Apple’s new MacBook Pro has launched, available now from R29,000


So you’ve got your eye on a shiny new MacBook Pro, do you? Hopefully, you’ve been saving your pocket change (and car change, and shopping change and just… saving generally) — Apple’s new Magic Keyboard-toting machines will cost you at least two-thirds of an arm.

Apple’s upgraded computing hardware launches this weekend in South Africa and pricing for the 13in machines starts at R29,000. That’s enough to get you a Touch Bar, a 1.4Ghz 10th-gen Intel Core i5 and 256GB of solid-state storage.

Setting the Touch Bar higher

There are, of course, pricier options. Every 13in MacBook Pro launching this weekend has an upgraded Intel chip and they’ve all got Touch Bars. But for R34,000 you can snag 512GB of SSD storage, while R40,000 gets you the 512GB drive and a speedier 2.0GHz Intel Core i5.

And then there’s the big one — R45,000 worth of Apple machine, which consists of the quicker Intel chipset and 1TB of storage. Which seems like a lot to pay for an Apple computer right now but if you’ve got to have it, you’ve got to have it.

iStore does have a trade-in program, in case you’re super-keen on an upgrade but don’t quite have the bank for it. The only catch? You’ll get the best deal from trading in a 13in 2018 MacBook Pro. Still, it’s another way to soften the financial blow.


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  1. The entry level 13inch MacBook Pro actually uses an 8th gen Intel chip (not 10th. Those are reserved for the pricier models)

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