Rain’s in trouble thanks to misleading claims about download speeds


There are a few things that unite South Africans better than anything else. Some might say rugby is at the top of that list. Others might insist it’s the shared solidarity of struggling through load shedding schedules. Yet I propose that there are two things that bring us a shared identity more than anything else: Hating Telkom, and complaining about Rain.

Let’s focus in on that second one for the time being because Telkom is an evergreen hatred while Rain is still fairly new. The first ISP in the country to specialise in only wireless connections has been a lightning rod of disgruntled users who are less than stoked on the service it provides. That’s now been taken up a level as the Advertising Regulatory Board is forcing the company to change misleading adverts.

The complaint was initially filed by Suvasin Moodley, a Rain user who was no doubt plagued by the rampant disconnects and poor speeds everyone using a Rain SIM has experienced at some point in time. Quoting from the complaint file submitted to the ARB, Moodley submitted that the advertisement was misleading for the following reasons:

  • Unlimited data 24/7: The line continuously drops and is not available 24/7.
  • Your choice of network speeds – there is no choice. The line variability is vast.
  • Your choice of streaming quality – there is no choice. The line is very poor.

The adverts in question (pictured below) detail the above features as being possible with Rain and, from personal experience, I can attest that they’re only accurate about half the time.

Now without going into all the secondary issues and complaints, the ARB handed out a decision based on two core pillars of this case: The first is that rain advertises 5G connections that average a 200Mbps download speed and “unlimited data 24/7”.

In reference to the 200mbp/s line speed, the ARB stated “… the Advertiser must hold documentary evidence to support these claims that are capable of objective substantiation. In its response to the
complaint, while the Advertiser provided clarity on its product offerings, it did not provide substantiation to support the speed or quality claims. More specifically, there is nothing to show that the Advertiser actually offers the claimed performance.” That’s a big OOF for Rain, right there.

Now, the “unlimited data 24/7” claim was a little weirder as the ARB states that the wording used in the advert was interpretable in two ways. “It could mean that the data is unlimited all the time and therefore uncapped, in other words, that there is no time period when the data is limited and when it is charged per gig. Alternatively, it could mean that unlimited data is always available to the consumer without interruption. While the Advertiser has provided motivation for the first interpretation, it has not done so for the second.” The ARB thus ruled to be misleading.

What this all means is that the advertisements around Rain’s 5G service need to be removed from the public eye and amended before they’re shown again. Considering the amount of effort and the budget that goes into full-scale marketing campaigns, this could be a pretty major loss for Rain. We’ll have to wait and see how long the turnover time for a new marketing campaign will be, hopefully, one that’s a little more accurate.


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I completed a Masters Degree just so someone might take my opinions seriously one day. Also writes about video games over at Critical Hit.


  1. Dawie Fritz on

    Thanks for the advice. I was seriously looking at Rain as an alternative to my current service provider. But now it’s put on hold.

    • Pieter Grobler on

      I have been with Rain since May, and have now finally tried to cancel my service. I say try, as they keep dipping into my bank account for arbitrary fees even they can’t explain, and the call center guys are so arrogant they say they are doing you a “favor by attending to your complaints”. That is IF you can get through to their call center. I have spent more than R100 in airtime fees to settle a R41.66 dispute. The connection speeds and network availability are the stuff nightmares are made of, so please avoid this network at all cost. They are really really terrible.

    • Carol Gembicki on

      Total rubbish…..we bought 2 routers one for my son who works away from hime and one for home use. Hardly any connection day or night. Went to Durban for 10days and could not get any signal at all ended upbuying data to use. Came hone and cancelled immediately.

    • Hi ,I’m a rain client, very disappointed with your service,paying for nothing, can’t watch nothing, I don’t down load anything, I just watch news,a few clips from YouTube, may a movie from Netflix, now I can’t watch nothing, data used in one month is about +- 40 gigs, now nothing, very very disappointed

    • The moaners should get someone who knows what they are doing to setup the router. Initially we also didn’t get what we expected but then I watched YouTube videos on setting up the Huawei router. We now get wired speeds of 450meg or more and about +140 meg wireless. The wireless performance via another router surprises me after feeding ethernet cable from the Huawei power supply. Highly recommended but set it up properly.

      • I agree with you completely. First I had the indoor router with unstable connection. Then I opted for the outdoor router with proper installation. Problem solved

        • Fish Newmarch on

          Which outdoor router would you recommend. We are less than 2km from a tower but out neighbour has a huge tree blocking our indoor router so need to get something higher up and then there will be zero interference.

