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Worldwide tablet sales falter for the first time in Q4 2014

Is it possible that tablets are coming to a saturation point? Er… probably not, given how popular the little handheld devices actually are but they have had their first worldwide slip, according to the IDC (International Data Corporation. You see, tablets actually had a pretty good year in 2014, with global sales up by 4.4% (that’s just shy of 230 million tablets sold across the board last year) b...[Read More]

CES 2015 – Lenovo refreshes the X1 Carbon again for 2015

Lenovo’s X1 Carbon is a brilliant machine, often being the only Windows-sporting notebook to actually give the MacBook Air a run for Stuff‘s money. And the race is going to be repeated again in 2015, as the Chinese manufacturer has re-re-refreshed the ThinkPad X1 Carbon again for 2015. And the refresh takes things back a step. 2014’s Carbon featured a clickable trackpad and that ...[Read More]

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro: Clever but costly

Lenovo’s latest flagship, contortionist laptop (the company favours the term “convertible”) radiates class – assuming you don’t get it in orange, that is. From its watchstrap-like hinge, which enables the display to fold completely flat against its underside (creating a beautiful – but bulky – 13-inch tablet) to its 3200×1600 pixel display and slim profile, the Yoga 3 Pro veritably screams: “...[Read More]

With Motorola acquisition Lenovo becomes third largest smartphone maker

Chinese hardware manufacturer Lenovo has completed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the mobile device manufacturer online search and advertising giant Google acquired in 2012 for $12.4 billion. The deal is valued at an estimated $2.91 billion and bumps rival mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi to fourth position in terms of largest smartphone makers globally. In addition to taking over the Motor...[Read More]

Lenovo slides into wearable tech with the SW-B100 smartband

It’s no longer a case of who’s getting in on wearable tech but who isn’t – and Lenovo is no longer content to be the latter. The company’s Smartband SW-B100, which has popped up on the Lenovo website, looks a lot like the Fitbit Flex – a rubbery wristband that presumably syncs data with your smartphone. With Asus and even Xiaomi making fitness bands, you might wonder what L...[Read More]

Introducing Lenovo’s new Yoga tablets and laptop

Chinese hardware manufacturer Lenovo introduced the new versions of its Yoga tablets and laptop at an event in London last night. In addition to the anticipated updates to things like screen resolution and processing Lenovo showed off some novel feature additions, including a hole in the middle of the stands of its tablets that allows users to hang them like one would a picture and the inclusion o...[Read More]

Lenovo’s PC market domination shows no signs of slowing

According to the latest figures from the International Data Corporation (IDC) released earlier this week Lenovo continues to lead the pack in PC sales globally. This is the sixth quarter in a row that’s been the case, and the Chinese hardware manufacturer now enjoys 20% market share. Speaking at the company’s launch event for its new range of Yoga tablets and laptops in London yesterday, Aymar de ...[Read More]

FNB launches R99/month Lenovo tablet deal

Who could have predicted that a bank would become one of the biggest sellers of smart devices in South Africa? That bank is FNB, and it’s now added the Lenovo Ideatab tablet computer to its range of smart devices at a rate of R99 per month for 24 months. In a statement released today the bank says the move in intended to make smart devices “affordable for South Africans who previously would not ha...[Read More]

This is Lenovo’s new metal-bodied quad-HD smartphone

When you think ‘high-end smartphone’, usually either Apple or a company from South Korea comes to mind, with a couple of other well-known names trailing along behind. Lenovo isn’t a company that really jumps to the fore, since most of their smartphone sales take place in and around China where the company originates. Hopefully that will change soon, as we’d really like to g...[Read More]

Lenovo has an event, possible G3 rival smartphone reveal coming up in August

Chinese electronics company Lenovo has got an event planned for 5 August this year and there have been rumblings about that they have in store for the world when it takes place. The loudest rumble is that Lenovo will be springing a smartphone on the world, one that may be able to go toe-to-toe with Stuff’s current darling, LG’s G3. An image, posted by a Lenovo marketing manager on the ...[Read More]

Lenovo next high-end smartphone, the Vibe Z2 Pro, detailed by Chinese leaks

The Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo has dropped a few images of what is almost certainly Lenovo’s upcoming high-end smartphone. The images, which were apparently taken at an internal company event and should not have been released according to Engadget, show the handset itself and also detail a few details regarding the phone. The smartphone, dubbed the Vibe Z2 Pro, will apparently ...[Read More]

Motorola to re-enter South Africa after a lengthy absence thanks to Lenovo

When was the last time that you saw a Motorola mobile phone in a store in South Africa? Once a staple of the local market, back when cellular towers were rare and dinosaurs roamed the earth, Motorola has dropped out of sight in favour of the bigger players in SA but that is due to change, more or less soon. Lenovo’s recent acquisition of the Motorola smartphone brand has made it possible for...[Read More]

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