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No more lag: South Africa will get local PUBG Mobile servers

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) players in Africa will now get a dedicated server for the game locally.

Asus’ new ROG Phone II is basically a desktop PC disguised as a smartphone

The new Asus ROG Phone II is an absolute powerhouse Android phone, and is powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 855+ and improved Adreno 640 graphics.

Drop everything and download: Pigeon Wings Strike

When your city’s under attack, the last thing you’d expect to hear is: “Don’t worry – the pigeons are here to save us!” Check out Stuff's app of the month.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus pre-orders will receive an exclusive Fortnite skin

Samsung has teamed up with Fortnite again to incentivise people to pre-order their brand new Galaxy S10 Plus device. 

How to get Fortnite on Android soon(ish)

If you’re not one of the lucky Samsung-device owners who has access to Fortnite right about now, there’s a way to get on the waiting list to receive an invite and actually play the game on Android. Fortnite’s journey to Android has been a complicated one. Epic Games has been promising to bring it to the OS for months, with iPhonies already having access for what feels like ages. That is, until the...[Read More]

Sharpen your swords, because The Elder Scrolls is back again (and it’s not Skyrim)

You’re probably knee-deep in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset at the moment, but ready your drive space for two new Elder Scrolls additions, freshly announced by Bethesda Softworks at E3 2018. VI Bethesda officially announced the sixth instalment in its long-running Elder Scrolls series, known at this point only as The Elder Scrolls VI. The teaser video is as cryptic as they could possibly make...[Read More]

Three new Pokémon RPGs coming to Nintendo Switch

If you own a Nintendo Switch and enjoy going on long walks through the Kanto region, you are in for a treat this year. Japanese developers Game Freak have announced three new Pokémon titles set to launch throughout the year, one of which is already available to download for free on Switch. Go on a quest (for free)Pokémon Quest is a touch-based title that gives you the power to command little cube-...[Read More]

Rush eSports announces tournament details and a venue change

The annual Rush eSports tournament will take place at the Sun Arena at Time Square in Pretoria (yes, the location has changed) from 29 June to 1 July 2018. If you’ve been on the fence about putting your Fortnite skills to the test, gather all of the self-confidence you can muster and get into that bus right now. Rush will host a range of competitive tournaments for casual gamers and eSports fans t...[Read More]

The best mobile adaptations of console & PC games available right now

Smaller versions of console and PC games being released on mobile is the new ‘big thing’ in the gaming world. It gets the word out (because mobile is cheaper to play and easier to access), and people can game on the move — this is especially important for PC gamers who, by definition, tend to be tied to their massive rig in order to game. Okay, we know not all PC gamers will inhe...[Read More]

Sony Xperia XZ2 – An alien-like Sony with slightly updated insides

Sony hasn’t really impressed us with anything design-wise since the W810 in 2006, a phone that featured a distinctive orange Ericsson hue and a cool joystick. Since then the company has been caught in a loop of the same squared-off heavily-bezelled design. Until, that is, the Xperia XZ2 rolled into town. Although it has been updated, the design is definitely not the reason you want this handset. T...[Read More]

Drop everything and download: Paladins Strike

Serious mobile gaming has seen a massive boom in recent months, with Fortnite releasing on iOS, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition on both iOS and Android, and even the infamous PUBG shooter can be found on mobile screens across the world. Now Hi-Rez Studios decided to bring one of their their console- and PC-based 5v5 hero-shooter to iOS and Android. Hi-Rez Studios are the guys behind Smite and Trib...[Read More]

Black Shark gaming smartphone. Wait, what?

Okay, gaming is becoming portable, we get it. But really, this portable? It’s not like mobile phones optimised for gaming aren’t already on our Christmas list. It just feels like the gaming community isn’t quite as ready for them as some companies seem to be hoping. First we saw the Razer phone earlier this year, and now Xiaomi has launched its Black Shark device, which is — you guessed it &...[Read More]

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