Light Start: Lenovo Legion streaming phone, UAE’s rocket to Mars, Galaxy Fold 2 approaching and a child blew parents’ savings on Twitch


Lenovo’s Legion gaming phone leaks, looks like a streaming powerhouse

We’re yet to see a gaming smartphone that can take on industry leaders like Samsung and Huawei. Not in terms of raw power — because that’s where gaming phones have everyone beat, but rather in terms of market dominance. 

One thing gaming phones do all-too-well though, is bring new gimmicks to the table, and with the Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone, that’s a horizontal 20MP pop-up camera specifically for streamers. Lenovo teased the Legion on Chinese social media before, but now more teaser videos have surfaced on the company’s Weibo account. These teasers show off the phone’s pop-up selfie camera mounted on what would appear to be its right edge. The use for it is kinda obvious: streamers playing on mobile will easily be able to capture themselves playing while streaming on platforms like Twitch or Youtube. 

The Lenovo Legion phone has a rumoured 6.6in screen with a 144Hz refresh rate. The best thing about this teaser is that it could potentially bring more mobile gamers into the streaming space without the need for external camera equipment. At this point, we don’t know much more about the upcoming smartphone, but we definitely hope to see it in South Africa, and get a chance to play with it. 

Source: Tom’s Guide

The UAE launched a rocket to Mars this weekend

In an unexpected move (okay, it’s kinda expected because who doesn’t want to get off this planet), the United Arab Emirates launched its first interplanetary vehicle to Mars over the weekend. We’re happy to report that the launch was successful, nothing blew up and you can watch the whole thing on Youtube right now. 

“Carrying a Mars-bound spacecraft called “Amal,” meaning “Hope,” a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ H-IIA rocket blasted off from the Tanegashima Space Center in southwest Japan at 6:58 a.m. local time on Monday, July 20 (2:48 p.m. PT, Sunday),” Digital Trends reports. The launch was finally carried out after several delays over the last week, waiting for ideal conditions. You know how the weather doesn’t care for our space-sailing needs? Yeah. Good thing they did it though, because the launch went as smoothly as planned, with the spacecraft separating from the rocket about an hour after leaving its launchpad. The next stage involved the deployment of the solar sails that’ll help power it all the way to Mars. 

Fittingly, the spacecraft named Hope will hopefully make it all the way to the red planet on its 7-month journey. We’re holding thumbs for a smooth mission. 

Source: Digital Trends

Samsung teases what could be the Galaxy Fold 2 for Unpacked 2020

We’re not far off from Samsung’s Unpacked event for the year, where we’ll see the company’s latest and greatest tech. We know that we’ll likely see a Note smartphone, but other than that, it’s anyone’s guess. Now Samsung has teased a gif that points to another foldable, and we’re pretty sure it’ll be the Galaxy Fold 2. 

On Sunday, the company tweeted “One fold, infinite possibilities. Unpacked on August 5, 2020” with a video of what clearly mimics a foldable phone. Even more, the Galaxy Fold first edition was portrayed with the depiction of a butterfly, This time, it looks like a liquid metal shape akin to a Rorschach inkblot card. And if it were shown to us, we’d bet it looks like a butterfly.  Obviously the upcoming foldable has seen its fair share of speculation over the past year, but we’re more than likely going to see a new Fold on 5 August. 

Samsung Unpacked is slated for 5 August, which is just over two weeks, and we’re excited to see what Samsung puls out of their hats at this digital-only event. 

Source: Twitter

A child spent $20,000 on Twitch donations and subscriptions

We know what you’re thinking — what child has access to $20,000 (which amounts to about R330,000)? Well, this one used some of the parents’ savings without getting approval from the accountholders (aka the parents in this scenario). The now broke parent took to Reddit to warm other humans with children after the incident. 

The minor child managed to spend $20,000 on the streaming platform Twitch in the span of three weeks. This was all done by donating to streamers and paying for subscriptions to creators. Something that in itself is a very nice gesture. Also, streamers like to remind people watching their streams to lke, subscribe and donate — for a child this may have been an innocent mistake. An expensive one at that. “While Twitch subscriptions are limited between $4.99 to $24.99, depending on the streamer tier, there are a whole lot of streamers to subscribe to. However, you can make as many donations as you want to your favourite streamer,” Ginx TV details how subs and donations work on the platform.

What’s the lesson here? Don’t allow your child access to any plastic card, Debit or otherwise, because they will figure out how to save it to Chrome, and they’ll probably remember the CVV at that. 

Source: Ginx TV


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