How much you’ll pay monthly on the new DStv Explora Ultra and Streama devices


DStv announced two brand new products that it will add to its decoder range — the DStv Explora Ultra and the DStv Steama. The Explora Ultra features satellite TV as well as streaming options, while the Streama functions more like a set-top box. 

This is an interesting change to come to the Sout African broadcast TV market, with a company that may have been viewed as having a TV-monopoly in the past now adopting new technologies, and even partnering with third-party streaming services. 

Earlier this year, Multichoice announced in its financial earnings report that it had signed deals with Netflix and Amazon to include its apps on the new devices. Now the Competition Commission is investigating the deal, so Multichoice can’t detail how these services could work. 

We spoke to Mark Rayner, the CEO of Multichoice SA, to find out what a typical monthly bill of a person with one of the new decoders will look like. In this example, we’ll use Showmax as an example of a third-party streaming service, but it could apply to other streaming services. 

One of the key services DStv wants to offer customers with the new devices, is the ability to pay one bill, which includes your typical DStv satellite package plus any streaming services you wish to add. 

The Explora Ultra

Positioned as DStv’s premier product, the Explora Ultra is basically an Explora decoder on steroids. It’ll have all the satellite-TV capabilities of a normal Explora, but with a bunch of additional functionality. 

“The minimum requirement with the Explora Ultra is that you need to be subscribed to one of the DStv products,” Rayner details. So, outside of the initial cost of purchasing the DStv Explora (which we don’t have pricing for yet), you’ll pay your monthly DStv satellite subscription, which will be the same monthly costs as it stands now. 

  • DStv Premium: R819
  • DStv Compact Plus: R529
  • DStv Compact : R399
  • DStv Family: R279
  • DStv Access: R110
  • DStv EasyView: R29

In a bid to help future-proof its new products, the Explora Ultra will come pre-loaded with some of the best third-party streaming services available — these will be announced closer to launch. DStv will also have the ability to update the decoders remotely and upload new services directly to devices. 

Let’s say you decide you’d like to add Showmax (or any other streaming service) to your monthly DStv bill. You’ll have the choice to add these, and won’t be locked into a contract, so customers can add and remove services as they choose. “In no way is a customer forced to take the other products, if they choose to, they can sign up. They can add their credit card or add it to the DStv account,” Rayner explains. 

This means that the R100 charge for a monthly Showmax subscription will simply be added to your DStv bill at the end of the month. So a typical invoice would look like this (these amounts are for the example only, and may be different at launch):

DStv package

+ Access Fee: R819 (Premium)

+ Box Office: Free

+ Showmax: R100

= R919 payable to DStv

The Streama

This product is where DStv is changing the broadcast game in SA — because the Streama doesn’t come equipped with any satellite capability. It’s akin to any other set-top box like Apple TV or Android TV boxes, but you’ll have access to DStv’s other streaming options. 

So why go for the Streama and not any other box? Rayner explains that customers would opt for DStv’s offering if they’re interested in DStv content like BoxOffice access, DStv Now streaming or Showmax. If you’re not interested in any DStv options, the Streama won’t necessarily be your first choice. 

How would payments work on this one? It’ll just be a once-off charge to buy the box (again, we’ll have pricing closer to launch end of 2020). On top of that, customers can sign in to the streaming services they’d like to access and pay those monthly, either paying through DStv or directly through the services. 

Rayner mentioned that the DStv Explora Ultra will launch in coming months, with the Streama following shortly after. We’ll keep you updated with any developments regarding announcements and pricing. 


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  1. How can u pay so much for streaming, those dstv guys must be smoking something, will never pay so much for streaming

    • Themba Mogashwa on

      Now they are smoking something i believe so but when time goes on. No one will afraid to pay Dstv

    • John Ballantyne on

      What about pensioners. I wrote to DSTV via email and asked if there would be special rates for pensioners and to date I have not received a response – and the prices are so hight to see the same things over and over again, repeats, repeats and more reoeats

    • Agree. Not supporting this at all. My total bill for multiple streams does not even come close to above figures.

      • When I saw this ad – I thought that their price list has been reduced to be competitive. Most my family clan have left Dstv due to high prices for streaming. Its insane!

