Lenovo’s gaming smartphone shown off in leaked videos


We at Stuff are big fans of Lenovo’s gaming machines. Fielding some of the best hardware on the market, their smaller, cheaper gaming laptops go a long way to boost their credentials in our books. But what if they went even smaller? What if they ditched the laptop and instead designed…a phone? Well, we know that’s happening and, thanks to XDA Developers and their “trusted” source, we now have a better idea what the Lenovo Legion is going to look like.

Image: XDA Developers

According to teasers, images and videos provided to XDA Developers, the Legion will sport 90W wired fast-charging, a monstrous 5,000mAh dual-cell battery, two USB-C ports, speakers on both top and bottom bezels and a microphone hole up top. Which is to say, beyond the extra USB-C port, it should be a pretty standard looking phone. Oh, and no headphone jack. Forgot to mention that one.

But gaming is the name of the er… game and the Legion is optimised for landscape orientation. Dual cameras are mounted in the centre of the phone, probably so people playing games aren’t constantly rubbing sweaty fingers all over the sensors. The front camera apparently pops out the top of the phone which encourages that horizontal orientation and is… just kinda neat. That sort of hidden mechanic floats our boat.

Image: XDA Developers

What would a leak be without specs? XDA Developer’s source claims that the Lenovo Legion will be stuffed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865, with FS 3.0 internal storage and LPDDR5 RAM. The screen has a resolution of 2340 x 1080 and will run at 144Hz, which is wild for a phone. As for the cameras, the two back-facing lenses are 64MP and 16MP wide-angles while the front camera is 20MP.

If this leak is accurate, the Lenovo Legion is a beast of a phone. Having said that, with specs as chunky as those mentioned we can expect the price to be through the roof, if we can even get it locally in the first place. Still, it’s nice to dream.

(Source: XDA Developers)


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