Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 to be Unpacked on 5 August, Note 20 Ultra leaks immediately


Samsung, confirming what we already know, has made the date official. Its next Unpacked event, which’ll be a 2020-mandated online-only affair, is taking place on 5 August this year.

At the event will be… the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. That’s not speculation, because the South Korean tech giant has become predictable. Also, the official invitation hints at the Note 20’s stylus. Samsung only has one flagship with a stylus so unless there’s something very weird going on, it’s Note time.

Everyone’s invited

Typically a Samsung launch is visible online, while there’s also a  physical event for the folks in the media (like us)  to play with the hardware on the night. That’s not going to happen this year, and possibly next year.

Instead, we’ll be at arm’s length on the night, watching at home with… well, with anyone else who wants to check out Samsung’s latest oversized smartphone as soon as humanly possible.

As is typical, we already know a whole lot about the Note 20 series. Most recently, the Note 20 Ultra leaked online around the same time as the official invite went out. Coincidence? We think not. Maybe.

Expect a revamped camera which goes bigger and harder than Samsung did in 2019. We’re not sure if the company will put quite so much focus on the Note 20’s zoom capabilities this time around but it’s expected to feature a quad-camera array which may or may not include a ToF (time of flight) camera along with three sensors. We’ve seen this sort of thing before.

Also on the cards are spec bumps across the board. A new processor is almost a given, but we’re unsure whether Samsung’s expanding that RAM even further. The Note 20 series displays will be larger than ever before, however. Battery improvements also make sense, if the handset’s going to remain as multi-role as Samsung would like it to be.

Don’t expect all the details to remain secret for long. It’s a little under two months before the official reveal. Samsung’s sure to spring a leak before that. We’ll keep you posted.


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