Lenovo’s LaVie Mini is a Nintendo Switch-shaped PC


The dream of PC gaming is to somehow contain all a PC’s power into a device that’s playable while lying in bed. That’s what Lenovo is attempting with the LaVie Mini, a hybrid device that doubles as both a laptop and a dedicated gaming console. It’s essentially a Nintendo Switch but functions more like a small PC than a dedicated piece of gaming hardware. It’s so close to the Switch in concept that it even comes with a touchscreen and a dock to connect it to a bigger screen.

“Concept” is the important word there, as Lenovo hasn’t greenlit the product yet but will be showing off what could be at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The project is being worked on by both Lenovo and NEC and while the LaVie Mini might not see the light of day, it’s still fun to speculate and hope.


You and LaVie sitting in a tree

Because the Lenovo is framing the LaVie Mini as a proper piece of gaming hardware, we should mention what it’s working with. The device would have an 8-inch touchscreen  at a resolution of 1920×1080. Fitted with an 11th Gen Intel processor (and Xe Graphics) this machine really shouldn’t battle to run the vast majority of software thrown at it.

Which all sounds very standard for Lenovo, so where does the handheld gaming peripheral come into play? Well, the LaVie Mini would ship with an accessory that connects to the sides of the laptop after folding the keyboard back. Think of these like Nintendo’s Joy-Cons if those had Xbox buttons. Of course, the only problem with a handheld console that’s trying to replicate the experience of a PC is that it won’t exactly be all that comfortable. Apparently, the LaVie Mini weighs just over half a kilo without the controllers, so slapping a set on could make it even more uncomfortable to use.

Will this strange little experiment see the light of commercial day? Tough to say. Other companies have attempted similar designs in the past, like Razer’s Edge Tablet and Nvidia’s Shield Tablet but due to a lack of interest they never really caught on. One has to assume that Lenovo is merely testing the waters for the LaVie Mini at CES and gauging whether or not mass production is viable. Fingers crossed, because while it might look a little silly, the idea of playing full-on PC games tucked up in bed is so appealing.

(Source: The Verge)



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