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Huawei has a backup operating system, in case it loses access to Android, Windows

Huawei has long been rumoured to have its own mobile operating system in reserve, rumours that reach back to 2012. There's also apparently an OS waiting for the company's computer products

Beta yourself: Android Pie

Using Google’s latest mobile OS is as easy as pie when you know where all the best bits are – Stuff reveals the tastiest slices, so you can get more from your phone. Find your way Try gestural navigation: Android 9 Pie retains the traditional navigation buttons (back, home, overview) but only by default. We recommend swapping them out for the new gestural system. In Settings, head to System then G...[Read More]

Phone makers will now have to pay for pre-installed Google apps

The excitement of buying a new phone is slightly diluted, because you kinda already know what you’re gonna get. And if it’s an Android you know it’ll have some kind of Android OS, a bunch of bloatware you won’t use, and a range of Google apps. Sometimes just Search and Gmail, but sometimes you get the whole shabang, from All and Analytics, to Street View and Translate. That’s because for years Goo...[Read More]

Apple iOS 11 – They’ve turned it all the way up to 11 – at least on iPad

A giant step. A monumental leap. Apple’s not holding back in bigging up its latest mobile OS. And, as ever, there’s a list of new features as long as your arm – even if you had a super-stretchy arm you could dangle out of a third-storey window. To pick some highlights, the iPad finally becomes a real boy (computer) with the new Dock, Files app, and drag-and-drop; and the iPhone gets into augmented...[Read More]

Why installing software updates makes us WannaCry

The global ransomware attack called “WannaCry,” which began last week and continues today, could have been avoided, or at least made much less serious, if people (and companies) kept their computer software up to date. The attack’s spread demonstrates how hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries are running outdated software that leaves them vulnerable. The victims include Bri...[Read More]

Who will be the winner in the next computing revolution?

A computer’s operating system, the layer of software between you and the hardware, has changed remarkably over the past few decades. At the beginning a user had to interact with levers and switches, then came screens and DOS, the Apple’s Macintosh and Microsoft’s Windows, and, finally, the internet. These slowly wormed their way into our lives and changed the way we do almost everything. But the O...[Read More]

Apple macOS Sierra – OS X is dead, long live macOS

Well, this must be the most feeble excuse we’ve seen yet for the relaunch of a desktop operating system. You’ve named all of your other software using a convention that demands ‘name of system + OS’ – try tvOS, watchOS or (of course) iOS. So OS X just didn’t have a place in the Apple’s world any more. So say hello, then, to the first iteration of the first release of macOS – Sierra. Co...[Read More]

Samsung launches their first Tizen OS smartphone

Samsung have taken their first step away from the Android operating system for their mobile devices with a long-expected Tizen-powered smartphone that will be making its first appearance in the Russian market. The just-announced Samsung Z will be making appearances in other locations, as yet unspecified, and this looks to be a trial run of sorts for the Samsung-created mobile OS. In terms of hardw...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2, Neo will feature Tizen OS, launch in April

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be getting a second generation but there will be some differences. Rumours that the device will feature the company’s Tizen operating system have turned out to be correct after all as Samsung has announced two new smartwatches featuring the OS. The two new devices, called the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, feature a similar...[Read More]

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