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Apple’s got new ‘Pro’ iPhones, updated iPads, and a larger MacBook Pro headed our way

Apple, if a recent report is to be believed, is readying up quite a roster of new devices for us this year. Bloomberg claims there are new camera-centric iPhones on the way, closely followed by updated iPads as well as a new, 16in MacBook Pro. 

Bought your Mid-2015 Apple MacBook Pro from the States? The FAA thinks it could be the bomb

The American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned specific Apple MacBook Pro laptop models from flights in the States. These models are part of an ongoing recall. The FAA ban is because those notebooks pose a fire risk on airplanes. 

Apple expected to ditch the dodgy keyboard in future MacBook models

As brilliantly built and sturdy as Apple products are, we know that their keyboards have turned out to be sub-par. That'll change soon.

No more 12in MacBook: Apple has other plans for its notebook lineup

Apple has decided to boot its 12in MacBook this week after introducing a new lower-cost MacBook Air and an updated 13in MacBook Pro. The previous-gen MacBook Air (that doesn’t feature Apple's Retina display) also won’t be available anymore. 

If you need more power, Apple’s updated MacBook Pros have eight cores

Apple’s top laptops just received a big update -- its 15in and 13in MacBook Pro’s will launch with faster Intel processors.

A MacBook Pro upgrade, with Kaby Lake and 32GB of RAM, on the cards for 2017

Apple’s October 2016 MacBook Pro refresh got up the noses of a lot of people, with the company dropping the ports that made the notebook line a favourite with a certain type of user (anyone who, you know, wanted to connect equipment to the Pro for example). Then there were other considerations, like the hardware upgrade not being quite as impressive as users might have liked. Well, AppleR...[Read More]

Got a new MacBook Pro? You also have a piano, thanks to the Touch Bar

We’ve seen Apple’s new MacBook Pro and protests about the ports aside (that’s a topic for another day but… can we have some ports, please, Apple?), people seem to be having a lot of fun with the Touch Bar. The new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar has played host to Nyan Cat as well as games of Doom (the original one) but here’s something a little more practical. A workin...[Read More]

Core will discount USB-C cables for new MacBook Pro

Following the news that Apple in the US is discounting the plethora of USB-C adaptors it offers, the Core Group has told Stuff it’ll be doing likewise. Apple’s move is largely a response to the opprobrium directed at it by consumers following the announcement of the three new MacBook Pros, all of which eschew traditional ports like USB, HDMI and an SD card slot for Thunderbolt 3 ports ...[Read More]

Apple’s new Touch Bar: a breakthrough or common sense?

Apple’s MacBook Pro series is back in the media thanks to the company’s announcement of the new “Touch Bar”. Announced last Thursday, the Touch Bar uses retina display and multitouch technology to replace the MacBook Pro’s top row of static function keys. It might seem like a simple idea, but it builds on a long history of research on what is referred to as “human–computer interaction”. The featur...[Read More]

Apple’s 2012 non-Retina MacBook Pro is being discontinued

Get them while you can: Apple has, quietly and without fuss, killed off the 2012 non-Retina MacBook Pro in the States, meaning that any stock around the world will be sold off and when it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s hardly a surprise that Apple has taken this route. The 2012 MacBook Pro is (or rather, was) the oldest device in Apple’s lineup up until the culling and Apple is al...[Read More]

The new MacBook Pros really want you to touch them

Fans of Apple’s portable powerhouse notebook computer, the MacBook Pro, have been clamoring for an update… and their wish has finally come true. Apple’s unveiled three new MacBook Pros, two 13in models and a 15in one. As we’d expected there’ve been various updates under the hood, but there are two new features (on one of the 13in models and the 15in) that really leap ...[Read More]

A MacBook Pro refresh could be scheduled for late October

Hey, you know what’s long overdue? A MacBook Pro update to go along with all of the lovely new phone tech that we’re so taken with this year. Hey, guess what? Apple may have a MacBook Pro update in store for us. Rather soon, too, if reports from MacRumours prove to be accurate. According to the Apple-centric website, new MacBook Pro models are on their way. A few obstacles, like macOS ...[Read More]

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