        Just how are you going to have a competitive advantage on your competitors.
        1) Be customer focus in all areas
        2) Reduce your subscription fees

        • Pamela Makgale on

          Even in this pandemic, Multichoice never thought its best to reduce their prices. Instead, you wanna add, increase and reap your customers for the repeats they watch everyday. You know what I can’t really stand for, Rambo movies, Die Hard movies and the list goes on things we don’t watch but paying for. Take your customers serious cause we losing patience.

          • With you yoh there yoh ….it’s too much..1980 something movies..what a rip off..improve guys yoh 😓😔🤨

        • Jeanie Naggan on

          I went into the DSTV walk in centre on Friday the 2 July, and was offered a package with the DSTV ultra , the assistant advised the for a premium package is R819.00 this included installation this price will be locked for two years .
          When I called this morning the contact just two days later I am told the price is R949.00.
          Not sure why DSTV continually Rob from the poor and old people .
          The only reason is they could then give their executives bonuses.
          It’s a big problem.

      • Faizil Shaik moodeen on

        This is utter rubbish they want to monopolise everything so they can charge us huge amounts Dstv needs a competitor really they killing us with there pricing and now they the cheapest streaming places they want to no no n9 no

      • Dstv is diskriminasie op sy heel beste!!
        As jy wil kyknet sien asook rugby moet jy uithaal.
        Wie kyk die 2 kanale saam??

    • Collin Motlhabi on

      Haibo !! i pay for my Fibre 399pm full access… DSTV is rogue ..They must appear before Justice Zondo ngempela

      • Jeanie Naggan on

        Their opening times on their website is incorrect , the advise opening times as 07h00,, their centre opening times are 08h00.
        We waited there for over an hour .

    • the worst part when you even paying more they don’t say you have reached your payments they for ever taking your money ,
      N/B My husband ‘s first payment was R350 after he was paying monthly basic R119 SINCE 29 MAY 2018 till know they even said he is owing R700 come to think of that , yesterday he is from the Bank to query because there is no Response from them .

    • I have 2 DSTV explores, I don’t have to change them do I. And I am a 68 year old pensioner. I also have 2 flat screen smart TV’S. MRS CAROL SWART

  2. Don’t forget the almost xtra R100 for being able to record programmes then xtra too for xtra view decoders

  3. Gianni Pappas on

    Will Multichoice be charging premium subscribers for Showmax because currently Showmax is free for Premium customers.

    • Ivan ramalingam on

      So what hapins to our old explorers, cos initially wen we ad the pvr1.. Yl messed up so bad that we ad to buy another decoder fo dual vision, plus we ad to pay additional costs fo new lnb, it’s very costly to keep on changing cos we feel da pinch, not a happy customer.

      • Their are smoking somthing not good im anyway moving to open view coz im allready paying my wifi from rain and netflix so i dont need to waste money on something that is changing year after year they can atleast ask us to trade the old decoders and let us pay the difference coz its like we collecting decoders now

    • Nicholus Mokgoko on

      Hi it’s been a while not using my decoder can you please advise I want to reconnect it as I was not using it n iwa out of the country

      • Lucky Mahlangu on

        Why is this dstv keep affecting our credit score? I pay full amount every month but my credit score is very low because of you guys

      • Jeanie Naggan on

        Call Gugu at the call centre at 09h05 , enquiring about the DSTV offer on their package , still waiting fir Gugu 40 minutes later no response just listening to music , this is worse an contacting a government office .
        Totally unacceptable, she should be given a warning .

  4. There is something seriously wrong and corrupt ahout dstv

    Nothing changed

    We exchanged our old decoders with the new expensive decoders for pvr functions. yet you have to pay extra for the service

    Furthermore by paying in advanced, when your decoder is disconnect you are not allowed to watch preregordings
    that you have paid for.

    You can not pay for something then you are denied that services

    Furthermore the decoders has the function build in so whey do you have to pay for a service

    Worst part is DSTV should buy new programs yet they keep on using previous programs month after month

    100 % pure profits and now and then shuffle chanels or discontinue channels

    According to them they are working on the repeats, bet my ass they do this is has been going on 20 years now

    I stoped the services when they promoted their profit and growth during the covid and they alone have not offered any relief for their clients

    DSTV is a disgrace and their is definitely something seriously wrong.


