Apple may add a 3D camera-packing 12in iPad Pro to its roster this March


Another day, another Apple rumour. This one, from Taiwan, claims that Apple’s got a new 12in iPad Pro waiting in the wings. It’s said to have a new three-lens 3D time-of-flight camera sensor, which would allow the tablet to pack far more of a photographic punch. You’d still look like a bit of a git taking photos with an iPad, though.

Reveal date?

According to Digitimes, its sources have said: “Apple is set to release its new 12-inch iPad Pro model featuring a rear-end three-lens ToF 3D sensor in the spring [that’s around March to all of us Southern Hemisphere folks], in a bid to boost its share of the global tablet market.”

There is a little doubt as to whether Apple’s actually working on a 12in iPad Pro. The introduction of a whole new size — current models occupy the 11in and 12.9in brackets — means Apple’s either bringing in a third category between existing Pro models or they’re upsizing (or shrinking) an existing line. None of those actions make a lot of sense. But hey, if it’s sporting newer, better camera hardware then the eventual size doesn’t make a whole lot of difference.


Long story short? We might see a new 12in iPad Pro from Apple in very short order. But it may not be that size. And, that tablet should sport a new rear camera sensor, bringing it closer in performance to the current iPhone. Whether the new tablet hardware will be readily available is another matter. While Mobile World Congress is out of the company’s way, publicity-wise, there’s still the little matter of the coronavirus outbreak hampering device availability. Digitimes‘ report also points out that production may be slower than expected thanks to the epidemic.

Source: Digitimes


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