          • Useless totally useless I’ll never recommend rain network in fact we looking elsewhere can never get on the network!

    • We have Rain for 6 months now. No issue at all. The company is very caring. They told me if me speeds are low, I need to connect to another tower.

    • My experience with RAIN has been excellent. I am on the R250 package and my speeds are excellent. I have more problems with MTN who I use at night.

    • I am using rain data I have a smart tv two tablets and 3 cellphones devices. During the weekend the speed of rain is very slow sometimes I will have to switch off my other devices just to enjoy a non buffering movie on Netflix. Without that its a struggle, I recently upgraded to 24/7 data network connection but I still have same problem.

  2. Kreeson Naidoo on

    Awesome article Brad. The local consumer is often mislead by unfounded claims which go unchallenged. Does this leave Rain in floundering waters, as consumers may want to cancel contracts taken with Rain, that
    Were based on false claims?

    • Pieter Grobler on

      I have been with Rain since May, and have now finally tried to cancel my service. I say try, as they keep dipping into my bank account for arbitrary fees even they can’t explain, and the call center guys are so arrogant they say they are doing you a “favor by attending to your complaints”. That is IF you can get through to their call center. I have spent more than R100 in airtime fees to settle a R41.66 dispute. The connection speeds and network availability are the stuff nightmares are made of, so please avoid this network at all cost. They are really really terrible.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one with this connection issue. I had to cancel the uncapped sim card, since arrival I never enjoyed it at all.

    • Rain it has a poor service, sense on August I register for rain 4g I have even use the data but they deduct my money, I keep sending message no response even when you call not answering. They keep on sucking our money with but their service is poor.

    • Christo Botha on

      Been using rain since start of lockdown, worst internet in SA best speed I have got is 2mbps, just as bad as telkom! Will never recommend it to anyone.
      Vaal triangle.

  3. My comment is limited or unlimited data rain is one firs class rubbish in south africa,it is not accurate not available 24/7 when electricity goes it disappears as well downloading speed is a pure lie from the beginnings windy or bad weather is not working how I wish we can all have fibre in our areas to avoid being ripping of in this kind of manner I was happy that rain was cheap and it is south african brand little did I know that it rubbish money making business at our own expense

  4. I am a Rain user myself. I’ve experienced connection issues too. I think a major issue is the infrastructure. Rain doesn’t have the coverage needed to right now to hold up to their current claim, maybe in the future they will have the capacity. When my connection is stable and everything is functioning fine then I actually get speeds slightly above what is offered but I’m fortunate in the sense that I have 3 Rain towers within a 1km radius of me, although connection to 2 of them is horrible due to interference, regardless of placement of my router within my household. I find that the issue is not Rain’s ability to provide the speeds or unlimited data, they can live up to those claims but the lack of coverage from limited infrastructure, limits their ability to make those claims viable for all their users

    • I entirely agree with you. I think as South Africans, we need to be reasonable when it comes to dealing with such issues.

      I think the best way the complainant could have done was to engage Rain in a closed discussion, that way, it was going to be so helpful to this new company. Aren’t we supposed to help our local based companies? Is it not our responsibility to help South African companies to grow?

      Now, if we come so hard on them like some of these comments here, we can’t build. Let us support them by telling them what they can do. I like your comment brother.

    • Hi. What bothers me with rain’s bad internet and service, is that alot of us are complaining and they see that they cannot cope with providing an even fair service yet they advertise everywhere. If you cannot handle your current traffic,why signing up more people?

    • I will agree with you in these response, I have been using Rain for 3 years now and yes there is moments where the connection will be interepted for a while but my overall experience with rain has been good so far, most of the people with rain issue is those with poor coverage within their radius of which Rain need to step up their game to minimize the level of complains about their service.

  5. I also experienced a crap service from Rain for 2 months and R600 later I was fed up, they even went as far as activating the R50 a gig for pick hours without my consent on their basic offering, now that I think of it I wouldn’t take anything from them even if it was for free

    • They did the same with me & gave me a false explanation about the charge. Their customer care is non-existent if not utter rubbish. I wish I had another alternative but as of now, nothing.

    • I moved from Telkom ADSL (1.2Mbps – because of distance from exchange) to Rain 5G (R699). It costs the same as Telkom (line +signal+data @2Mbps) and often gives very good speeds. The tech is actually pretty good, moving the base station around the house and via the web seeing which tower it’s connected to. The support not so, no static IPs, no IPv6 – which all could be possible. Load shedding does bring many towers down (Rain, Cell-C, etc). Sure, I’d prefer Fibre but none yet available.

