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Netflix pricing won’t change in South Africa for now

So, Netflix US is getting more expensive, you say? Well, Netflix users in South Africa won’t see a price hike just yet. A new report by The Guardian mentions that Netflix US is raising monthly subscription prices with between 13% and 18%. The increase comes after Netflix has invested a lot of money they don’t technically have in new content to keep newcomers on the streaming scene at bay. The anno...[Read More]

We may see Samsung’s folding ‘Galaxy F’ smartphone in March – but it’ll cost us

It took a few years for rumours of a folding Samsung phone to come to a sort of fruition but even now we’re mostly in the dark about what it will entail besides an unusual screen. Rumour is our chief method of seeing what’s going on right now and there are some fresh ones coming out of South Korea. First, a name: The Galaxy F. That’s the apparent title for Samsung’s folding...[Read More]

Here is the local pricing for the rest of Apple’s newest crop, from the iPad Pro 11in to the Mac Mini

We got an early peek at Apple’s MacBook Air pricing yesterday, now the rest of Apple’s latest have had their costs revealed. In the process, iStore has confirmed that we’re only going to be getting the 128GB and 256GB versions of the MacBook Air. If you’ve got your heart set on a new iPad Pro, then you’re looking at paying between R14,000 (for the 64GB iPad Pro Wi-Fi ...[Read More]

Is this the Apple MacBook Air pricing for South Africa? If so, you can pre-order it now

Usually when local pricing for a new Apple product is announced it turns up in Stuff‘s inbox without notice or warning. It’s not often found on the local iStore website for all to see, without fanfare. But that’s just what has happened with the local pricing for Apple’s new Macbook Air — it’s just kinda turned up. The new MacBook Air is now available on the iSto...[Read More]

Apple better worry – Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro costs R19,000, pre-orders open tomorrow

Apple unveiled more smartphones than usual for 2018 but the price… oh, the price is the thing. And they might be in trouble, as Huawei unveiled their camera-rrific Mate 20 Pro at an event in Johannesburg this evening and the Chinese company’s new flagship comes in at just R19,000 if you’re grabbing it pre-paid. The XS, if you remember, starts at R22,000. And Huawei have decided t...[Read More]

Facebook launches Portal, because you’ll be fine with a Facebook-powered camera in your home

Facebook, in its quest to become the one part of the internet you cannot do without, has introduced something new. Something different. Something… physical? Something called Portal, which is the name it’s given to a couple of internet-connected cameras designed with video calling in mind. There are two devices in Facebook’s new announcement — the Portal and the Portal+. One...[Read More]

The most expensive iPhone XS Max will cost R32k

We now know how much the new iPhone additions will cost, and we’re not surprised in the slightest. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be available in stores starting 28 September 2018 (with preorders starting tomorrow on the iStore website), and this is how much you’ll have to withdraw from your retirement fund. Earlier today iStore announced pricing for the Apple Watch Series 4 that...[Read More]

Apple’s Watch Series 4 GPS priced for SA, pre-orders open 21 September

Hopefully you’ve got some cash tucked away for a brand new Apple Watch Series 4 GPS (the edition that we’re going to be getting here in South Africa — till local operators figure out eSIMs). Local distributor iStore announced yesterday evening that Watch Series 4 pre-orders will be opening on 21 September — which, if you’re paying attention, is tomorrow. Buyers will b...[Read More]

Nintendo’s paid-for Switch Online service will kick off on 18 September

Up till now you’ve been happily joining Nintendo Switch multiplayer games whenever you like, dropping into blue-shell-spitting games on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or painting the heck out of opponents in Splatoon 2. That time, friends, is coming to an end (and we can’t say that we weren’t warned about it, either). Nintendo’s paid-for Switch Online service will launch on 18 Septemb...[Read More]

Netflix testing new Ultra tier, which may put HDR content behind a higher price point

Netflix has been testing out a new pricing tier of their streaming service over in Europe, where people aren’t being slammed quite as hard by VAT and petrol price increases. The tests involve creating a new Ultra tier, which will sit above the existing Basic, Standard, and Premium plans. Just what the creation of an Ultra tier involves hasn’t been defined yet. A table has been found sh...[Read More]

Apple’s iPhone 8, 8 Plus priced for South Africa

We hope that your wallets (and bodies) are ready, because iStore has finally revealed the pricing for the new Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And the cost isn’t quite as eye-searing as we were expecting, but it does tell us a little about the iPhone X’s eventual pricing. If you’re gambling on the iPhone 8 then your budget had better start at R13,500, which is what the 64GB version of ...[Read More]

Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch priced and dated for South Africa

We’ve had a good long look at Fitbit’s first true smartwatch, the Ionic, and it’s shaping up to be a phone that will give Apple’s current generation of watches pause. What we didn’t know was what the Ionic would cost or when we could have one. That was the tenth thing. That, quite obviously, has changed. But… you’re probably not going to be too pleased wit...[Read More]

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