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Cell C launches a converged ‘entertainment package’ called MediaPlay

In other parts of the world, you can get all of your communication necessities along with your entertainment indulgences from one company. Which means one bill, and one call centre to contend with when things go wrong. The appeal is obvious. Now mobile operator Cell C has launched a converged service of its own called MediaPlay. It’s something South Africa could certainly use… but will...[Read More]

Can’t get ADSL or fibre? Rain’s LTE-A service could be a good alternative

The newcomer to the mobile data game, Rain, uses LTE to offer an alternative to fixed-line internet for homes and small businesses, and in doing so, go some way to reducing the exorbitant data costs facing South Africans each month. The company is constantly expanding its coverage and plans to broaden the range of products it offers, but at this stage Rain only offers LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) packages...[Read More]

The 16GB iPhone SE will cost R8,500

First things first, in 2016, Apple, the most valuable tech company in the world, and thus one would think one of the wisest, still sees fit to make phones with only 16GB of storage and no option of expanding the storage via a microSD slot. Unbelievable? Absolutely. But what’s that thing about truth being stranger than fiction, again? Oh yeah, that it often is. Second things second, local pri...[Read More]

Cell C throws its hat in the LTE and fibre ring like an enraged Oddjob

Cell C’s been rolling out infrastructure in South Africa’s major cities with puppy-like exuberance in an effort to put to bed complaints about the quality of its service (especially on the data front) that dogged the service a few years back. And now it wants to show off its hard work and, you know, sell all that extra capacity. To this end, it’s cutting the cost of its LTE servi...[Read More]

Light Start – HP Elite x3, HTC Vive’s price, Virgin’s new space ship, and Samsung’s car LTE

HP has a Windows Phone er… phone you might want to pay attention to Today is the first (official) day of Mobile World Congress 2016 and already Samsung and LG are dominating the news. But that’s not the be-all and end-all of the event, as much as they’d like you to think that. So take a little time to look at HP’s newest Windows Phone handset (yes, really), called the HP El...[Read More]

Hisense has three new LTE handsets landing in November

We’ve been quite taken with the Hisense smartphones that we’ve seen so far and there’s another opportunity for Hisense to impress. The company has announced that they’ve got three new LTE-toting smartphones heading to the South African market in November. The three phones, in ascending order of damage to your wallet, are the Hisense Infinity Pulse LTE, , the Infinity Puresh...[Read More]

Telkom announces phase two of Gauteng “uncapped” LTE offer

Telkom’s announced that it’s rolling out the second phase of SmartBroadband Uncapped High Speed Wireless packages to more than 200 areas in Gauteng. Users in the applicable areas can sign up for uncapped LTE accounts, on 24-month contracts. The contracts start at R599 per month and are limited in each area to 150 sign-ups per LTE base station. The company ran the first phase of the ini...[Read More]

Cell C adds 3G to roaming deal with Vodacom

Cell C has renegotiated its roaming agreement with rival Vodacom to include access to Vodacom’s 3G services. This should mean better data coverage for Cell C customers, even in outlying areas, given Vodacom’s extensive network. At its recent results presentation Cell C also talked up its own substantial investments in its network infrastructure and says its deal with Vodacom will help ...[Read More]

So long roaming, here comes Cell C’s Wi-Fi calling

Mobile operator Cell C plans to launch Wi-Fi calling on its network at the end of July or beginning of August this year. Wi-Fi calling allows consumers to make calls using their mobile phone at regular mobile phone rates when connected to Wi-Fi, regardless of their connection to the mobile network itself. Think of it as Wi-Fi handoff, rather than voice-over IP (VoIP). Why does this matter? First, ...[Read More]

G Watch Urbane variant drops Android Wear, adds LTE service and NFC payments

Revealed earlier this month, the LG Watch Urbane puts a metal-centric spin on the stellar G Watch R, delivering more of a luxury-minded impression. But there’s another version coming, and despite similarities, it looks to be pretty different. The LG Watch Urbane LTE makes several changes to the standard model, including – as the name suggests – adding LTE service for making Voice-over-...[Read More]

LG G Pad 8.0 4G – Bright little data-sucker

We’re going to be quite honest here – we’re far more fond of LG’s smartphones than we are of their tablets. As a general rule, that is. But the LG G Pad 8.0 was quite well received when it launched last year, when you consider its specs are holding it back, so how does it fare with an LTE upgrade? LG’s little slate remains more or less unchanged, aside from the data c...[Read More]

Vodacom’s cheapest LTE-capable smartphone available from 9 February

Vodacom’s taking its next step in building up a local portfolio of self-branded devices, the third such device since the Smart Kicka phone and Smart Tab 3G tablet launched last year. This time around we’ve got a new phone incoming and the Vodacom Smart 4 Turbo, as it is known, will be LTE-capable. The low-cost device (it’ll retail for around R1,500) will feature a 4.5-inch FWVGA ...[Read More]

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