  6. Eddievanvuuren21@gmail.com on

    Regardless of all the problem that there is. Ive been with Rain for round about 6 months. We all play online games or 2 consoles will play online and the other one will steam. I cant really complain about rain,the download speed might be little bit poor but if you think carefully as to how much data it will all use including game updates or any other downloads? I cant complain because i know buying data would cost a package. Downloading a file of 160gb over night easy of from the computer…the other consoles little bit slower. Playing games while downloading a file or 2gb will cause the game to LAG and in game ping with shoot up to over 800 ping. Downloading is little bit slow but service remains excellent as to what they do offer for the price you pay

  7. Im also starting to have problems with rain. We have no connection since Friday last week. They don’t help at all. For us not able to call them it really annoying. For the past 7 days I’ve sending emails till today I still stuck when I get home.

  8. Delisile Mokone on

    I use rain. Yes there are interruptions but am ok with it. Better than all other networks on my area.

  9. Fellow South Africans, don’t kill the already dead. Let us work at improving their work. I don’t use it, but my nephew is using the same network.

    If you look at all the networks in South Africa, the only best as at now is MTN, even though they are not perfect. So, why can we help rain come right like we did with Cell C, Vodacom and MTN. They were also flops, and they worked through to reach where they are today.

    Let us give rain a chance. Remember, it’s our brothers and sisters working there too.

  10. I’m currently using rain and as an Uber driver it is not working, no service in Michells Plain, Gatesville, and many other areas as well. Disappointing

    • I canceled my rain because of their lack of service, there is not even 1mbps downloading speed,, they will refund me first before i return their rooter, what a waist of R699..

    • Sfiso Chili on

      I’m living in Durban, Ntuzuma, I’ve had rain Since July 2019 and in my Area Rain has no issues, even when there is load shedding my Network doesnt get interrupted. I’ve experienced Bad Network once thou and I called them and they fixed my issue after 2 days… I’m using a Huawei Router B315…

      The only problem I have is that when I connect more than 6 devices on my Router, speed is fair for Browsing only, but crap for downloading…

      All in all I’m happy Using Rain. Network is good if only a few people connect to Router and becomes crappy as more devices connect.

  11. Molefi Morobadi on

    I am very disappointed with Rain and I am seriously considering to cancel my contract with them. I was told that it costs me R250 per month for 6G from 18h00 to 23h00 and unlimited from 23h01 to 17h59. When the 6G is finished, I can’t use rain during that perioperiod of 18h01 to 23h00. When I use it during 23h00 and 18h00 they keep on switching it to my cellphone data, but at the end of the month the debit order is never R250. It goes up to R500+.I wrote to them to enquire about this and never got any response.

  12. I too cancelled. I Lost signal on 20th September 2020 and after 7 days of trying. To phone, emailing, etc I gave and went elsewhere. All I was told when I could get through was to move to another area where there was signal. No. One evever. Phoned back to tell what the problem was. Now they have billed. Me for the month when only used 20 days. I’m. Happier with telkom. At least I’m still. Connected in bad weather, windy weather and 24/7.

  13. I’m so glad someone decided to take RAIN head on. Their data service does not work most of the time, it is worse in Boksburg where I stay. I’m just waiting for my Mweb Fibre service to be activated and then it is good riddance to RAIN.

  14. Divan Van der westhuizen on

    Im a rain user.. No problem at all.. Have the uncapped 24/7 10mb up and download.. Im getting 8.5mb download and 11mb upload..

    Thanks rain

  15. Zita van wyk on

    I’m a 4g subscriber now for my second month .speeds in my area is tolerable but i can watch my netflix and showmax . Not all of us qualifies for credit contracts on unlimited data from certain data providers , so the R500 monthly unlimited , no extra gadgets, no checks , pay and go rain system works for me. For now I will give them the benefit and trust they will sort their towers and infrastructure out.

  16. I just got my Rain card yesterday..is very frustrating..Speed is very slow..Help me guys..will i get my refund if i cancel today ? Is less than 7 days

  17. i have Rain sim at my house,NOPE there is no Rain as they say,dry land. the connection is very very disappointing. AND i decided to get another sim for my Sister to attend student online classes,guess what it took her 7 days to get the sim RICA-red.bad news.NO,NO,NO

  18. Rain is such a terrible network! It is extremely slow. One misses out on important things because of the poor connection. It is so frustrating. I’m so fed up with this Rain!