      Netflix and DSTV be separate entities to raise value of money for customers. It must not be allowed so that it is not against competition laws.


      Netflix and DSTV be separate entities to raise value of money for customers. It must not be allowed so that it is not against competition laws.

    • Reading all the comments so far, makes me realise what a good decision I made years ago: that DsTV is a rip-off which keeps showing endless repeats in between endless adverts and that I will never be a subscriber. Plus I save almost R10,000 a year which I have invested it in Retirement Annuities and now have a tidy sum of money saved!!!

    • Igshaan Sayed on

      Now that they loosing business and the average earning south africans can have sone entertainment they what to monopolize the the streaming industry in their favour. Its time the government stepped in and got dstv and multichoice to slash their fees.their shareholders gave got pretty rich on poor south africans

  5. ToiletPaperWarrior86 on

    Of course they can change the broadcast game in SA because they are the only ones with money to do so. There needs to be competition in SA. These apartheid exclusivity law’s needs to be gone.

  6. why buy a box to stream when you can stream directly from a smart TV.. set up a Netflix account and pay directly… no middle man .. Dstv monopolised pay tv in SA and when they finally have some competition they want to get a slice of that pie also.

  7. Prof WJ Botha on

    Be careful when entering into a deal with multichoice. Last year I entered into their Black Friday deal at R799.00 per month (plus xtra-view). My account now is R1718.00 per month! All my efforts to try and reverse the overcharged amounts for all the months since last year resulted in nothing. For the convenience of multichoice to reply to this use the last reference 13575690-i75.

    • Repeats and repeats. DSTV knows about this and sees and hear it but do not reply to its costumers. Meaning as long as they have the monopoly they do not care. That is a fact because not once have the replied to the complaints if customers.

  8. DSTV is ridiculous with the prices in South Africa. You must watch the channels of their choice. I am not interested in watching certain sports on the compact plus and so many channels. It is all about the payments and not about customer satisfaction. I am not a happy customer with DStv.

  9. Dstv to be honest is an insanely over priced service.

    You have to pay for the Decoder (once – off fee)
    And then a subscription fee every month which is obviously for premium because the other packages are too varied and offer little to no variety in entertaining content.

    I personally have been going without Dstv for 7+ years now
    I’m a gamer so satellite TV is kinda “meh” to me.

    For the price of Dstv every month you could rather pay for Netflix + Showmax + Amazon Prime (or any other streaming/online service of your choice) and still save money.

    Its very weird how Multchoice and Dstv raise their prices and deliver nothing but repeats and limited time channels and the people subscribed dont push back.
    Subscribers are paying More for Less… unless you have money to burn.

    I’d honestly pay R100 – R200 for premium, that’s how much its worth to me, especially if Dstv becomes a streaming service.
    The TV boxes and streaming devices they are offering, I’d say I’ll pay R300 – R500 (but even this is too much if you are gonna pay a monthly subscription after).

    Will Dstv possible change their ways including their prices and marketing etc. after all the profit they have been making throughout the years?
    I’d be surprised if they did but the answer is a definite No.

  10. Wealth Sanchez on

    This dstv guys are taking this country granted, because they know that the good for nothing law makers are just there doing nothing. Please they should ask dstv to leave this country as soon as possible.

  11. dstv must make a thing that u choose ur channels and only pay for the channels u have cos i only use a few channels the rest is a waist

    • Lynda Alexander on

      I agree with Johan.. why cant we have a choice of the channels we view only…so much rubbish and repeats on most channels..

  12. We pay so much for nothing,the are busy repeating their shows I’m gatvol with so called dstv and their fees are much higher

  13. Dstv is pathetic. They making huge profits on decoders and we keep upgrading and sitting with the old decoders
    They should buy it back at a reasonable price
    Cancel dstv and stuck with netflix and amazon
    They outshine dstv by far!!!!
    Dont waste your money on multichoice
    They dont give a damn about their clients and have absolutely no integrity!!!

