Apple is reportedly working on a wirelessly charging iPad Pro


Well, it appears wireless charging might just be the current tech trend, as new reports say that Apple is looking to get in on all the wire-free action. The tech giant is currently working on a new iPad Pro and iPad mini, the former of which will be kitted out with wireless charging capabilities.

Apples’ sick of wires

The new iPad Pro will also trade in its tacky old aluminium back panel for a sleek, shimmery glass one, reports Bloomberg. This is in part to optimise wireless charging, and, knowing Apple, probably also partly because it just looks so damn nice. Although, while you probably never want to drop your device, you definitely wouldn’t want to drop one with glass on the front and back. That’s a surefire way to ruin your day.

This isn’t the first time Apple has forayed into wireless charging territory. It announced an “AirPower” charging mat concept back in 2017, but thanks to a slew of issues (mostly to do with heat) we’ve yet to see anything come of that.

Apple is also reportedly working on a charge sharing feature that will other products charge up wirelessly off of the Pro. The new iPad Pro could arrive next year, but nothing’s certain.

Additionally, says Bloomberg, Apple’s working on a new iPad mini and a new entry-level version of the standard iPad, both of which could hot shelves later this year. The new mini will have narrower bezels and will be stripped of its home button for a truly minimalist experience. The new entry-level iPad will be slimmer than other iPads, and is aimed towards students.

Feel free to start setting aside some extra cash if these products interest you, but Bloomberg says that development on all of these devices is still in its early stages. Apple could very well still pull the plug on them.


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