  19. I totally agree that rain’s speed is very very slow, and it seemed to be worse during peak time….

  20. Christopher on

    Rain is useless u getting speeds of 1 mbps how do u even stay on a conference call im using 4 G royally crap

  21. Then the Rain communication manager still has the decency to advertise on Heart FM afternoon show with Ryan Oconor how brilliant their service are.

  22. Rain is crap, I’ve been offline for the past 9 days and dont have any network coverage till now. I’ve complained several times and they sent me a new simcard but still not working!

  23. I bet they answered the calls from lawyers! They have the worst Client Service!!!! Should actually say it is nonexistent.

  24. I began using Rain in July this year and have complained to Rain via emails as well as telephonically… They are very prompt with their response but have no definite solution to the problem…I’m still watching my movies buffer continuously….

  25. Nthambeleni on

    I am using Rain myself, its been excellent to me connection and speedwise. At the beginning I was not happy with their customer service,I was very angry because I had to mount the 5G router by myself and without the knowledge you get frustrated very easily. I stay in Kempton Park, Edleen to be precise. I am an Engineer by trade and I recommend Rain to anyone who is in the area they operate. Beware of competitors who are afraid of Rain’s potential.

  26. We recently opted for Rain 4G unlimited, as a family working and studying from home in Protea Glen, Soweto but we are disappointed. It is very slow and sometimes it is not available for the whole day. Will you please kindly assist us as we now have to keep MTN mobile data for back up which is very expensive.

  27. Cecile Cameron on

    We have had outstanding reception from Rain. We use a router and have unlimited 4G data for R476/m.

  28. I beg to differ. . I’ve been using rain 5G for couple of months now and I’m truly happy with service

  29. Massimo Zumerle on

    I got the rain unlimited package and have had it for a few months now and I’ve got download speeds averaging at 300Mbps throughout the day just lucky I guess.

  30. Rain is not fear at all,i paid them R298 on the 23rd but now they switched off data m owing again R66.

  31. When the family is connected the system jam. If you watch netflix it stop and go. Very inconviniencing

  32. Yes Rain company is actually a lies currently I am using 4G Unlimited 24/7 the speed is extremely very very low right now we didn’t have a connection since last Friday night 02/10/2020 till now 09/10/2020 no connection, we tried to phoned they didn’t answer the phone, also we’ve email them millions times no reaction from them, but October payments have been made already .Everyone who is using 4G unlimited 24/7 internet in my area are fuming it about a week no connection at all .That crazy.

  33. I’m enjoying my self with unlimited data from Rain every day and I have no complain… If it’s not working for you it’s your bad luck sorry… I started using the 19hour unlimited data daily than I changed to 24/7 unlimited data…

  34. Absolutely useless! Don’t waste your time or your money. Complaining got me nowhere. Already cancelled. Not shy to still for the pathetic service after I cancelled. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say!

  35. Very disappointing . There is not a single day that one can say that there was no interference with the connection. It’s really frustrating paying your hard earn money for poor service

  36. Rain is a useless I am user of 4G unlimited 24/7 internet the speed is extremely low at 0.12 mbps, and since last Friday night 02/10/2020 we didn’t have a connection until now as I’m posting this comment 08/10/2020, and we tried phoned them more than hundreds times they didn’t answer the phone we tried to emailed them millions times no reply as well. Everyone who is using 4G unlimited 24/7 are fuming here in Durban.

  37. Terry Moutsatsos on

    Rip off artists grabbed money and never had service unable to get a response .Have now approached the amboudsman.

  38. Kerstin Coetzer on

    I use Rain and apart from a few hiccups now and again which I believe the other networks also have I have not had any problems.

  39. I have rain unlimited 24/7 4G. Network is very bad, can’t recieve WhatsApp at times. Can’t use Facebook most of the time. Can’t do WhatsApp calls network goes very bad. Can’t even watch Netflix with it anymore. It’s a waste of money. I’m looking for a new service provider now as it’s no use paying almost R500 to have this kind of network. It’s a waste of money

  40. This Rain network is the worse and poorest network coverage that I ever experienced. My sim stopped working in least than a week.
    I had it for one week working and sent emails and tried calling them all only to get through to a
    recording voice. And no one ever returns my calls.
    Most useless service.
    I recommend no one to this rain sim definitely a scam.

  41. I hv bn on rail since Feb 2020 ND I leave in far Pretoria North in Mathibestad passing Hammanskraal. I must say I dnt regret at all I never experience poor network even whn thr s no electricity I hv bn on full bar. ND I must say for me dis s da best network ever ND I Wil never look back again, thnx to dual sim phne also. Da combination of wrks best.

