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Light Start – Beating Samsung’s sensor, military Hololens, Starhopper, and Kollector

In this week's Light Start, we've got Samsung losing to a 3D printer, Microsoft's army Hololens, SpaceX's Starthopper, and MK 11's Kollector.

Light Start – Sega Genesis Mini, Shelley the self-driving Audi, Swamp Thing, and Valve Index

This week on Light Start, we have a small games console, a self-driving car, a Swamp Thing, and Valve's own version of virtual reality.

Light Start – The almost completely Netflix edition

Netflix has had a busy week -- considering Apple has some news arriving this evening, that's to be expected. Netflix, this Light Start is yours. Mostly.

Light Start – Apple Watch and your heart, Endgame, James Gunn returns, and battle royale (with cars)

This week in Light Start, we've got an Apple Watch study, James Gunn returns for Guardians 3, the newest Avengers: Endgame trailer, and Notmycar.

Light Start – Valkyrie drone, supersonic photos, Aniara, and The Division 2’s bulky download

This week on Light Start, we go up in the air (twice -- once for drones, the other for photos), check out some Swedish sci-fi, and download The Division 2.

Light Start – The Not-about-phones-at-all Edition

In honour of this week's Mobile World Congress event, we've decided to take this Light Start and make it about anything except mobile phones.

Light Start – TCL’s folding phone, LG’s lack of one, Samsung stops Blu-raying, and Tolkien

In this week's Light Start, we've got a folding smartphone as well as a lack of one, Samsung stops making Blu-ray players, and a Tolkien documentary series.

Light Start – The trailers for 2019 edition

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