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CliffCentral unWired wireless earphones – Affordable buds for your lugholes

At the Stuff offices we’re accustomed to receiving loads of tech from around the world but almost nothing that is primarily South African. Even Vodacom’s series of smartphones are designed and released as Vodafone devices in the UK before getting here. So getting a pair of CliffCentral.com’s unWired earphones was a bit of a strange experience. Gareth Cliff on the box, CliffCentra...[Read More]

How a rural community built South Africa’s first ISP owned and run by a cooperative

Mankosi is a remote rural community in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. It is home to almost 6,000 people. The nearest city is Mthatha, about 60 kilometres away, as a bird flies. Most homes are not connected to the electricity grid; residents charge their cellphones at a local shop or shebeen, for which they must pay. Both data and airtime for those phones also cost a lot: a survey shows that...[Read More]

Samsung’s U Flex headphones will bend over backwards to please you

If you’re using an Android, specifically a recent Samsung Android, then chances are you’re in the market for a set of mobile headphones. Not that there’s anything wrong with the AKG-made buds bundled with the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus but we do like the look of Samsung’s wireless U Flex neckband headphones. The new U Flex, based on the animated video below, are being design...[Read More]

Intel goes wire-free, phone-free with new VR headset

There you are, roaming the VR realm with impunity when, snag, a trailing cord kills the fun. Well, not any more: meet Intel’s Project Alloy, a properly standalone platform that’s pitched to set a new benchmark for VR gear. Announced at Intel’s 2016 Developer Forum in San Francisco by CEO Brian Kraznich, Alloy is an all-in-one answer to virtual reality enjoyment. Significantly, the Alloy headset – ...[Read More]

SanDisk’s wireless flash drive – Why didn’t they think of this sooner?

Think carefully now – When was the last time that you used a CD? It might not be as far back as the Stuff team recalls but odds are that, unless you use them for work, CDs and other optical media haven’t featured in your computing for ages. It’s all about flash storage now but even that has a down-side – You need to plug them in. Or do you? SanDisk has revealed a new type o...[Read More]

uBeam ultrasound tech lets you charge devices while moving around the room

Current wireless charging tech may not require a plug, but you still need to rest your device on or near a charging mat. That may soon change with the introduction of ultrasound-based charging. uBeam’s technology converts electricity into sound and sends the ultrasound signal into the air, while a receiver connected to (or perhaps eventually built into) your phone, tablet, or other device interpre...[Read More]

Parrot Zik – We’re probably saying it wrong

What a funny-looking set of headphones. And made by Parrot no less, the company that gave the world the AR.drone. This is the Parrot Zik, a name that we’re still not wholly sure how to pronounce without something dirty in another language, and the Zik (stop giggling) is a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones that need to be worn in order to truly experience them. Wear and tear The reason you...[Read More]

South Korea to get super-fast internet (and we do mean super-fast)

There’s a lot (mostly bad) that can be said about South Africa and internet speeds, which are far below the speeds that areas of Europe and North America have at their disposal. But, just when things were looking up, along comes South Korea and smokes the rest of the competition. Yes, the world leader in internet speed has always been Asia, and this week South Korean wireless carriers SK Telecom L...[Read More]

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