Rain concedes to Advertising Regulatory Board ruling, removes misleading adverts


Just last week we saw that Rain, the wireless internet service provider, was in trouble because someone took an issue with misleading claims they’d slapped on some very public adverts. The advertisements in question were sent off to the Advertising Regulatory Board where it was deemed that Rain needed to remove the adverts, which claimed that the company offered “unlimited data 24/7… a choice of network speeds… (and) a choice of streaming quality”. As it turns out, Rain isn’t fighting back or appealing the ARB’s ruling and is instead just removing and changing the ads in question.

Coming in from the Rain

We reached out to Rain to ask them about the results and the company had some choice comments on the matter. “We respectfully disagree with the ARB as the complaint was based on the experience of a single customer.  The ARB also seemed to have interpreted our “24/7” claim to be a firm 100% quality of service uptime, when clearly this is a best effort service,” said a spokesperson for the ISP.

But by not appealing the ruling of the ARB, Rain has agreed to comply and will remove all the adverts that were found to be in violation. The company have a couple weeks to adjust the adverts to meet the regulations stipulated by the ARB.

According to Rain, the decision to not take the matter further was made because the required changes are “minor” in nature so it was “best to move on, and not appeal the matter further.”

In the same statement, Rain specified that the service had been under strain when 5G was first introduced but that the issue has since been resolved. “Right after the launch of the 5G network, we did experience configuration issues causing poor performance for a short period. This (has) subsequently been fixed, and many users experience speeds far above the 200Mbps.” The spokesperson added that Rain’s 5G network currently has an uptime of “…99.7%”.

So we guess Rain loses this battle but continues to fight another day. Right?



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  1. Leroy Appolis on

    I still get less than 1mb of speed on the R250 package. This same package allows me up to 5mb to 12mb download speed at 3am in the morning.

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