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Disney’s Project Kiwi working on robotic Baby Groot When they say robots are coming for our jobs, they’re not joking. Especially if ‘they’ is Disney, in this case, and ‘our’ is the people in Disney princess outfits. The company’s Project Kiwi is reportedly working on robotic life-sized versions of our favourite Disney characters, including Guardians
Selling fluorescent bulbs may be banned in South Africa A change in the regulations in South African light bulbs is currently being undertaken, with the aim of improving general safety and energy efficiency of lighting around the country. The new specifications that determine what may be sold in the country will more or less ban
YouTube will soon detect products so it can "recommend" them to you Anyone else noticed recently that YouTube ads are becomingly particularly egregious? They've always been annoying but it feels like YouTube is doing its best to push people to subscribe to Premium and this latest update is no exception. YouTube is reportedly testing a
Apple has discontinued the ultra-powerful iMac Pro In 2017 Apple revealed its most powerful (and most expensive) iMac yet. Designed with labs and heavy-duty designers, editors and animators in mind, the iMac Pro is (soon was) the most expensive product sold on the company's shelves. Now it looks like it'll soon retire, because who has
Check out this 3D-printed device that helps blind dogs get around Photo: Chad Lalande It's a Monday, so we thought we'd kick off this Light Start with a bit of feel-good news to help you through those blues. Chad Lalande, an amateur designer, has designed a remarkably simple apparatus that can be strapped to a