Latest Galaxy Buds update bring them closer to the Galaxy Buds Plus


While the Galaxy Buds may be almost a year older than the improved Galaxy Buds Plus, Samsung has confirmed that they’re rolling out an update for the device that will bring a range of features previously only available to the Buds Plus to its more antiquated sibling.

The Galaxy Buds Plus are a really nice piece of hardware. Great sound quality, impressively long battery life and incredibly easy to use and sync with your devices, the Buds Plus are a marked improvement over last year’s Galaxy Buds. While Samsung’s first attempt at wireless earbuds was certainly…fine, they lacked some of the features that were already included in their wireless sound devices. Now that the Galaxy Buds Plus are out in the wild, Samsung’s clearly figured that it would be real cool of them to throw a bone to everyone who invested in their first attempt.

The latest update for the original Galaxy Buds will bring a host of features that have only been available on the newer version to the older devices. These include the ability to connect to multiple devices, support for Microsoft Swift Pair and the inclusion of automatic “ambient sound” which allows the ear buds to detect “important” noise so you’ll never be caught not hearing your Mum call you down for supper.

Maybe the coolest feature being ported over from the Galaxy Buds Plus is the integration of Spotify. Owners of the Galaxy Buds will now be able to tap to automatically open and play whatever they were previously listening to on the popular music streaming app while holding the bud down will trigger Spotify to play a recommended playlist, which is a gimmick, sure, but still pretty cool!

The update should be live today so if you’re an owner of the original Galaxy Buds, looks like you have some downloading to schedule.


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