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Which Apple iPad should you buy in 2019?

Once upon a time, buying an iPad just meant buying the iPad. There was one model, and nothing else on the market came close to it.

Stuff’s five-minute guide to Apple’s iPad Pro event

Apple’s events are renowned for dragging on a bit. So, you didn’t have 90 minutes to spare on a Tuesday afternoon to take it all in or even about fifteen minutes to go into specifics? We get it, you’re a busy person with stuff to do. That’s where Stuff comes in. We watched the whole thing — even the bit in the middle when they started rambling on about Apple Stores and everyone b...[Read More]

Your old Apple Pencil won’t work on the 3rd Gen iPad Pro

The highly anticipated third-generation iPad Pro was announced at Apple’s event yesterday evening, and it looks to be a very capable design tablet. Its new Adobe Photoshop capability, along with the updated Apple Pencil that now charges wirelessly via magnetic attachment, will make it any designer’s dream machine. Unfortunately, in the Apple tradition of selling accessories you really need separat...[Read More]

Apple announces new iPad Pro tablets, in 11in and 12.9in flavours

It’s the event you’ve all been waiting for, ever since Apple announced it way back on 18 October. The company opted for a reveal event during South African work hours (the American ones go without saying) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House rather than using their own campus, which should have been our first hint that Apple had something different in stor...[Read More]

Apple confirms an event for 30 October, here’s what to expect

Apple has been busy this year, announcing three new handsets a few months ago, brand new OS updates across the board, and a slew of rumours about other hardware to follow. We’ll likely see the company’s new iPad Pro and Mac products at their just-announced 30 October event. The company sent out unique invite designs for the event, to a bunch of media across the world. Apple’s event will be h...[Read More]

Apple iPad Pro leaked renders suggest we can expect one sleek tablet

As expected, the internet is smothered in Apple rumours this week, leading up to their launch event on 12 September 2018, and some renders of the upcoming Apple iPad Pro have surfaced. Okay, the leaked renders might not be the real thing — but they’re close enough to the real thing to share with the world, and they look as sleek as we’d expect from anything the Cupertino company ...[Read More]

Apple wants to put iPads on school desks

Digital classrooms are becoming more and more prominent around the world — even right here in Mzanzi, and Apple is moving into this new market. The newly announced cheaper 9.7 inch iPad has been reworked specifically with education in mind. The infamous iPad will look exactly like its predecessors, but will pack a few new features, including Apple Pencil support and updated software that wil...[Read More]

Which iPad should you buy? There’s an iPad to suit your needs

Once upon a time, buying an iPad just meant buying the iPad. There was one model, and nothing else on the market came close to it. But these days, Apple has four different iPads in four different sizes, each with its own components and perks, not to mention a distinct price point. Hey, at least it’s better than Apple’s iPhone situation right now, since there are eight different handset...[Read More]

Apple is auctioning a custom iPad Pro for London’s Design Museum

Apple has always harped on design as a guiding tenet of its products, from the earliest days of Steve Jobs all the way through today – so it’s no surprise that the company has a soft spot for London’s Design Museum. The museum is about to close down for a few months to facilitate a relocation from South London to a new spot in Kensington, and Jony Ive – Apple’s famed ...[Read More]

The iPad Air is dead? Meet the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro

It’s not just the iPhone SE that was unveiled this evening, a little something called the 9.7-inch iPad Pro was also detailed at Apple’s Loop You In event. And, honestly, we’re not that sure what to make of it. That’s because of the iPad Air range, which with the announcement of the smaller iPad Pro, now seems extinct. Instead we have the iPad Pro, which is different from l...[Read More]

Apple announces 21 March event, likely for 4in iPhone and smaller iPad Pro

The months of rumours and reports have all led to this: Apple has officially announced an event for 21 March, exactly as predicted last month. And we suspect much of the other building speculation will pan out, as well. Apple has sent out invitations to the event to media organisations, with an image featuring the phrase, “Let us loop you in.” The company’s taglines sometimes tea...[Read More]

The smaller 9.7in iPad Pro may see a big camera upgrade

According to a report last week from 9to5Mac, the new 9.7in iPad on the horizon is not the iPad Air 3, but rather a smaller version of the iPad Pro – complete with Apple accessory support. But it could be more Pro than the larger Pro in one regard. That very same publication now reports that Apple plans to outfit the smaller iPad Pro with a better back camera than the larger tablet, tossing ...[Read More]

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