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If you need more power, Apple’s updated MacBook Pros have eight cores

Apple’s top laptops just received a big update -- its 15in and 13in MacBook Pro’s will launch with faster Intel processors.

Twitter now lets you add GIFs, images, and video to retweets

Twitter can be many things. A place to look at all the good dogs, Bront. A digital field for harvesting GIFs. A fine place to increase your blood pressure. A spot best used for harvesting news relevant to your interests. The trick is curating the folks that you follow in order to provide the experience you want. But don't you feel like Twitter could be more? Twitter does. 

Vodacom backtracks on charging for data rollover, in a manner of speaking

Yesterday we found that Vodacom intended to charge its users to roll over mobile data, something that was due to come into effect thanks to last year's Icasa ruling. A lot can happen in 24 hours. Today Vodacom has issued an update stating that that data-rollover would be free-of-charge, though there still seem to be some terms and conditions attached. 

Facebook to allow Messenger users to unsend messages – if you do it within ten minutes

Ever since the world found out that Mark Zuckerberg can unsend messages on the social network, Facebook has promised that users would eventually get the same ability. They were testing the feature last month, and now an unsend feature finally is on the way for Facebook’s Messenger app. The feature was seen listed in a ‘coming soon’ portion of Facebook Messenger’s version 19...[Read More]

Prepare yourself for a massive Call of Duty: Black Ops IV Day One patch

Hopefully you’ve laid on a substantial internet connection for gaming in general, and if you haven’t, you’ll want to before Friday (12 October) for Call of Duty: Black Ops IV — because you’ll be doing a lot of downloading. There’s a rather large Day One patch required in order to get online and start playing — and it’ll cost you about 50GB. And that&...[Read More]

Twitter rolls out an update with ‘Data Saver’ mode for its app

The South African Twitter community is still in denial over MTN discontinuing their ‘unlimited free Twitter’ option late in September. But it’s time to come back from the corner of denial known as Instagram, because Twitter really cares about its users. It’s been over four years. #FreeTwitter will be laid to rest on Tuesday midnight, 25 September. Its last wishes were for you to make the most of i...[Read More]

WatchOS 5 is available alongside iOS 12 today and here’s what you need to know

In the wake of iOS 12 landing for the bigger devices, Apple is updating software for the Apple Watch to WatchOS 5. The update features walkie-talkie capabilities, the ability to listen to podcasts, and brings Siri closer to you… WatchOS 5 will only work with Apple Watch Series 2 and later, and you’ll need to make sure the connected Apple device is updated to iOS 12 (if you still need to do the sof...[Read More]

How to update to iOS 12 (and then measure your cat)

Apple has just released the final version of iOS 12 into the world. As we know, software updates are primarily to sort out issues and boost performance, but that’s not all you’ll get with the newest iOS update. Apple’s annual update is more of an upgrade, throwing in a raft of new features in addition to tiny under-the-hood fixes that you may never notice — unless you make a point of r...[Read More]

WhatsApp now lets you start a group chat where you’re in control

Have you ever been in a WhatsApp group chat that is used for exactly the opposite of its initial purpose? Or one where the people involved just won’t… stop… talking… about things that are not relevant to the matter at hand. If you’re a parent with a kid in primary school, you might have seen that last one — far too many times. Happily, now WhatsApp lets you crea...[Read More]

Samsung DeX update will let you run Linux as a desktop using your phone

Some people always have to do things the hard way and we call those people Linux users. And Samsung hasn’t forgotten about them, as the South Korean company has shown in a pending update to the DeX dock for Galaxy flagship phones. If you haven’t guessed by now, Samsung has introduced Linux for DeX, allowing users to use the complicated operating system using their smartphones. Called L...[Read More]

Your Nintendo Switch just got smarter

Nintendo’s Switch has always been a good console, all the way back to launch day, but it wasn’t perfect. It still isn’t, truth be told, but it has managed to get a little better than it was. A new system update has brought along features that have been missing from the Switch, notably the ability to record video and transfer save files. The save-file transfer feature was a no-bra...[Read More]

Wi-Fi can be KRACK-ed. Here’s what to do next

A security researcher has revealed serious flaws in the way that most contemporary Wi-Fi networks are secured. Discovered by Mathy Vanhoef from the University of Leuven, the vulnerability affects the protocol “Wi-Fi Protected Access 2”. Otherwise known as WPA2, this encrypts the connection between a computer or mobile phone and a Wi-Fi access point to keep your browsing safe. Because this security...[Read More]

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