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How to get Spotify Premium for free for three months

Everyone likes free things. Well, most free things. We won’t queue up at a kiosk offering free smacks upside the head, for instance. This, thankfully, is a whole lot more pleasant. Spotify is offering new subscribers a lengthier unpaid period with Spotify Premium. Basically, you’ll get two extra months to decide whether you’re willing to drop 60 bucks a month for the service. Jus...[Read More]

Sing along to your favourite Disney tunes on Spotify (or listen to them in silence)

Spotify has released an extensive library of Disney songs, which includes the whole Star Wars score by John Williams, Marvel tunes and much more to geek out to.

You can now download Spotify Lite for Android

Spotify’s Lite app has officially launched in 36 countries including South Africa. It's designed to work on weak internet connections and is 10MB in size.

Spotify is testing playlists combining tunes and podcasts, and now has 100m paying subscribers

Spotify rolled out a new playlist to a select few users on the down-low that includes short news-related podcast segments woven into a curated playlist of songs.

Stuffed Ep 18 – Samsung’s Folding fiasco and vertical TVs, Spotify hits 100m paying users, and Acast acquires Pippa

It's not a good time to be a folding phone maker if your name is Samsung, but it's a good time to be a podcaster, whatever your name is.

These are the local tracks and artists most played on Spotify SA in the last 365 days

Swedish music streaming service Spotify launched in South Africa a year ago. Today, on the anniversary of its launch, it's dropped some data about which local artists and tracks have performed the best over the last 365 days... and there aren't many surprises. Well, unless you're second or third on the lists, perhaps. Awks.

Stuffed Ep 14 – Spotify’s Claudius Boller reflects on the service’s first year in South Africa

Stuff's Toby Shapshak talks to Spotify's MD for Middle East and Africa about the service's first year in South Africa and what's coming next.

Spotify confirms it will acquire podcast companies Gimlet Media and Anchor

Spotify has announced that it will acquire Gimlet Media, an independent podcast producer, and Anchor, a platform with tools for podcast creators.

No more surprise debits – Mastercard to stop billing after free trials

[UPDATE: According to The Verge, “Mastercard has now clarified that it’s a way more limited solution than the company originally let on. The new policy only applies when you subscribe to physical products that get delivered to your door, like vitamins and snacks, not digital services like Netflix or PlayStation Plus.” Mastercard has updated their original blogpost to clarify that they&...[Read More]

Listening to music at work: what you need to know to improve your productivity

We all know the struggle that open-plan offices bring for many office-crawlers. Living the headphone life is almost compulsory if you hope to get any work done. What with talk radio and the politics around the stuff that’s usually playing in the background, being in an open office can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. According to numerous studies, music can help with productivity, ...[Read More]

Get Spotify Premium for R6 – that’s not a typo

For those of you who have been holding off on getting a Premium Spotify subscription. Do it now. It’s only R6 — what costs R6 these days? You can’t even get a Simba Chips Party Pack. We know, the free tier is essentially the Premium tier with ads. But Spotify SA just announced a special price of R6 for a Premium subscription for the first three months. Thereafter you will be charged the norm...[Read More]

Spotify announces more Premium features and an updated Wear OS app

The world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify, has recently announced a whole range of new features for its Premium-tier users, as well as an app for Google’s Wear OS. Firstly, the Spotify Premium changes — the most noteworthy of which is the streamlined navigation in the app (we appreciate slick interfaces, okay). The five tabs at the bottom have been condensed into ...[Read More]

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