Netflix and Amazon are coming to a new DStv Explora decoder


The question everyone’s been asking is, “What can Multichoice do next to keep the angry voices down?” It’s no secret that Multichoice and DStv aren’t exactly in the most publicly acceptable place right now with most people tending to rather dislike their service. Just take a look at the comment section under any of our DStv posts and you’ll see loads of folks up in arms with the companies. Yet maybe the latest deal signed by Multichoice will be enough to do something to stop their slipping image.

Yes, it was just announced that the service provider has signed a deal with Netflix and Amazon.

Which is actually a huge opportunity for Multichoice. The signed deal, which was mentioned in its annual financial call for 2019, is quoted as reading, “Signed deals with Netflix and Amazon to integrate service onto new Explora decoder. This means the two video streaming behemoths will feature on the upcoming DStv Explora decoder, so subscribers will be able to browse both platforms simply by using that chunky remote they always lose under a couch pillow.

No word yet on how much this new Explora decoder will set you back or when we can expect it to officially launch in South Africa but the fact that a deal has officially been signed means that it shouldn’t be too far in the future. It needs to hustle out the door though because, in the same financial call, Multichoice confirmed that the number of premium subscribers has continued to fall with the grouped number of Premium and Compact subscribers dropping by 4% since last year.

Maybe integrating Netflix and Amazon into an actual DStv decoder is what Multichoice needs to encourage users to hang around longer. Transitioning to embrace the already established streaming marketplace rather than only competing with their own branch of services, such as Showmax and DStv Now, might be what keeps them hanging on in a world where more people are realising that online streaming services usually just hold more value for their money.

(Source: Tech Central)


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  1. Positive move have to say, but connectivity is one challenge they have in the short term as majority of their subscribers are not online and it will be interesting to see how they position their pricing with all other streaming services on-boarded to their platform.

  2. Krish De Chesarae Pillay on

    Multichoice and DStv should just close shop . Netflix is so amazing. now here comes the greedy multichoice trying to rip off the South African citizens again. corrupt just like the rulers of this country. all TV viewers should just stick to Netflix and not have anything to do with Multichoice.

      • Multichoice you are my nemesis. I don’t recall that when I signed up, continuous repeats to my favorite programs, were part of my contract. Please first fix what is broken. Don’t try and contract and break additional businesses

  3. As a Netflix subscriber i’m not sure this is a great deal for SA consumers. DSTV greed is legendary and if it stays true to its core values then expect a massive increase in the Netflix subs and a lot less and older content.

  4. I can just imagine how much one is going to pay! Remember that DSTV is making us download things that we could not have watched yesterday! Netflix requires data and data is expensive! Unless if we get it first free! I would rather cancel my DSTV subscription and watch only Netflix!

    • That’s what I did. I cancelled my DSTV premium package and it’s cheaper with Rain R479 unlimited and Netflix R169

  5. Change is better than old fashion. Dstv and multichoice has been same players with 1 mind of growth but not well presentation in service delivery. How can a customer complain of 1 thing everyday but no changes. How let change be so customers can be happy about new settlements

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  7. Thanks, On the overall plus side Netflix is really great what I like about it is that You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want without a single commercial – all for one low monthly price. There’s always something new to discover and new TV shows and movies are added every week!

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  9. I cancelled my DSTV premium, it was only good for the sport which is now also repeated ad nausium along with all the other programs.
    I bought a smart TV with Netflix, Amazon etc, but have discovered that DSTV also seems to own this as I cannot access Netflix since canceling DSTV.
    I don’t want DSTV but am forced to subscribe. Anyone got any ideas?

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