  42. Rain is a very bad network and everything is a lie! I bought it and never worked and they still charge me. They don’t have a number to call for services only social media. I don’t think its a business please close it please these ppl are crooks!

  43. It only works 2 days before monthend and 2 days after monthend , so that they get paid (scam).

    I bet everyone concurs with the aforementioned.

  44. I decided to cancel it rain is huge scam unreal liable and they don’t answer our queries they must just shut down

  45. No problems with Rain what’s so ever and am pleased with there service on the 4 g. Has anyone researched the plantifs position on coverage area regarding the 5g. D


    I cancel the service bcz it was useless always failing to download when I bought the sim ardversement was 24/7 only to find out dat it’s 6 to 6

  47. Hi. I’m also useing rain 24/7 unlimited in Postmasburg…I never experience problems with it and have save me alot of money over the past 3 months.

  48. Mokhothu Sibi on

    I applied for my sim in June 2020, got the sim within four days. Unfortunately, up to today I haven’t got connected, on their system it says ” sim to be delivered”. I’ve since moved to another service provider. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to use RAIN.

  49. I used it for 5 days, poor service offline most of the time they debited R111.40 from my account after stopping it mxm

  50. I get your point, but for the time being they shouldn’t advertise things they are not capable of now!!! As for coverage its their responsibility to install as many network as possible to all the nearest towns with many users(when I was using it I was connected to a relay 500-600km away from me imagine!!!)

  51. It’s very painful to pay for something that is not working . Hurting to waist money since I have to buy additional fod another network incase Rain because sun shine not rain

  52. The network is so pathetic ,I will cancel my contract because the are not delivering to their promise 😡

  53. Nonkululeko Singapi on

    I’m also out of connection they keep saying I must reboot please advice me , I paid and the transaction was done on the 1st of October but but I still without connection, they stopped answering my emails, eveon the comm8secction I did write asking them to call me I’m tired nown

  54. This guys network is very poor. If you are up for a terrible headache, go for Rain and make sure you have enough medication to heal the pain. Rain must be banned for good. Blood suckers

  55. Rain worked fine for a few months.. since last week Monday the 5g went off. After 11 days of calls and empty promises and a million different reasons why it is not working we still have no wifi.. very disappointed..our download test speeds are ridiculously low..

  56. I recently signed up. The process and delivery was simple and fast. Setup was easy and my speeds are amazing. It’s only just over a week but I thought I needed to offer an alternative viewpoint. I understand the tech, limitations and options and the Rain offer seemed my better choice. Speeds this morning are 350mbps.

  57. I thought I was the only one experiencing the problem of connectivity using my rain. I have unlimited data 24/7 for 4G but struggling to connect, I was told by the the rain consultant that the problem it could be that I am using a cellphone and I must opt for router. I have three months using the rain and they have been charging me every month.

  58. Just check your areas coverage on the rain website before you buy/complain. I’ve been using rain for 1 year now, and I’ve been very satisfied with it. Yes, sometimes drops connection with bad weather or loadshedding, but for the price that is something I can live with

  59. So I am currently using Rain uncapped Off-Peak for almost 2 months now and I did not even pick up network issues. The speed is amazing it is at some places very poor but that is not the Rain network self it is just a poor network spot then. Rain is the best Network I have used so far and I will definitly use it for a much longer time to.

  60. Our Rain is super have it fur 8months. Dropped 4times reset device and on agai. Slow 3xtimes most these I could gather was loads bedding and wind cloudy weather.
    We are VERY happy and the price is super. Have a 4g Sim uncapped

  61. Dzulani Mundalamo on

    I can’t connect anymore as from 23 September 2020 but they keep on debits my money, when ask why they said I’m too far from their tower but I was using it the past 10 months at the same residence.

