Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 is getting an online-only launch this August


When the world went into lockdown (with a few notable exceptions — looking at you, Sweden) tech events were cancelled left and right. They’re still being cancelled, as a matter of fact, but there are also signs of recovery. Like Samsung’s newly-detailed launch event for the upcoming (and inevitable) Galaxy Note 20, which takes place this August.

Unpacked online

Samsung usually goes all-out for its twice-annual Unpacked events. It tends to be a lavish, well-organised global event which is… very hard to pull off. This year, though, the event has to contend with the likes of COVID-19 and social distancing. So Samsung’s opted for an online-only Galaxy Note 20 event this August, the first for a flagship from the company.

Which… isn’t all that surprising. Samsung may not be able to do its pomp and ceremony thing but business hasn’t stopped. It’s just unusual for Samsung to detail its high-end handsets completely online — even though it does so all the time with less exciting smartphones. There’s typically an extensive hands-on with the phone at the event and that’s… not going to happen this time.

Great expectations

What you can expect from the event is the Galaxy Note 20 reveal. The handsets, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, will feature 6.42in and 6.87in displays respectively, both with 120Hz refresh rates. There’s a new fingerprint sensor incoming that’s supposedly quicker and faster, covers more screen area and able to detect two fingerprints at once. Huh… Anyway, Samsung may use its huge 108MP sensor as a selfie-cam but that Space Zoom feature from the Galaxy S20 Ultra? That might be out the window.

Also on the cards? The reveal of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2. That’s long been expected for the August Unpacked event and there’s no real reason for Samsung to drop the reveal just because it’s gone digital.


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