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LG V40 ThinQ review – A mid-ranger with flagship ambitions

When your opponents are as slick as LG's are, you've really got to pull out the stops and offer something unique if you're going to make consumers take notice. LG's tried hard with the awkwardly named V40 ThinQ, but the results are a mixed bag.

Mobicel Hype X review – Should you believe the Hype?

The Mobicel Hype X has a touch of the peacock about it -- pull one of these out of your pocket and folks are going to notice.

Energizer bringing a massive 26 phones to MWC 2019

You read that headline correctly -- Energizer, the company best known for rabbits and batteries (not in that order), will be launching a range of smartphones at Mobile World Congress (MWC). And, unlike companies that just dip their toe into smartphone manufacture, they're going all-in. How else do you explain the fact that they're showing off a range of 26 devices at MWC 2019?

Huawei P-Smart launches in South Africa – here’s what it’ll cost

Huawei has announced that they are launching a new mid-range smartphone, the P-Smart 2019, locally this week. This following the 2018 P-Smart succeeding as the most popular device in its price range last year (according to Huawei). The new 2019 phone features a tear-drop-shaped notch, officially called a ‘Dewdrop Display’ by Huawei. This permits its 6.21in LCD display to attain a screen-to-body ra...[Read More]

Coming soon: smartphones with terabyte storage, courtesy of Samsung

Smartphones are, when you actually think about it, just little pocket-sized computers. The fact that they can make phone calls is a holdover from the days when having a phone in your car made you super-cool (or a Wall Street broker with some unusual items in your gym locker). And, like computers, smartphones constantly upgrade to faster processors, more RAM and better storage. Samsung’s been...[Read More]

Is the future of mobile phones portless? Vivo and Meizu think so

We would be lying if we told you we weren’t expecting this… but not necessarily so soon. What with Apple ditching the headphone jack, and many phone designers opting for in-display fingerprint sensors — it’s obvious that phones will soon be all-screen, all-wireless and… all sci-fi. Two announcements in China this week produced devices that are, for lack of a better word, holeless. The Meizu ...[Read More]

Why smartphones are the customer service channel of choice

The influence of technology within the field of BPO, or business process outsourcing, is unquestionable. The nature of various BPO solutions has undergone significant change thanks to numerous advancements in technology. As Business World noted in late 2018, “according to ‘Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) — Global Strategic Business Report,’…the global market for BPO is projected to reach ...[Read More]

Hisense Infinity H11 – A neat little mid-range black rectangle

We’re quite fond of Hisense’s range of smartphones here at the Stuff offices, for reasons that might seem counterintuitive. They’re neat, they’re usually easy to use — if they were a friend, they’d be that one that sticks around after parties to help clean up. You know, the one with no drama while everyone around them is losing their collective er… minds. ...[Read More]

Apple’s reduced revenues are about more than economic slowdown – it’s about the competition

If you’re still in holiday mode, eschewing all forms of tech (and thus reading this late), you may not realise that Apple’s value took a bit of a knock in the last week. The result of the first decline in revenues for the company in sixteen years, the news that Apple was not going to reach its estimated target of $89 to $93 billion for the past quarter wiped $55 billion off the value o...[Read More]

A year without the biggest social network on my phone has made me a freer person

“So you just view it in Safari,” a friend asked me with great bewilderment when I explained I didn’t have the Facebook app on my phone and the interactions he saw were through my iPhone’s browser. Just over a year ago I deleted Facebook off my phone. Not long afterwards I deleted its companion Messenger app. I can safely report that I haven’t missed anything. When I first wrote a...[Read More]

MobiLimb wants you to give your phone the finger

There’s a whole lot that we can do with smartphones — you can bank, watch media, listen to music, control your house if you’ve been investing in some home automation tech… but what about actually touching someone? That’s an ability that MobiLimb is attempting to give to smartphone users. MobiLimb is the creation of a bunch of French researchers, who have managed to at...[Read More]

Apple iPhone XS – The iPhone X, improved

The iPhone XS is perhaps the most conventional phone that Apple is launching this year, a direct follow-up to the iPhone X, last year’s iOS-flavoured chart topper with a wallet busting price and a crop of new features. So why go for the XS this year? The iPhone keeps the same size, basically the same screen, even a lot of the same features. But there are parts that have been improved —...[Read More]

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