  14. James Mitchell on

    Buy my two decoders back and we call it even, for the last 2 years I have been watching stuff that whas aired 5 years ago plse get a grip

  15. billy giliomee on

    If we can watch all Netflix content available in USA here then I would think about it. Otherwise no go for me.

  16. Dstv clearly sleeping on the pause button and exploits the opportunity. I stopped dstv because the client service is as bad as loadshedding. As viewers we must put dstv under lockdown 99 until they consider seniors and improve their packages.

    • A year or so back, they offerd me the Shownmax packaged, but they never told me that I have to have internet for that. So I’m stuck with that on my account and I don’t or can’t use that at all. I can’t afford to buy another decoder and a higher rate for things I’m not going to use

  17. I agree with you, 70% of us have a smart TV, gat an unlimited internet line, you don’t need a TV box, if you search properly there is other services that do show all the same sports, TV shows and movies as DSTV, and if you look around properly you will even find one that shows all the super 14 games as well

  18. Elijah Brown on

    Opening useless channels like Russian news and Chinese news and now they are adding Korean drama channel and other useless channels and add some bill to it,by doing so they teach me to look for xiaomi mi 4k tv box with Netflix,prime video, Red bull and others with better price,thanks to you DSTV now I can save my 💰.

  19. Dstv is a disappointment. They keep showing repeats and I have been battling with their signal from the beginning of this year.i think I should cancell.waste of my money.i hardly even watch peaceful with lost signals

  20. I concur with all the comments so far. Does it matter to Multichoice and Dstv how we customers feel? Absolutely not! I am yet to see a Dstv happy customer. If they care to read these comments, they would do something about their pricing and ripping us off, but guess what? They don’t care… they repeat their programs as if that’s all they know best. Let’s all move over to Netflix and Showmax… that will definitely hit them where it hurts most, their pockets. That’s what they have been doing to us all these years. Wake South Africa… let’s stand up to this monopoly thrash.

  21. wendy Mackay on

    If you a telkom customer you can get showman for R100 as well so subscribers make sure DSTV doesn’t rob you for the further R100 if you a telkom client and registered

  22. It is unbelievable how the die hards still hang on to DSTV despite all the old content and now basically no Sport during lockdown. If you have a handy Geek around the corner he will set you op with 5 times what No Choice can give you. Even with every Sport you like to watch..the most difficult part is to cancel DSTV..

  23. DSTV is always pulling a fast one.

    There’s an extra R100 that you pay tor “PVR functionality” monthly, even though you gave been forced to buy the PVR decoder. That amount hasn’t even been included in the above article.

    I personally tried to change my package on the DSTV alnow app last year, I had “accidentally” added an Indian subscription. I had never seen this package available on the screen, I didn’t get notification about this “add on”. But I got a charge for it. Called the call center who didn’t know why my statement was higher than normal for 2 months. I threatened cancelation and my monthly bill went back to normal.

    Very suspicious. Not transparent at all.

    • Multichoice does treat customers well. Imagine adding your bill to a service whereby when you call for help, they put you you on line until you run out of airtime.We know our calls are kept onhold purposely while you busy with your own stuff. Tired of monthly payments that are inconsistent. This month you pay less next month more.

  24. I’m sick n tired customer multichoise is repeating shows through the year wat r we paying for all they know is to raise their fees n we have decoders that r not working wat must we do about it. Like really this is a day robbery

  25. Lehlohonolo Mokhethi on

    I’m on family and I’m using explora I see my package is R279 but I’m paying R100 on top.

  26. Moe you are right there same movies over and over WiFi much more beter than DSTV and cheaper.DSTV money looters sitting with 4 decoders and means nothing to me just waist of money

  27. Starsat is more affordable than dstv especially seeing that they offer 6 sports channels including espn laliga bundesliga and cup competitions, music vids & with kids new programming for R209 monthly.. im sorry

  28. Multichoice?
    Don’t make me laugh. They tell you what to watch. DSTV IS A RIP OFF. I canceled now I am happy with Netflix

  29. So streaming fee and my own internet fee, feels like double punishment, they must be all on drugs when their marketing team comes up with this crap

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  31. It says here that on the premium package we have to pay for showmax.
    But on the Dstv website and app showmax is free if you have a premium package.

