Some Galaxy S21 features are rolling out to older Galaxy phones


The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a neat little device that packs some very cool software improvements over the previous generation of Samsung phones. If you don’t have one and you’re feeling left out, don’t panic just yet. Samsung has confirmed that some Galaxy S21 features have started rolling out to older devices. The company has been using the Android 11 skin One UI 3.1 for the Galaxy S21 but thanks to an operating system update, that coat of paint will be made accessible to a whole range of older Galaxy phones.

In particular, the update will arrive on the Galaxy S20 series, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Galaxy Note 20 phones, and the Galaxy Z Flip for the single person that’s still using that particular hinge-based device. So what can users expect from this operating system update?

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In terms of features that were once upon a time isolated to the Galaxy S21 range of phones, older phones will be able to use Enhanced Single Take mode when taking pictures. It’s a neat little tool that allows users to snap a variety of images with a selection of different cameras and sensors and then select which image looks the best. It’s a cool addition, but it’s not really a thing that’ll make us rush out and buy a phone.

The Object Eraser, a very cool editing tool, is also making the leap back in time. A simple and efficient way to remove that one dude who still thinks the Bunny Ears joke is funny in 2021 from your photos, users can simply cut out aspects of an image without fussing with all those other complicated editing tools.

Multi Mic Recording has also paced itself into the room, allowing users to record audio through the device’s built in microphone and an externally connected mic. Very useful for budding videographers looking to improve the audio quality of their captures.

Lastly, folks stuck on older devices won’t have to worry about that irritating blue light that keeps your brains awake at night thanks to the Eye Comfort Shield, and Private Share will help users keep their files more secured thanks to a range of snazzy new encryption tech and permissions that should help keep you a little safer in this wild wasteland we call 2021.

Samsung hasn’t provided a solid date for these updates but it’s in the process of rolling them out so it should hit your device in the next week or two. Just be patient, you’ll get your turn.

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