“The last version of Windows” will officially be retired in 2025


Back when Microsoft first announced Windows 10, it called the operating system “the last version of Windows.” That may have come back to bite them a little bit, as the company is widely expected to announce a completely new version of the operating system later this month. While still a rumour, the expiration date that was put on Windows 10 Pro and Home is awfully suggestive.

Windows to another time

You don’t have to panic just yet, however. There’s still some time — a few years, in fact. The current operating system’s retirement date has been set for 14 October 2025, which gives you about four more years of your current Microsoft OS before you need to switch to whatever new thing they have planned. And you’d better believe that it’s planned.

24 June is the reveal date set for the new operating system, which is codenamed ‘Sun Valley’ and which is expected to feature new UI updates, notably a new taskbar, a revamped store system (because navigating the current one is a tad clunky) and a collection of new widgets and apps.

Whether it’ll be as large a step forward as Windows 7 or as large a step back as 8 (and 8.1) remains to be seen. But Microsoft knows their work, so expect whatever we get to be slick and quite possibly functional (looking at you, Millennium).


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