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Light Start – iPhone camera lenses debut, He-Man will be He-Back, Elon Musk wants to nuke Mars, and some funky new Dualshock colours

This week on the lightest start you'll get all week -- iPhone launches some niftly smartphone camera lenses, He-Man will be back, Elon still wants to nuke Mars, and we need this new Dualshock 4 colour.

Light Start – Hoverboard milestone, AI knitting, Console Wars, and Little Monsters

In this week's Light Start, the Channel is crossed, AI takes on knitting, we indulge in some Console Wars (later), and check out some Little Monsters.

Light Start – Hayabusa2 rocks, Sony AC, Doom for Switch, and Zombieland 2

In this week's Light Start, we've got Doom on Switch (with issues), a spaceship scooping up rocks, Sony's AC, and Zombieland 2 -- at long last.

Light Start – The all-Marvel-at-Comic-Con edition

This week's Light Start is all about Marvel's announcements at the San Diego Comic Con -- buckle up, there are a bunch of 'em.

Light Start – Microsoft’s games are going, Huawei Harmony, The Great Hack, and Resi 3 Remastered (kinda)

In this week's Light Start, Huawei's OS has a new name, The Great Hack hits Netflix, Microsoft is closing some games, and Resident Evil 3 gets an upgrade.

Light Start – SpaceX in 2021, Zimmer BMW, The Current War, and Blackout’s split-screen splits

This week in Light Start we have the sounds of BMWs, SpaceX in the future, Call of Duty's Blackout loses a bit, and a look at The Current War.

Light Start – Windows Terminal, Thor vs. drones, new Xbox going solo, and Genshin Impact

In this week's Light Start we have technical Windows things, military Thor, the new Xbox console (one of em), and Genshin Impact.

Light Start – The very small slice of E3 edition

There will be far, far more this week but for Light Start, we've picked a very small crop of what was seen at E3 this year.

Light Start – DJI Storm, old eclipses in motion, Dark Crystal, and Pokémon Sleep

In this week's Light Start we have old video footage, new trailers, a very expensive DJI drone, and a weird addition to the Pokemon line of products.

Light Start – Sony phones in SA, Starlink spotted, dangerous laptops, and Sonic slows to 2020

This week in Light Start, SpaceX's Starlink is captured, Sonic is coming late, some suspicious files go on sale, and Sony might be leaving SA.

Light Start – A Wing for Fins, Uber silent, Batman: Hush, and RIP Grumpy Cat

This week on Light Start, we've got drone deliveries, silent drivers, a new animated DC film, and the loss of a very cranky feline.

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