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First South African Netflix Original called Queen Sono planned for 2019

Just a week after Netflix vowed to invest in African content, they’ve announced they’re funding a proudly South African series starring Pearl Thusi called Queen Sono. This will be the first Netflix Original show made in South Africa, by South Africans. For this one they’re collaborating with two stars from local film Catching Feelings, Pearl Thusi and Kagiso Ledge, with Lediga also occupying...[Read More]

We have twenty new Netflix gift card winners right here

You know how this goes — someone gives us something to give away, and we give it away. With (almost) no strings attached. Our latest stringless wonder is a fine set of Netflix gift cards. Twenty of them, to be precise, worth R250 each. And we’re giving each one of them to a different winner, so they can Netflix and whatever for at least a month. Possibly two and a bit, if you’re ...[Read More]

Netflix adds another Marvel show to the cancelled pile – Daredevil is no more

It’s proving to be a tough time for fans of Netflix’s Marvel shows — another series has been axed. Blind lawyer Matt Murdock’s Daredevil has been retired, according to an announcement by the streaming company. The most recent season, Season 3, is officially the series’ last. This makes Daredevil the third Marvel series to be canned in as many months. Iron Fist was kno...[Read More]

Netflix is producing many, many animated features based on Roald Dahl’s books

If there’s one thing that South African kids — and kids the world over — get, it’s the writing of Roald Dahl. This British writer’s books are fantastical and just the right amount of disgusting (Snozzberries!) needed to capture the imagination of the young ‘uns… and the older ‘uns who remember reading the books when they were a lot closer to the grou...[Read More]

The battle to be the Amazon (or Netflix) of transport

High-tech companies and venture capitalists have been striving to break into the transport and mobility market. Between 2016 and 2018, venture capital investment in urban technology surpassed that of many other areas, including pharmaceuticals and artificial intelligence. Almost 70% of this investment was in mobility. There are many players in this space, but the three largest are Alphabet, Uber a...[Read More]

Netflix is launching gift cards and we have twenty (20) to give away, worth R250 each

We’ve seen more and more sorts of gift cards pitching up at the cash register. First it was iTunes, then it was Google’s Play Store. Later we started seeing cards for Showmax and Uber next to the Pick’n’Pay or CNA vouchers so it was only a matter of time before the likes of Netflix got into the act. And that’s because Netflix is an international service and South Afri...[Read More]

Apple is giving away their original content… for free?

Earlier this year Apple announced that they are producing their own range of original shows. And initially, it sounded like a strange thing — for Apple to go up against the likes of Netflix and Amazon, but now it looks like they just want to spoil their users… or further ingrain their loyalty. Anyone with an Apple device, be it iPhones, iPads, or Apple TVs (but not Macs, for reasons un...[Read More]

Netflix is working on an interactive Black Mirror episode

Humans are spoiled for choice with video-on-demand (VOD) services like Netflix and Showmax. You can choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. But soon you could choose how you’d like an episode of the dystopian sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror, to end. Should you wield such power? Netflix is reportedly working on interactive episodes, according to a new report from Bloomberg. ...[Read More]

Stay a while and listen: Diablo might be getting its own Netflix show

Blizzard’s games, whether it’s (World of) Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo, have always featured the sort of animated cut-scenes that have made players wonder “What if they actually made a full movie out of this?” We’ve already seen the results with Warcraft but Diablo might be next in line, for a series adaptation this time. That’s the word according to a now-del...[Read More]

Netflix testing video promos between episodes of whatever you’re bingeing at the moment

Oh Netflix, and you were doing so well… Streaming service Netflix has been testing running promotional ads between episodes of whatever is being watched, something that has gotten right up the noses of those who have experienced the recent test. The test was spotted by various users around the world, who posted their annoyance at the ‘unskippable’ promos on Reddit and that other ...[Read More]

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