again thought it’s good but just fooling people

  73. I have been using rain for some time now but just recently we started experiencing very poor network reception. We are paying for the 4G 24/7 unlimited package but unfortunately there is no network throughout the day and evenings.

  74. I have received such a bad service from RAIN. i ordered a sim card – they sent me two cards in different days – the next thing thy could not even recognize one of them. I had to cancel the service before it even started.

    • Hi there! Why didn’t I read the comments first. In the same boat with no internet have it for the past few days. No one is able to help me. If you know of a good lawyer please show me to the right direction.With all of you im sure we can sue the sht out of them fckn assholes

  75. I dont understand why do i have to pay again… Ive paid on the 22 of February and why am I asked to pay again 2dae…30 days have not passed…

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  78. the worst ever! I have had the sim for 1 month haven’t even watched 1 movie, defiantly cancelling! paying for something that doesn’t work at all

  79. I should have read reviews before ordering a sim because wow trash of all networks ,rain is a shithole😡😠🤦

  80. Dear Sir Mam

    From a honest opinion you may not going to like what i have to say. You say rain is to standard BS. If so many people is complaing about the service then there must be a problem. Easy fix the FN problem and stop lying to is or fire the people that did the planning of your network. We are paying our B hinds of every month our mony is good enough so YOU better step up or you going to loose a lot of customers. You cant even run 4G and yet you allready talking about 5G so please before you try 5G fix your 4G.

  81. I have RAIN for the last 8 months.Endless problems and the support team is not punctual or helpful at all.After stating that I will be lodging a complaint about the poor service ,they begin to show more attitude. I sent a mail string that I will not need their services as of the end of this month .A Mampho Makama replied to the mail and immediately cancelled my I’m sitting with a sim card which I can do nothing with.All I was told was once the card is cancelled there’s nothing they can do.Even if is a mistake on their side .A Mabisa Makasa told me the same thing today when I called the helpline.She stared off by giving me attitude but soon as I informed her about the action I will be taking, her tone and behavior suddenly changed .THANK GOD FOR FIBRE IN OUR AREAS .I never want to deal with this service provider Rain again.

  82. Rain is so poor at network but they are good at deducting the money, I have never have network since May 15 but they still deducted money R729, I called and enquired about it, on 30 of May again they deducted money , reversed it again and then now on the 15 of June they deducted again. I’m so terrified because they keep on taking my money but they are aware of network not available. Now they are telling me R100 credits

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