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Apple’s watchOS 6 wants to make the Watch a more complete wearable

With watchOS 6, Apple is hoping to make its already excellent wearable even more useful. But how could it possibly do they, you cry? Well, turns out the Watch actually has room for improvement. We know, right?

iOS 13: Everything we know about Apple’s upcoming mobile OS so far

This year at WWDC we’ll likely see Apple announce its latest software, iOS 13 for its mobile lineup. Here’s what we know so far.

DJs will soon be able to mix while streaming music on SoundCloud

Who even needs hard drives anymore? Streaming is so much more convenient, and doesn’t fill up all the space on 128GB smartphones — so you have more space for pictures of your pug. Not all streaming offerings are cut from the same cloth, though. Outfits like SoundCloud have had to change things up to survive in the cut-throat music streaming industry.  One thing SoundCloud has always got righ...[Read More]

WatchOS 5 is available alongside iOS 12 today and here’s what you need to know

In the wake of iOS 12 landing for the bigger devices, Apple is updating software for the Apple Watch to WatchOS 5. The update features walkie-talkie capabilities, the ability to listen to podcasts, and brings Siri closer to you… WatchOS 5 will only work with Apple Watch Series 2 and later, and you’ll need to make sure the connected Apple device is updated to iOS 12 (if you still need to do the sof...[Read More]

How to update to iOS 12 (and then measure your cat)

Apple has just released the final version of iOS 12 into the world. As we know, software updates are primarily to sort out issues and boost performance, but that’s not all you’ll get with the newest iOS update. Apple’s annual update is more of an upgrade, throwing in a raft of new features in addition to tiny under-the-hood fixes that you may never notice — unless you make a point of r...[Read More]

Peak into your future with a Jaguar I-Pace via a new app

Jag’s Go I-Pace app just launched, and it’s the perfect companion for someone who is considering buying an electric car. The app puts Jaguar’s all-electric performance SUV within arm’s reach. Well, sort of. It’s not really there, Jeff. Get out of that man’s car! The app guesstimates how the I-Pace would fit into your life based on ‘personal journey data’ with your current car. Fo...[Read More]

Boost your productivity: 10 amazing web apps you can use for free in your browser

That amazing future, where you don’t have to bother installing software, because everything’s on the internet? Already here. But you probably knew that anyway, through using Google Maps and Google Docs, and Google Everything Else. What you might not know is the sheer range of things you can do in a browser, and how brilliant many web apps have become. Stuff set two rules for inclusion in this list...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S6 might be on a software diet

Samsung didn’t get to where it is today by churning out rubbish devices. Ever since the South Korean tech giant smashed it out of the park with the Galaxy S2, it’s consistently put out flagships worthy of our attention. Our two main gripes however, have been build quality and software bloat. The former looks well on its way to being fixed, with the Galaxy Note 4, A3, A5 and A7 all feat...[Read More]

WeChat making attempts at joining the wearables trend in China

It looks as though WeChat is testing the waters in China for using their software platform to form the basis of several newly-released wearables in the country. This could be the precursor for WeChat, through their parent company TenCent, taking on more challenges related to health and fitness sharing. A series of wearables have launched for sale online in China that have WeChat’s API integr...[Read More]

Google’s self-driving cars – How do they work?

Google’s self-driving cars have been undergoing extensive testing for the day when they’re eventually unleashed on the roads of the world. The next hurdle for the company is making sure that a vehicle is able to navigate a city street, a place that is prone to unpredictability at the best of times, without causing or participating in an accident. Google has, in a blog post, outlined ho...[Read More]

DStv adding and tweaking Explora features this week – here’s what to expect

DStv has announced the rollout of new features for their Explora handheld units via a software update that will be launching for the devices this week. The update will make changes to DStv Catch-Up and on-screen filters, add support for a Kids genre, refine searches using keywords and will allow users to see episode and season numbers when they have a series in a playlist. Other changes to the sof...[Read More]

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