The Tesla Powerwall is now in SA, official launch next month


We’re still waiting for our charging stations and an actual Tesla to drive around in but Tesla’s batteries have arrived in South Africa. Not officially, just yet, as that’s reserved for a launch at The Solar Show Africa next month. But, according to official reseller Dako Power, the first full Tesla Powerwall system has been installed in SA, in Johannesburg. Somewhere tell us where it is so we can go and gawp at its majesty. No, seriously.

Now that it’s here, what is is going to cost you? Initially we were expecting around… R150,000 to R170,000, which isn’t exactly small change. But since that time the Rand was taken out back and roughed up by all the bigger currencies, so you can look at shelling out roughly R200,000 for a full system, according to Dako Power.

That’d include the Powerwall, solar panels and all of the lovely inverter bits you need, plus a couple of additionals and that cost will depend on the Rand-Dollar situation. Another local reseller, Rubicon, will help you out to the tune of between R120,000 and R275,000 (we’re rounding up, here) for a Powerwall installation.

The costs seem very excessive for the average user but the battery tech and seamless switchover expected from Elon Musk’s hardware in the event of an outage will make this coming winter a lot more pleasant. Eskom may not have implemented load-shedding for a while but that doesn’t mean it’s over. The spectre of darkness still hangs over most of us and those who can afford to do something about it, probably will. This is just the most elegant solution.

Source: via TechCentral


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