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Watch us unbox the best-looking gaming notebook we’ve come across – the MSI Titan

The MSI GT76 Titan DT is a monstrous machine with the power to match. Watch as we unbox this gaming notebook along with all its goodies.

No more 12in MacBook: Apple has other plans for its notebook lineup

Apple has decided to boot its 12in MacBook this week after introducing a new lower-cost MacBook Air and an updated 13in MacBook Pro. The previous-gen MacBook Air (that doesn’t feature Apple's Retina display) also won’t be available anymore. 

MSI Prestige PS63 Modern 8RC – Skinny, but magically strong

Laying hands on the MSI Prestige PS63 Modern is like bumping into a friend from high school who has completely reinvented themselves. The same person is in front of you, but they’re almost unrecognisable. Hopefully in a good way, like the PS63’s aesthetic makeover. A coarse-textured casing in carbon grey and blue? Teeny bezels and a bright, clear display? Hello there, familiar stranger. Designed f...[Read More]

Asus announces a (real) dual-screen laptop, the ZenBook Pro Duo

Asus has announced a truly dual-display laptop, the Zenbook Pro Duo, that'll come to South Africa at the end of August with a starting price of R40,000.

Logitech announces ergonomic vertical mouse for your sensitive wrist

Logitech announced a new ergonomic mouse, designed to take the pressure off of your fragile wrists. It’s called the MX Vertical, and essentially takes the same design and performance cues as the rest of Logitech’s MX line, but flipped up on its side, like a car on two wheels in an MIA music video (though way less cool). The design of the MX Vertical is meant to reduce strain and movement in the fo...[Read More]

Time to put the Toshiba Tecra X40 to the test

While everyone is busy flipping out over convertible laptops — Toshiba is busy building some high-spec business laptops that should have enough jump in their step to keep up with Dell and HP. That’s what we expect from Toshiba, and the review unit we received runs an Intel Core i5-7200U processor and comes with 8GB RAM. Which should be enough to keep up with general day-to-day office-bound w...[Read More]

Huawei’s got a new laptop and tablet, and we’re definitely getting the former

While Samsung and Nokia showed off new handsets yesterday in Barcelona, Huawei has opted to keep its new phones on hold for its own launch events later this year and unveiled a new MateBook X Pro laptop and MediaPad M5 tablet instead. The MateBook X Pro is an ultraportable laptop with a 3K touch-sensitive display and 3000 x 2000 pixel resolution. It gets its grunt from Intel’s 8th gen Core i...[Read More]

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own laptop, check out the Pi-powered Pi-Top

If you’re still buying your laptops ready-made then you’re doing it wrong. Join the organic laptop revolution by building your own 14in notebook with the new Pi-Top. In a manner of speaking, anyway. The Pi-Top isn’t a new idea. Originally an IndieGoGo project, the DIY notebook had a few criticisms that could be aimed at it. The built quality wasn’t great, the build process ...[Read More]

Apple MacBook (2017) — Surprisingly more than ‘more of the same’

There’s a sense of deja vu as you approach Apple’s 2017 MacBook. It still sports a super-skinny wedge design that suggests Apple won’t be satisfied until its laptops are thin enough to be used as weapons by ninja. It’s still ridiculously light: 920g – or roughly the same as if some idiot glued two of your iPads together. And it still comes in space grey, gold, rose gold, or silver, and costs more ...[Read More]

Huawei’s new Matebook X looks to take on Apple and Microsoft at the same time

We were impressed last time we saw Huawei’s Matebook notebook but the newest arrival, the Matebook X, is even more of an eyebrow-lifter. It’s certainly going to make Apple fans do a double-take, as rather than making this Microsoft Surface competitor look more like the direct competition, Huawei has borrowed a few cues from the MacBook. But that’s all surface (not Surface), even ...[Read More]

Houdt couture, now available for your MacTop

We’ve long been fond of Cape Town company Houdt and its range of beautiful, wooden covers and tech accessories. In the early days, the company focused its efforts on phone covers almost exclusively, and limited itself to the big two: Apple and Samsung. We hadn’t checked in with Houdt for a while, and when we popped over to its site recently we were pleased to find it now offers covers ...[Read More]

Xiaomi has revealed its first laptop – the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

We can’t say that we weren’t expecting something like this but the sudden reveal has come as a bit of  a surprise. There were nebulous reports swirling around in October 2015 that Xiaomi would be launching its own notebook some time this year. Xiaomi, at an event to announce the new Redmi Pro handset, also took the wraps off its first notebook. The name? The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. Gee...[Read More]

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