Here are Huawei’s P40-devices and how much each of them will cost


Huawei’s new flagship range was announced during a time that the world was plunged into voluntary lockdown. It was a strange time, but Huawei is ready to launch the three devices (P40, P40 Pro and the P40 Lite) into SA, starting with the budget option: the P40 Lite.

This is especially interesting considering South Africa never got the previous flagship from the company: the Mate 30 range. That’s because of the ongoing trade war with the US and its software not containing Google support. It’s clear now that Huawei wanted to bolster its App Store before rolling out in the local market. 

Since then. Huawei has made great headway to get a solid list of South African apps on its AppGallery. So the P40-range is the first since the trade war to launch locally. Let’s have a look at the hardware and local pricing. 

Here’s the P40

The base P40 device is exactly what you need if you’re not set on a Pro or a Lite device. Its hardware is powerful, and it’ll cost R17,000. 

It features a 6.1in OLED display fitted with an in-display fingerprint sensor and a cutout-selfie camera up top. In the cutout, you’ll find some cool tech that allows for facial recognition biometric security and a top-notch selfie camera weighing in at 32MP. Around back, you’ll find three cameras, including a 50MP main sensor, a 16MP sensor, as well as an 8MP sensor. 

The whole shebang is powered by Huawei’s own HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G (if you’ve got the 5G variant), 8GB of RAM, and 128GB storage standard. Keeping everything up and running is a 3,800mAh battery setup.

And the P40 Pro

Then there’s the big boi, although Huawei announced a Pro Plus device, we’ll be getting the P40 Pro standard for the time being. This one will cost you R21,000. 

The P40 Pro is Huawei’s best flagship to date, featuring some of the most powerful hardware we’ve seen on a smartphone. That is, if you can look past all the software niggles (check out our full review for more on this). It is one helluva device, featuring the HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G, 8GB of RAM and either 128GB or 256GB of storage space. 

It’s got a 4,200mAh battery that can keep this guy running for two days, easy. The display sizes in at 6.58in, so this is a big device, with a cutout selfie cam that features a main sensor (32MP as well as a TOF sensor). The main camera array around back features a 50MP main sensor, a 40MP sensor, a 12MP sensor and a TOF sensor. 

Lastly, the P40 Lite

But definitely not least. Out of the whole lineup, this is the device we’re most excited about. It really brings top-end specs to a proper budget device, pricing at just R6,500. 

It’s also the first device in the range to be available in SA, and is already available through contracts at major mobile networks. Weirdly, the P40 Lite has a lot in common with its two big bros, including a 4,200mAh battery, the big 6.4in display (this time LCD though) with a cutout selfie cam and in-display fingerprint sensor. 

Powering the device this time is the midrange HiSilicon Kirin 810 chip (so no 5G option on this one), 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Not bad for a sub R10k device, eh? And it’s available to buy now

Make the choice

It’ll be slightly harder for Huawei fans to decide this time, considering the lack of Google apps and the Play Store. But rest assured, It works like any other Android smartphone, and Stuff is here to guide you through all the software bumps you may encounter while using a Google-less smartphone. 

What Huawei is continuously offering, is a brilliant product with top-end specs that costs a fraction of that of the competitors’. We’re excited to test more of them out and see the hardware and camera flex on all the P40 devices.


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  1. Cool device.
    My own P4 is 5 years old and runs like a dream.

    Bummer about the lack of Google Apps.

    Like running a Ferrari with 93 octane fuel. Not gonna be the same.


  2. Clinton Petersen on

    I had the P20 pro and fell in love..
    and then the P30 pro..
    I say there is no comparison in camera and speed and storage to other brands..
    I couldn’t wait for the P40 pro but heart broken unsure what to do….

  3. Daruon-Reece on

    You know that the P40 lite has an LCD display which means its physically impossible to have an in display finger print scanner,which is why it has a SIDE MOUNTED FINGER PRINT SCANNER

  4. I love huawei, but now that it’s doing away with Google, I’m not too sure if I will upgrade to P40_

    Opinion on iphone SE (2020)

    • Best “budget” iPhone you can buy ryt now. High end specs in a classic iPhone design a lot of people like. And best software support on any phone.

    • I I just received my P40 but I can not download Google play services to use most of my popular apps!! Can’t play games or access other useful apps!! Can this be sorted??

  5. Everyone diserve android interface. …Android operating system. …paying Lte for R7000 it’s rediculous especially to something new with a beta version software …I rather buy mate20

  6. I loved reading your comments, so much insight and fun. I love huawei, but if i had to uograde ti the new flagship models it would be between the Pro and the Basic! Im curreny rocking the P30 lite, but the 40 lite doesnt appeal to me!

  7. Phillip Naude on

    Good day to all. I Have been hearing in the media about Huawei, and am geatly interrested. My current mate is an Apple Iphone, had it for for years but as of recently little foxes have jumped ot the cupboard. Battery is swolen and pushing screen out of sinc,etc. What would the best route for me follow
    in aquiering a Huwawei. I am a pensioner so I would not go for the top af the range, in addition my hometown is the small town of Wiburg in the Free State RSA and we are tecnologically left behind!
    Youre assitance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Bheki Radebe on

    I’m currently using the P20 pro. Some apps are not available in SA. So cannot use the device to it full potential.

  9. I like huawei phones because no stress to use it. Does everything that you you want to. Thanks welcome huawei.

  10. Toby de Villiers on

    Funny how suddenly the prices on the Huawei P40 models shot up to R17000 and more. A coupkle of weeks ago it was still under R10000 before it reached our shores. Forget it. I’ll go for Apple now.

  11. I think many companies are making south Africa a place of making money ,look a lot multinational companies
    selling goods with reasonable price to other countries when they get to south Africa over pricing starts
    whats wrong

  12. Fanie Ngomane on

    I’ve been using the p8 for 7yrs now and i’ve got the y5 as well .i bought my kids the p20 and p30
    now i myself id love to have the p40 ,I AM A HUAWEI FAN

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