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Light Start: Windows XP leaked, don’t retweet before you read, here’s Luna – Stadia take a seat and Resident Evil anime teased

Windows XP source code has leaked on the internet Considering everything we’ve been through this year, we’re surprised that Microsoft hasn’t been hit by a massive leak yet. This isn’t a massive leak however, it just looks like the source code for (arguably the best) Windows OS version XP has leaked in an online forum. 
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Crucible: the science behind why watching others playing video games has become so popular


Amazon has taken a step into the highly lucrative world of gaming by releasing its first title, Crucible. A team-based action shooter, it hopes to rival industry giants like Fortnite. What makes the game unique is that it was developed to be as fun to watch as it is to play. This is because it was created with the company’s gaming live-streaming platform Twitch in mind

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