Tesla’s Powerwall is officially bound for SA, will cost you at least R167,000


We’ve been keen on Tesla’s Powerwall technology, based off the batteries the car company uses for its vehicles, since it was first announced. Unfortunately so was the rest of the planet, which led to a bit of a wait. Then there were specialty companies bringing the Powerwall into SA but now… now Tesla’s Powerwall is being launched in SA by Tesla itself.

The cost of living

Tesla has sent out emails to several South Africans (who seemed more interested than most in a little Tesla magic) detailing the brand’s pending launch. Said emails have directed users to this website, which explains what’s coming (Tesla’s battery tech and freedom of the tyranny of load-shedding, but without the diesel fumes) and what it’ll cost (about R167,000).

Though, before you get too excited, R166,800 is just the base price for a single Powerwall (R143,300) and the hardware needed (R23,500) to make it work in your home, plus VAT. There are options for up to ten Powerwalls (maybe you’re mining Bitcoin, we don’t know), which takes the total cost to R1.45 million. Interestingly, that’s just adding extra Powerwall units. It seems that once you’ve got the ‘supporting hardware’, upgrading should be relatively simple.

Want Powerwall at home (and have a chunk of cash to throw at it)? You can reserve yours now. The only downside we can see is that there’s no timeline or estimate as to when your installation might take place. Tesla hasn’t shared that information just yet.


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