Rain launches unlimited 4G mobile data for R379


It’s been a weird couple weeks for Rain, which still stands as South Africa’s first data-only internet service provider. The company recently found itself in trouble with the Advertising Regulatory Board after a customer complained that a series of adverts for the 5G service provided by Rain was misleading and while one might think something like that would be a decent reason to slow down and evaluate some things, Rain doesn’t see it that way. In fact, Rain’s just got back on the horse as it announces a new data plan exclusively for mobile users that should hopefully provide some decent connectivity for the price it’s asking.

The new contract provides 4G internet speeds for mobile users willing to pay R380 per month. That’s a pretty steep price to pay for 4G mobile data but let’s just take a second and evaluate what exactly you’re getting out of that deal.

Risk of Unlimited Rain

So a 4G connection will net you a super basic streaming quality of 360p. It’s possible to push that to 480p but the speed of the connection will take a noticeable dip. However, how many videos are you watching on your phone that you need that crystal clear 1080p resolution? I’ll hazard a guess and say that video streaming options may not be your top priority when looking into unlimited mobile data.

Rain Sim

What this deal has over Rain’s other mobile packages is that your data is unlimited and unrestricted, meaning you can use it all day, every day. That’s a significant step up from rain’s other mobile data package which offers 19-hours of unlimited peak time data for R250. Of course, if you use data during those off-peak hours you’ll be charged R50 for every gigabyte used which is certainly not insignificant, but that’s not something you need to worry about with this new deal.

Oh, and it’s definitely worth noting that the unlimited 4G plan doesn’t allow for users to turn their phone into a hotspot which definitely sucks if you’re wanting to save money on a router. You’ll also need a 4G phone as this service is only compatible with them. Sorry for everyone who’s got an older device!

If you want more information on this new deal, Rain’s got a handy breakdown over on its website where you can compare it to their other deals.

(Source: TechCentral)


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