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Sony shows off company's first 360-degree speakers When you're listening to... well, to anything it's really important that the sound be good. It should envelop you, wrap you up in its harmonies. That's the idea behind 360-degree audio and while other companies may have beaten Sony to the punch, that doesn't mean they aren't responding.
Twitter's Fleets are already broken. What a tragedy. You know Fleets? That new feature that Twitter rolled out last week? Yeah, apparently it's already bugged in the most inconvenient way possible. While they should function along the same lines as Instagram stories, staying visible for 24 hours before disappearing into the aether, it turns out
Samsung’s gearing up for another phone launch Every time you feel that Samsung’s ‘just launched a phone’, it hits back with another phone. The retail lifecycle of Samsung devices seem to be speeding up, and it feels like we can’t keep track anymore. This year, we saw the company launch the S20-range, followed by the
Huawei will announce the Mate 40 this month Huawei’s been making it exceptionally hard to remember that its business operations are under fire. The Chinese telecoms company hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down amidst US trade restrictions, and on that note, it’s planning an announcement event for this month that’ll debut its new range
Facebook test auto-shares Instagram Stories to your newsfeed In a bid to integrate its services even more than they already are, Facebook is working on a feature that’ll allow users to automatically share Instagram Stories to a Facebook news feed.  What makes this slightly confusing, is that it won’t share Insta Stories to Facebook Stories,