  62. Rain is just a horrible network so horrible 0,2 to 0,8mbp/s the network acts more like 2G than a 4G and the network is milking us alot of money for something they don’t delivery im surrounded by their rain network towers “7 “of them but still zero speed they’ll tell you to optimise this is just lies they telling us im 0.45km away from their tower but still the network is still horrible this optimise thing they tell us to do is just a way of them misleading us course it doesn’t work this network behaves more like a WiFi hotpot when you are next to the network tower it work better when you far away from the tower like maybe 0,40km the network just drops to 0,5mbp/s they feeding us lies about the network being the festers leading network. sis

  63. I have been using rain ever since it was introduced. A big NO to anyone thinking of trying it. They wont even respond after multiple emails I sent. Their 4g quality is extremely poor. The speed is so slow on daily basis.
    These guys are ripping us off

  64. Clint Galtrey on

    Ive been very disappointed qith rain. The speeds are pathetic sometimes under 1mbps. Looking for other iptions

  65. Well I have been using Rain for the last 6 Month’s and I can tell you I have never use a more reliable ISP before, never did i have down time , I use about 300GB per month no problems, If you want to have problems, with a ISP you need to go to Telkom . Rain is still a new ISP and sure they have some problems, how long is Telkom or the other ISP in the country overcharging there customer’s, I use about 350GB per Month and pay R470 for it , really thats about R1,50 per 1GB, so Rain you rock keep up with the good work and kill all the other ISP service that steels SA money

    So to all who is thinking of going to Rain , what do you have to loose, give them a try.

  66. I’ve had rain since lockdown started. It’s the most depressing especially if you’re a student, it doesn’t work on zoom at all. Now I’ve been buying 1gb a day to attend my online classes. I want to cancel it, can anyone recommend something better especially in the Pretoria area. Thanks*

  67. Guys please check your area if 5g and also 4g is available….. Most people just buy the sims without first checking their network coverage. I have friends who bought the 5g router but when you check their area, its only 4G coverage. We’ve been using rain for 3 months now and we’ve never had problems. Please check your area first before buying the sims. And it’s advisable to get your sims delivered to your by RAM since they will rica your sim the moment they deliver to you. You just wait for an hour or two and your sim card will be activated. And if you have a router and you loose connection, u can just reset your router to factory settings by pressing in the hole at the bottom of your router for a few seconds and it will reset.

  68. Did my due diligence, checked coverage which looked great. Noted various network speeds in my area, they all are above average. Telkom gets about 3-4mb/s download speeds here (using an old battered wifi router). YET, my brand new 4G wifi router and Rain sim card cannot achieve anything above 50kb/s no matter where the modem is placed, inside, outside, on the roof…makes no difference. For about 5min every morning, I get 500kb/s, then the rest of the day I can’t work, can’t open web pages, struggle to connect to any social media… It really is just ridiculous.
    There is also no way to make contact with anyone at Rain, just online tickets which get ignored by them anyway. I guess they are just happy to coin it every month and aren’t really interested in providing any kind of acceptable service.

    • Nathi Mkhize on

      Story of my life. I double checked my coverage and speeds for my area before I activated my services. Now I’m stuck with 0.2MB/s during the day. Unbelievably I’m thinking of going back to Telkom.

  69. Nathi Mkhize on

    Disgraceful speeds here in my area. I average 0.2MB/s during the day. And right now my service has been off for the past 12 hours for no apparent reason. Their call centre doesnt pick up, and their twitter page doesn’t respond.

    I’m out at the end of this month.

  70. It’s so bad that I often can not send a WhatsApp. I have to go off WiFi to do so and when I told them I was told that the tower I was on had too many users. They did not bother helping nothing.

  71. can someone please help me, i bought the R479 unlimited from rain for my online learning, my order was struggling to process i was doing it on a weekend then the 1st of June 2020 they deducted money from my account but i never received communication from them about delivery, so i contacted them they said the order doesn’t show on their side they said they will investigate. i then asked for a refund bcoz they were not getting back to me. it has been 5 to 6 months now they have been referring me from one operator to another and they all say they are waiting on the billing department. the operator that had called me before the last one i was in contact with said they wont be able to refund me and the last operator that i was in contact with via facebook said they are waiting on the billing department. i don’t know what to do anymore i really need some assistance in this matter.

  72. I waited for about 3 minutes for this page to load just so I could comment. If you search online about the pathetic service you don’t find much info for some strange reason. I am also on their UNLIMITED 4G package supposed to be a 10MB connection. I average on about 0.12 speeds. I am also cancelling now. They wont last with service like this. They either need to upgrade their network in order to handle the load or they will crash. Or the last few remaining clients will have a good speed again because most people left. I cannot even watch a YouTube video on 360p without it buffering. Absolute disgusted at RAIN INTERNET. Don’t get it you will be sorry too.

  73. At first, I too felt angry.

    Try the following tests:
    1. hardwire/LAN your laptop or desktop or TV,
    2. Then check speeds over your WIFI connection on your phone and other devices.

    The speed is true, unfortunately only viahardwire/LAN

    Hope the test helps

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