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Those chickens are up to something: Microsoft’s teasing a retro OS called Windows 1.0

What a time to be alive. Not only are we living in the future, it seems we're also travelling back in time. You know, like tachyons. Why all the Doc Brown talk? Well, Microsoft's teasing a little something called Windows 1.0. It seems to be be an obvious reference to Windows 10, based on the retro blue logo for the operating system. Weird how we never noticed that before.

Free-to-play Forza Street lands on Windows 10, out for Android, iOS soon

So you want to get your hands on a Forza game but don't want to pay for it? Funny thing, Microsoft's just made that happen with the launch of Forza Street, a new free-to-play racing title for Windows 10, Android and iOS. The desktop version of the game? Yeah, that's available now. 

You can now use party chat for Xbox on Android and iOS

Microsoft has launched party chat on their Xbox apps, which are available on Android and iOS, so now you can have a chat with your couch-potato friends while slaving away at work. The company started testing Xbox party chat in the Xbox mobile apps in December, and have now decided to officially launch the feature. It gives players (and not-at-the-moment players) the ability to voice chat with frie...[Read More]

Why yes, this is indeed a working hologram of Cortana

Microsoft took the name of their Cortana digital assistant from the hologram AI by the same name from the Halo series of video games. So… it was only a matter of time before the favour was returned and someone tried to turn Cortana the assistant into Cortana the hologram. An event which, if you click on the video below, has now taken place. A chap by the name of Jarem Archer has done a lot o...[Read More]

Huawei’s new Matebook X looks to take on Apple and Microsoft at the same time

We were impressed last time we saw Huawei’s Matebook notebook but the newest arrival, the Matebook X, is even more of an eyebrow-lifter. It’s certainly going to make Apple fans do a double-take, as rather than making this Microsoft Surface competitor look more like the direct competition, Huawei has borrowed a few cues from the MacBook. But that’s all surface (not Surface), even ...[Read More]

Netflix now allows offline viewing for Windows (as long as you’re using the app)

If you’re using an Android or iOS device to watch your Netflix (as well as the accompanying app — nobody watches Netflix through a mobile browser) then you’re already aware that you’re able to download shows for later consumption while away from an internet connection. Now Netflix is making the same thing possible for PC users. But… you’re going to have to fulfi...[Read More]

Here are the official recommended specs for Microsoft’s Windows 10 VR hardware

We’re still waiting to get a look at Microsoft’s upcoming VR hardware but the company has revealed (officially) the specs needed to run their Windows 10 virtual reality gear. The signs are promising, meaning that a lot of PCs will support virtual reality without needing high-end GPUs. Additional graphics hardware will of course be recommended, with some games and applications requiring...[Read More]

These are the specs you’ll need to run Microsoft’s Windows 10 VR headsets

Microsoft has got a series of Windows 10 VR headsets coming up, with a reveal expected to show up in December. The devices are expected to feature lower system requirements than the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, something that seems to have been confirmed by the latest build of Windows 10. The required specs for the as-yet unseen VR headsets have been detailed by an app called Windows Holographic ...[Read More]

We’ll be getting a look-in at Microsoft’s VR headsets this December

Virtual reality is here. Sure, Facebook has Oculus and HTC has the Vive but Microsoft is working on their own VR headsets. And we’re going to get our first look at these in December this year, according to the company. Microsoft’s Alex Kipman has revealed that Windows 10 VR headsets are in the offing. In fact, they were revealed last week but were overshadowed by… the new Paint? ...[Read More]

Microsoft’s finally done something cool with Windows 10

Windows 10 announcements haven’t traditionally made tech fans drool with desire in the past, but Microsoft has managed to tease our saliva glands into action with its latest Windows 10 Creator’s Update announcement. By far the most impressive feature shown off was the ability to scan a real-world object, before uploading it to a PC for tinkering. The demo showed off a rather fetching sandcastle, w...[Read More]

Windows 10 one year on: it’s evolving but privacy still a concern

This week marks one year since the launch of what is arguably Microsoft’s most ambitious – and possibly most controversial – operating system: Windows 10. Windows 10 represents a fundamentally different approach compared to the earlier versions of Windows that many of us have used, such as the highly popular Windows 7. One of the things that made Windows 7 so successful was that it represented the...[Read More]

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