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Lenovo, they who make some rather decent gaming laptops, has had one of their latest gadgets leaked to the world and it’s… curvier than anyone expected. Gaming phones are a becoming more and more popular and clearly Lenovo wants to keep up with the products being pushed out by Asus. And from the looks of things, their latest gaming phone is set to challenge the competition.

The images were leaked on the popular Chinese social media site Weibo and show of a phone that… bulges on the back panel. We know, it’s a strange thing to really take note of and the curvature is probably not that bad. It could just be the angle of the image that makes it appear so bulbous. Setting that aside, it still doesn’t look great. This may be a demo or prototype model, so the design may not be final… let’s at least hope that’s the case because it looks like something you’d see at a cheap toy store.


Lenovo, oh no

The image shows off the dual-camera located in the dead centre of the phone… which is certainly design option. The leak also suggests that there’s a built-in cooling fan for those times when Fortnite begins to really heat the back of your device up.

The rumours circulating the internet specify that the device may be named the Legion Phone 2 Pro which isn’t exactly the most captivating title but at least you know what you’re getting. The phone is supposedly set to launch on 8 April in China with a possible worldwide launch following. Whether or not that transpires, given at the time of writing the 8th is tomorrow, remains to be seen. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any possible Lenovo phone launches that crop up in the future.

Source: The Verge


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