  32. Correct ALEX streaming Fee and my own internet Fee… Real Scam they want to stop paying IS20 Satellite monthly service now we must be on our own. This is crime, explora stream must come with free internet because they want us to stream.

    Thanks for more info PAULO if is possible please provide apps name ….

  33. Pingback: Multichoice’s CEO, Mark Rayner, resigns

  34. (rugby . kyknet ) .. wil net die mark beheer……..hulle sal nie hulle rugby opgee nie want dan gaan nie mand meer dstv wil he nie ,,,,,,,,,selfde met we chat seker gemaak hulle kry hulle competiesie uit chana uit ( f book ,, en whats up,,) dis hoe hulle besigheid doen, kan nie in n gesonde oope mark besigheid doen nie, ek koop nie meer propsus of naspers shares nie en het nie meer dstv nie ,,ek persoonlik sal nie meer my geld gee vir sulke besigheide …….

  35. I’m curious, I currently have two exploras, when those were launched I purchased one from Game and when I called multichoice to get it activated they told me I did not have to purchase a new decoder, just swop my old SD Dual View PVR and the first gen HD PVR and they will give me two exploras. I think it had something to do with their swop out program + decoder insurance I had. So I returned the game model and went to my nearest DSTV office. I just had to purchase their new LNB crap and change the existing one on my dish.

    Now can existing explora users with DSTV premium + insurance swap theirs for the new ultra model? Or am I stuck with these junker 720p 1080i devices in 2020 and have to purchase the new decoder?

    My parents make full use of these devices, I personally have not watched anything on DSTV for quite a few years. But I handle the account for them.

  36. DSTV really why can you not add the NETFLIX option to the Explora decoders. Is this you don’t have to anything to show. What must I do with my old decoder then, I would rather buy a Smart TV where I will have access to Netflix. You guys just want to make money out of people and there will be people who will fall for this. In all do respect DSTV are moving backwards.

  37. I have not seen 1 positive comment about DSTV, their pricing and their business principles. Do they actually read or care about public perception……ABSOLUTELY NOT. They have and have had the monopoly for years so nothing is about to change. No live sports during lockdown! Did DSTV drop their prices during lockdown. Not a chance. On top of paying for Premium view + recording + dual view, I pay a further R 699/month for 2 mbps-4mbps WIFI.

    JOKE !

  38. If this is a proposed solution, then someone needs to sit down and really let common sense prevail as it costs even more now if you have to include wifi.

    Their business case really has not been thought through. Personally know of 30 people cancelling their subscription on the last 30 days.

    Wake up

  39. Netflix needs to add sport channels then people will start leaving dstv multichoice. The only reason I pay for dstv is for the sport. They show so many repeats day in and day out and still their pricing is outrageous. Sky sports should go into parther ship with Netflix that would be bomb.

    • Me have been going thru most mssgs of which 1 can really say it’s bout time as Mzansi citizens to revolt against this crab.

      Just think of a small town where 350 households subscribe for Access of R110/m*350=R38500/m they make in that small place. Now take a bigger area where citizens afford to pay for the Family package of R279/m*200=R55800/m , now go to a city where they afford the Compact at
      R399/m*200=R79 800/m, now think of one metro where they afford the premium at R819/m*350=R286650/m. The total for those four areas would be
      1*Access + 1*Family + 1*Compact +1*Premium = R460 750/m this is how much they make per month out of a fraction of the population per month.Now think how much they make per month in Mzansi if all bouquets are paid for and is this not really a money making scheme? Citizens we’re honestly been ripped off with us being wide awake.

      I actually ask myself why the Explora has been made if u still needed to pay that R100/m if u wanted to repeat to a certain point in the play. On top of all this bullcr** do we get movies playing repeatedly and oooollllllllldddd ones nogal,some movies were made before I was even borne, I sometimes tell my fiance these movies are older then u dear.

      Time for us to stand up and act, this monopoly is killing us.

  40. dstv is the future!!! without it the world would be a different place but what i would say, they need to be a little conciderate towards customers because they are charging us alot of money for basically the the same thing.

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