The perfect duo: Huawei’s Petal Search and EMUI 11 OS


During the global launch live stream for the Mate 40 Series, Huawei spent some time showing off its new advancements in its new operating system based on Android, EMUI 11, as well as its impressive web browser Petal Search. 

It makes sense that Huawei’s bolstered its interoperability features with the newest launch. Here’s how EMUI 11 and Petal Search work together, and how they’re making the Huawei user experience better than ever before.

EMUI-zing software

Huawei’s latest iteration of EMUI, coming in at its 11th generation, makes the user experience on devices like those in the Mate 40 Series, not just convenient, but fun as well. 

Using the Always On Display (AOD), users can customise their interface with a variety of different visual themes. Additionally, EMUI 11 on the Mate 40 Series also comes with Eyes On Display (EOD), which uses the front-facing camera to track the user’s eyes. When the user looks at a Mate 40 device, the device will detect it and wake up to display the time and any recent notifications.

Huawei’s Smart Gesture Controls have also been improved quite substantially here with EMUI 11 on the Mate 40 Series. You can wake up the device, scroll down or swipe left and right without ever touching the screen. Simply wave your hand and it’s done. It’s also fitted with smart multi-window technology, which allows you to split your device’s display in two when a notification interrupts what you’re doing. 

It also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to security features. You can choose to remove locational data from photos taken when you share them online, and the AI Private View feature on the Mate 40 Series automatically hides notification information when the device detects someone other than the user is looking at the display.

Petal Search bringing the heat

This isn’t your conventional search app. Huawei has overhauled Petal Search into a full all-in-one search app that allows you to find just about anything you want. Using the new search app, users can find apps, the best shopping spots, info on the web, news about your local area, videos to watch, music to listen to, and more. Petal Search is your gateway to the interconnected world.

PetalPetal Search provides you with the most accurate and useful search results possible, making it more useful than other search programs that often display content that isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Local searches, in particular, are incredibly impressive, as Huawei has worked extensively to ensure that you can always find what you’re looking for in your area. Some of the things that Petal Search can help you find include iconic tourist attractions, world-class dining experiences, and killer shopping deals. Additionally, Petal Search is available in 170+ countries in over 50 languages, so you’ll be able to enjoy it wherever you may be.

Another excellent feature of Petal Search is its security. It adheres to the privacy and security regulations of all the regions its available in without any deviation. Petal Search’s search engine comes with the ePrivacyseal data protection seal of approval. It also prevents websites and advertisers from tracking you and spying on your data.

Combining Huawei’s improved user interface with EMUI 11 and the impressive and safe capabilities of Petal Search, Huawei’s new ecosystem works seamlessly. 


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